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Hello I am old enough that is why I did not add an age. I love all animals(no not in that way)and am a sucker for homeless large breed dogs. I have had many jobs mostly in bar management.Which is strange as I have a couple nursing degrees. It didn't take me long to figure out I was not nurse material. I have lived in many states and love to travel. I enjoy the north western states the most.I prefer the colder climates as I love to ski and found that that is the only redeeming feature about Utah(the great skiing). Men I belive are the best and most wonderful distraction but I have had a couple of unforgetable relations with women and belive that love hold no gender.Love is Love. I enjoy motor cycles alomost as much as skiing and have relized I will no longer ride bitch for any one. The freedom of being your own navigator can not be replaced. I am the worlds worst typer and do not see that after all these years that this will ever change. My typing skills worsen with alcohol
Deasied Mook
D Easy
Dea Smith
Hi, I am Deasy make it easy
Deashall Cooke
Deashawn Woods
De'asia Wilson
Genuine easy going guy looking for fun. Love sports, movies, the beach and women! I am a family man
Death Before Dishonor
Hey, my name is gene, and i am oe sick mother fucker! i love all metal music, not the pussy hair metal, the thrash metal, grind metal and especially BLACK AND DEATH metal. i enjoy the fact of necro things, and i enjoy sex, drugs and every other thing that envolves some sort of good or bad pain! ALL METAL MUSIC, MY FRIEND DUKY IN MASSACHUSETTS, MY THREE LEGGED CAT NAMED NITRO, MY BRO AND HIS CHICKY, MY FRIENDS ASHLI PARSONS, PHOEBE AXE, BETHANY TARGONSKI, CASEY RAIRDON, ERIC LINDSAY, JORDAN GEIGER, JOE BRITTON, CHARITY AXE, ELMO!!! EVERY MEMBER FROM SLIPKNOT, EVERY METAL BAND KNOWN! I LOVE DISASTER COMPLEX!!!!! IAN MCKELLEN, CHRISTOPHER LEE, EDWARD NORTON, EMILIO ESTEVEZ AND MICHEAL SHEEN IN RATED X, THE ENTIRE CAST OF AMERICAN HISTORY X, ALL THOSE KIDS IN THE VOGERVAHLD, ITS A NAZI BOOTCAMP, BECAUSE THEY COULD SURVIVE THE HARSH PUNISHMENT. tim burtons corpse bride, silence of the lambs, red dragon, hannibal, ted bundy, john wayne gacy, dahmer, malcom x, american history X, faces of dea
Death Reaper
Death Reaper
I live in a small city. like 30-50,000 people. I like to travel and learn. I enjoy historic and romantic places. Im a nice guy with a long temper but if you are able to cross it. I pity the poor bastard. Im 6'2. Veiw pic if u wanna see. I am very honest so if you want to know something just ask. I am also respectful. I have to say my all time best movie choice would be "interview with a vampire" Awsome. Its a flipped coin with a lot of people but i love it.
My name is Daniel, I'm 17 turning 18 in December, Woo Hoo!! Legal drinking age in Alberta! :D I am 140 some pounds. I live in Canada as you probably already know. I live with my sister and dad. My mom doesn't live with us cause my parents are seperated, no it doesn't bother me, um I'm weird at times but you'll learn to love it. Sense of humour is one of better assets - who doesn't enjoy a good laugh? I enjoy a good joke, even if it is a tad dirty ;) ;) I just recently moved to a new city and am making new friends at school. It is hopefully my last year and I am to graduate. Thanks for coming to my page and add me as a friend! Sagittarius You are fun loving and independent, and you don’t like any of your partners to get in the way of that. You enjoy having a lot of flings and short term relationships because you get bored in a long term one. In bed you are demanding of your partner. You want to have hot sex all of the time. You also like to experiment
What is there to know? I am me, and I am engaged to Red. I like my guitar, and i love chicks. Is there more to say? Oh, sex is always more than welcome.
Death & Life
im 16 and live in bushkill pa i like to go out and party alot.
