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I am officially retiring for the evening. It has been a long day. Rachel is online, if anybody needs anything. For those of you who don't know, Rachel has the care bear/bi sexual/rainbow glittery icon as her pic... I am sure you have had a shout or message from her or something. She is the manager, my assistant and right hand...If you have any questions when I am not on, please feel free to shout her or message her. I will see you all tomorrow. I am doing nothing but bombing and laundry tomorrow...dedicating myself to get Fred's hind end WAY out in front in first place. I don't like sweating it this close to second. Yawl who are out there bombing are doing FAN-FRIGGIN-Tastic. Rachel and I are still cleaning house on the members and removing the dead weight but they werent helping anyway, so we are no worse for wear without them. Yawl behave, and if you don't , name it after me, ok....Go hug a tree. And then BOMB!!!!!! Remember always go to the call out folder if you are not sure where the current bombing is going on.:-)
We only have first place right now by 400 comments. That can be taken away in a split second if they start bombing harder and faster than we do. I need my best bombers to go hit Fubar Fred's picture hard tonight and see if we can get a dramatic lead and not have to stay so uptight for first. We did it for mama and we can do it for Fred, but we have to have everyone who can bomb, out there doing it. Please don't think I don't know all of you who ARE out there bombing. I do know. You are doing great. I also see the ones who aren't. We are handling that a little each day. As we weed out the slackers we do need to replace them with real bombers. Keep an eye out and spread the word to your friends about joining. But only if they know what a bomber is and are willing to do it. Let's show Fubar what we are made of once again!! Thanks, Peggy Sue
I am entering a contest that Ms. Dallas is hosting. Not sure when it will start. She has to get enough ppl to enter but she didn't say how many. It will probably be in the next week. But this is one of those where you will have to add her as a friend to be able to get to the folder to bomb the contest pic. So here is a link to her profile. If you could, go to her page, rate her and send her a friend request and just put a quick note in your friend request that it is to bomb in her contest. *MsDallasİ ~Founder Of The Gotti Family~

@ fubar
When you get a chance please read the family blog on Removed Members, and unless you were friends with them before you came to the family, I would prefer you remove them so they don't get reposted blogs and bulletins pertaining to the family. We need everybody to bomb Fubar Fred in his contest that started yesterday. The link to it is in the family call out folder. There will be a few more members removed before the weekend is over. But he members being removed have not particiapted anyway so we really have not lost anything. This family will be strong and stay strong by having dedicated, willing, members who WANT to be in the family. If you see it as a pain in the ass or a chore then you should not belong to a bomber family. That is what we do. And even with the slackers who joined then disappeared, we still have proven to be a strong bomber family. We have some really great members. Please go to the page of the guy hosting the contest Fred is in, add that man as a friend to be able to bomb Fred's pic...and let's bomb away. FRED is the official Family call out for this weekend, so please focus on that.
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