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so as of this day and time i am not going to take shit from any assholes so if you want to be my friend on here think before you speak about points and garbage and if you ask for my help with something  do not be a f**king punk about it i will do it but it will take me some time but it will get done so that had to be said i do not care who gets mad i just wipped out 8 people for being punks thank you good nite

the days that go by i am trying to find a  new place to live as things in my house are fucking nuts me and my girl can not take the stress that my parents are putting on us anymore they do to much shit it can not go by evey day  they pop fucking attitutdes with us and then tell us if we do not like it we can get the fuck out and so many times i have said we would if you where not taking us fucking broke daily and monthly they want money every day they say they are bork yet they are going out driving everyday Hmmmm i wonder where they are getting their fucking money to pay for gas? they tell us we have to give them money or we do not eat till they get money that is illagale i am sure of that but nothing we can do it iss a wonder of the shit they do they unplug all our stuff and say they pay for the  power well we pay for the gass and cable so they can fuck off on them huh lmao? i wonder about alot of  shit that they pull they bang thru the house all nite long when i have work the next i ask them to stop please i need to sleep i get fuck you my house i can do what i want to you do not like it get the fuck out this is a wonderful way to live huh ?


the real me which so many of you never see and i wish you would see it here is me the real me behind the net face





i pose this question to all when someone truns their back on you what do you do  to them do you shrug it off and still be nice and friends with them or do you say fuck you bitch and walk away since  people turned ion me  in the times when i needed them oly a few stood by my side people that said i was their family walked away from me when i wanted to die  they did not listen or try to help they just turned on me and said grow up  or kill yourself and get it over with not many stood by me but to the few that did i thank you from the bottom of my heart for being  my family  and thank you for being their when i needed you the most

in this time and plavce everyone wonders things i myself am wondering whee all the good lounges and dj's went to  myself i have steped back from djing cause no one really came to ever listen to my stuff i would play for hours on end and no one ever came in to listen and the staff i worked with could not follow the time set so i got tired and walked away  and have not come back to djing aince i know a bunch oof good dj's but none will ever come back due to drama queens i was one of 7 of the best dj's on fubar now their is maybe one left on this site i will not drop names  but now people only worrie about making more and more money and going all over the web when they should stay true to their start and home  but oh well i guess no one knows the true meaning of family  nothing i can do anymore about it i am just venting  comment if you like

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Time Has Come For The Darkest Of The Dark To Warp Your Mind Once Again Dj Lost In The Dark He Is Back From The Grave To Steal Your Soul And Add It As A Part Of His Collection If You Have What It Takes The Step In Top The Wolf Pack And Meet Him Head On all pic's in this bullitin will take you to face the darkness

well to tell the truth i made this to show off all my dragon images since i will never have a vip and i only get 10 more pic's per lvl you may never see all of my dragon pic's so i am useing a slider from myspace to show them all off on fubar since this is the only way i can show them off a few of them are in my dragon folder but not all of them so enjoy seeing my dragon pic's

Step In To The MoonLight Revenage Lounge And See D.J. Akasha The Vampire Queen Let her bring you to the dark side and back again with a whole new understanding of music so click either pic if you dare but beware she bites
Devious Hearts Lounge Is Hiring
That is right i said devious hearts lounge is hiring staff dj's ( must know what you are doing ) promoters and enforcer's if you think you can handel the job hit me up thru this blog or drop into the lounge below is a taste of what we are like and below that is a direct link to the lounge stop on in and kick
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