Death Mask
i'm a soldier in the US ARMY. i'm currently in iraq. but state side i'm stationed at ft. campbell, ky. as for my religion i'm am wiccan/pagan. it is a big part of my life so if you can't take it move on. i would like to meet new and interesting ppl. i'm very open also. ask me anything and i will answer honestly. take care ppl. blessed be.
Death Metal Marc
Deaths Most Hated Angel
im a big history buff i cant spell wortha shit if my lif depended on it my little sis site vikkie@ LostCherry and this is my little brother ty@ LostCherry wht ever im into that week i like war movies this clip of saving private ryan with the music of linkin park i luv it Get this Code and See more Videos here another d day clip Get this Code and See more Videos here no one i can think of now the agy beavers SUICIDAL WHITE FLUFFY BUNNIES@ LostCherry luxuriousslave@ LostCherry Hibuki Joe@ LostCherry waiting saving privat ryan bloodRayne basically blood voilence war horrors and comedys
The Death Clown
I play soccer,baseball,basketball and volley ball and i get stubborn if someone wakes me up for no reason!!i like to read comics,listen to music,watch movies and other things!
I am usually a nice person my wife says im annoying but wonderful I am a 35 year old person that acts around the age of 16 most of the time...afraid of getting oldand boring. my wife of 8 years Love cars and computers Im a secret nerd shhhh......
Death From Loving You
im 16 going on 17..... i have a boy friend im looking a a girl friend..... any thing scary!!!!
well...lets see hight: 5 feet tall hair: red, brown, lil blonde eyes: blue, green nationality: irish, scottish, german, goth =P live: anchorage alaska (which really sucks) age: 18 other accounts: well not sure what else to put oh well... css">body {background:url("") center no-repeat fixed black;} a:link, a:active, a:visited {color:666666 !important;} a:hover {color:dddddd !important;} table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;} table, td, div, .text {color:white;} div table td font {visibility:hidden;} div table td td font {visibility:visible;} div table td td {background:url("") repeat-x center black;} .nametext {background:url("") top repeat-x; background-color:0d61f7; color:black; text-indent:10px; font-family:cursive; display:block; width:100%;} table t
I'm 6 Feet tall and I weigh abot 175. I have black hair and hazel eyes. I take pride in myself but I can still show compassion for others... I am a loving sensitive male, which is hard to come by. Without my love I am nothing, but I know what i want I love to snowboard and hang out with friends in my spare time. i like meeting new people and making new friends. House of 1000 courpses The Devils Rejects The Matrix The Matrix Reloaded The Matrix revolutions
Death Row[[skank]
i'm really looking forward to showing you my left nipple. and the cigarette scars on my chest. ♥ im moody, and bitchy, and pissy, and probably dont like you.but my views change like crazy.if i like you, i love you. if i hate you, it lasts forever. so dont even try to win me over. when i fall, i fall hard. and i fall a lot, so i guess i would say i've decided to stop jumping, if you will. because nothing ever ends as it seems it will. i hate fake people, because, in my opinion, if youre not living to be yourself, there's no point. i live, eat, breath music. i wont say that music is my life exactly, but it is a huge part. i love talking about it, and finding new music, everything. i love laughing until it hurts. and inside jokes, and lame words that dont mean anything to anyone but myself and the others that started it. friends are the best, and i love being happy. but no one can be happy all the time. i hate eating. i hate watching people eat, i hate hearing peop
Death Dealer 117
I like girls cars and cool high tech gear Fast and the Furious and The Matrix
im 21 i live in ky i visite my dad sometimes. and im happy that im living a normal life. i like fishing playing vedio games watch tv chatin movies all kind of stuff.
Just a simple very open minded twisted little freak. (LOL) I am not afraid to express how I feel about things. I am a very easy going go who just wants to enjoy life and not let it bring me down. I am proud to be me and only me. I dont wanna change for the better. I just wanna be me. That is why I am not human. If you understand what I mean then you are cool. If not, you are a weirdo. (LOL) Take care. Music is what I am really intersted in that is all. Well there are more but you have to ask me first. My mother of course. Anything that has gore or blood in it.
i'm sarah. 17. naturally blonde-right now purple hair. blue eyes. i love music. love things that are dark in an emotional sort of way. love to meet new people. my aim is rawknpeace if you wanna chat. anymore questions? just ask. laterz.
