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mistfitdoll's blog: "so umm yea!!"

created on 12/11/2008  |
well been with matt fo r3 months.. hate baby daddy bt am sorta kool with him! lol.. hate his gf! so do alot of of other ppl! even he does lol! still dont have a job put school on hold.. till i get a job.. bout to go to court with shawn baby daddy! over custody! he aint gonna get it! lol.. joint maybe .. bt ill be primary! just tring to survive at this point an im only 19 lol.. ok well theres kind of an update lol.. later!


well... lets see about 2 months ago broke up with my bf of 3 yrs ... bt were kool .. then ive been dattin this guy for a month ... lol.. hes really nice an good to my daughter! lol .. yes my daughter .. bf of 3 yrs is the father! umm no job! kinda quite kinda fired! start school in jan... umm no t sure wat else to put rite now! so later! luvs hugs drugs! lol! =P
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