Deathblow From Deathrow
Im 5"9 black hair green eyes and im 23. I do akido mui thai and a bit of kung fu and ninjitsubut mainly extensive submission fighting. here to met friends for the momment n im a southside thug 4 life till i die fucking and ofcourse all women women of all sorts and did i mention weed weed and more weed
Death To You All
CHAIN LETTER OF DEATH There is a woman named Yuko Nakazawa. She is the undead. She dresses in scary black sparkly witch outfits and gigantic red dresses that can fit people under them and probably do. The only reason she stays alive is eating people's skin. IF YOU DON'T POST THIS SHE WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AT EXACTLY 3:47AM AND EAT YOUR SKIN. She will also replace your entire wardrobe with HIDEOUS SHAWLS (Which Takahashi Ai will occaisionally come to borrow.) Maybe she'll take a kidney or a lung too. A word of advice: If your ears start to bleed YOU KNOW SHES COMING. Other tell-tale signs include the smell of nasty old lady perfume or rotting eggs. BEWARE. I am dead and I am going to get all of you NOW
so ya wanna know about me well heres some info on me. im 20 yrs old and im about 5ft 11 inches tall and i have brownish colored hair and i have brown eyes , and i live in lil town in Pennsylvania called Rural Valley. there really isnt a hole lot to do around here so most of the time i just ride my yamaha blaster and race ppl in gastown on the mx track that they have and usual win too but if ya wanna know wat all i have done to it ull have to ask me to find out , and another thing i like to do is PARTY and hang out wit my freinds when i can we do all kinds of stupd shit together but we wont say wat we do cuz it kinda bad but im a really great and sweet guy and im really easy to get along wit so if ya wanna get to know me betta let me know ..just fucking msg me if ur bored im always on aim maybe away but im always on Trivium LyricsTrivium Music CodesMusic Codes by Trivium LyricsTrivium Music CodesMusic Codes by
I am 26, I was an MP (Military Police) in the United States Army. I am now recently medically retired from the army because of my asthma. Back in NJ, kinda missed it. If you would like to know more send me a message.
Death Of An Angel
I am a teenager in washington. I'm bored most of the time...I am gothic, I love black and the color red ohh and green ^_^ CLICK HERE to get a FREE MYSPACE LAYOUT OR create your own using MYSPACE PROFILE EDITOR!!! You scored as Eyes full of Pain. People tend to overlook you, which makes you feel less worthy of their attentions. You sometimes wish you could just disapear from the world around you. You have been hurt very badly in the past and you just wish that someone would understand you, and what their cruelty is doing to you.
about me? hmmmm? well im... about to start back to college. majoring in criminal science. i love the martial arts. would eat chinese food everyday if i could. im on yahoo if anyone wants to im me i am HAPPY? (Mudvayne)Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Music Video:NUMB (by Linkin Park)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com working out swimming martial arts, movies etc... working out sparring watching ufc working on cars watching rally races favorite cars are the audi W12, Subaru Baja rally edition, Toyota supra '98 rz twin turbo and last but definately not leas the 97 mazda RX7. wong fei hong, because he was a man that dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. the goonies, star wars all of them, memoirs of a geisha, fight club, heartbreak ridge, full metal jacket, last samurai, and many many more
Death By Chocolate
I love chocolate
i like to listen to good music,and watch great movies,i like really scarry ones,and every once in a while i watch a chick flik with my duaghters,but they like scarry movies also.i love to go to clubs for a good band and of corse for the great drinks,like meeting new people,am open to trying new things in life,i think life is too short to not enjoy it in every way.
†death Star†
*//death Upon Request\\\\*
Think you know her? Think again!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~*Standing on the rooftops*~~ ~~*Everybody scream your heart out*~~ ♥ 15 ♥ Im Tina to you Not much to say about me ♥ VEGGI ♥ Take me how I am My friends are better than you I like to scream to release pain I usually keep everything bottled up inside me I have a amazing boyfriend If you dont like him,too bad I dont care I am one of the biggest dorks around I can be the girl of your dreams or your worst nightmear It all depends on how much I like you, and how we get along Most likely if I don't like something, I wont tell you at first I can be very very very conffusing I conffuse myself 99.9% of the time I bilieve I am a fuck up in life Think of me what you what Jared is awsome... only cause me commented everyone of my pics lol People call me emo Sometimes I will too But in reality were all emo @ times But I really am a punk princess @ ♥ My family is
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Death Waiting
im fun and love to have fun keep drama from to party chill talk listen and just be me hey people who had me on there friends list someone got my password and took my name up here.oh i like my music art poems and partying my bro who fought for us and god and jesus saw 1 and 2 jarhead horror
k my name is jason and im me. thats about it if you want to know more here it is. combine all the piss, fart, and penis jokes you know thats me in a nutshell. if anything i love heavy fuckin metal, my family and friends, maybe not in that order but pretty damn close to it.
Well .... what do you wanna know about me ?? hmmm lets see i used to be a big fan of heavymetal music ,deathmetal and all those heavy genres than i kinda stopped from all the music and when i got back to listening to them i founded my self listening to some70's hits :S anyways i got into rap ive always used to be into rap but in the past it was rapmetal and i sucked like hell but now i can say that am a good amature in rap well if you wanted to know anymore about me just pm me am not sure if this site has pm's but do it anyway :D
Death Dealer
hi my name is josh im 5'8 im currently looking for a gf that live in pa like in bridgeville,heidalburg,carnegie,and pittsburgh or close to bridgeville if u want to know more about me just ask me
So you want to know about me....Well theres not alot to know about me at all....I'm just me...and thats it...want a explanation...well...I live in North Carolina...I go to ACC *Alamance Community College*, I graduate from there 2007....*Rock On C/O 2007*....I'm very unperdictable...sometimes I might be happy the next pissed of. I plan on going into the Army Reserves..but we shall see won't we...theres not alot for me to tell you about will just have to talk to me to get to know me. If you would like to talk to yahoo is metal_asylum18 so hit me up...I have a motto to life..."Life is Hell...and This is my Hell" I try to make the best of what life throws at me....but sometimes its just so hard....So i make the best of it....sometimes...i just say screw it and just ride the storm out...but i live through it all...I'm here to meet people that have about the same interests as me....I would love to meet someone that is very sweet and who knows what they want. I have plent
Death By Corset
Death\'s Warhorse
uh hi,i ain't too awsome at describin my self but i'l try,ok,i'm pretty laid back,i'm a nice guy and i don't mind havin a laugh or two as long as it don't get out of hand,i guess i'm just an all round average sorta guy.....but just with an extra bit of nice ^_~ uh..i like anime,mythology,astrology,collectin comics and meetin interestin people,i love my video games and generally chattin and hangin with mates so yeah.
books beats beer mates irvine welsh, milan kundera, dostoevsky, gogol, michelle houllebecq(?) mark twain, & on & on.. dance, ska, punk, rock n roll, hardcore, electronic, big band, classical.. special brew, buckfast, vodka, whiskey, harp, guinness fight club, atomised, taxi driver, team america, scarface, house of 1000 corpses, alice in wonderland, wicker man, wizard of oz, trainspotting, lord of the rings..
Death Becomes Her
my names natalie but everyone referes to me as blondey. i love danceing partying and just getting buck ass wild. blood turns me on. im kinda a bit of everything except preep. i love shocking people. im pretty much a freak. i love the colors black blue and red. i chill at the mall and fuck around at the movies. i have a sesonal job at draculas forest lol i love making people piss their pants and scare the shit outa them best month outa the year. favorite holiday is halloween. if you need to know more and have aim hit me up at hellsdeamond666 oh im very stright forward and i tell it like it is. youll find that i make friends very easily in any situation. I love working on cars. I play sports like soccer hockey basketball and softball. football is awesome. I am a national dance champion. I love all my friends and family. I kick box for fun. I go to the gym alot. I also go clubbing very offten. I was in gymnastics for 3 years. I also write alot i have posted a few poems. I have one
Hello my name is Emily........but no one calls me my name! I love different types of things! Sports, n e thing mainly. well if u want to no more contact me or add me!
Death Bright
Death To All Angle
do you want to know any thing about me ????
Death Cow
I turned 30 in November. I have a beautiful daughter who is 11, almost 12. She is the light of my life and the reason Im alive. Im a computer programmer by day and an okay writer and photographer by night. Im a dork. Im a geek. I get excited over stupid things and I love computer humor. I love to drink good coffee or cheap beer. My favorite drink this month is mojitos. I love music, especially good live rock music. I love hanging out with my friends. I love playing stupid games on the internet. I need to lose ten pounds and I need to read about 20 books. I love to laugh and try to find a silver lining whenever possible. I love to surprise people and do nice things for those I care about. Im a very loyal friend, I may not help you kill them, but Ill help you bury them. Im pretty much an open book. If you want to know something about me, ask. If I dont want to tell you, Ill tell you to fuck off. Oh, and yeah, I cuss, a lot. Fuck is my favorite cuss word. Get over it or go
Death Idol
Death Awaits Thee
I am a Vampyre... Stalkers are fuckheads... If you're a Vamp...add me.. Vampyres
Death With Sharp Teeth
I'm may only be 14 but I'm a fun person!! I'm very mature and most people don't even remember I'm 14 once they get to know me!! If you have anything you want to know about me...just ask. the notebook, a walk to remember, queen of the damned, the hills have eyes, dracula, man on fire,
well yeah yo can say im kinda a weird person im am goth freddy vs jason/dawn of the dead/night mare on elm street/ jason go to hell/ alien vs predetor/
writting, drawing , painting, music, sewing, makeing webpages, my flamey and friends, malyin mason lexie and robert
I love music...dark music. My life pretty much revolves around music. I love electronic music (i.e. Android Lust, Depeche Mode, and others). And I like most types of metal. But black metal (Darkthrone, Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Marduk, Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Twilight, and others) has a special place in my heart. I love TNA well as CZW and ROH. That is basically who I am. My idols are : Rozz Williams, Shikhee (of Android Lust), Mortiis, Robots In Disguise, Skinny Puppy, Nergal (of Behemoth), Hellhammer, and Tilo Wolff (of Lacrimosa). More to be added at a later time. The best movie ever made is Silent Hill!
yea, i work, i drink, i dont smoke cigarettes, reefer makes me feel better :P hardcore music, and anything that makes me feel good gettin fucked up and laid
Well I guess I can start by saying that Im a quiet and reserved person but once you get to know me I can be really friendly and sometimes kind of wild. Sometimes considered a stuck up person but its not like that at all Im just kind of shy. Really into piercings ( 10 at the moment)used to have 12 , did my own lip and navel (belly button) when I got bored But decided to take those two off and now I just have my eyebrow (1) nosering and 4 on each ear.Im deciding to get my tattoo done one of these days. Well Im interested in the unknown or phenomenons,I love reading and learning new things, Investigating and analyzing stuff that normal people wouldn't dare. I write dark poetry also. I wish to be a psychologist and antropologist, which I think that I get alot of practice daily because everyone tells me their problems and ask my opinion, but I am mostly interested in criminal or psychopath minds, I think its a challenge just to try to find out why are these people that way or what kind of c
im 6'6and 1 half feet tall, blue eyes, gothic satan worshiper, dark brown hair, 16 years old Rob zombie, marilyn manson, and all other satanic worshiporers
Death Incarnate
anything vampire related, slashers, anything with an intruiging plot, don't really konw
Im Simple I Like Music Getting Drunk Girls With Guitars Half Naked, I Enjoy Writeing And Makeing Music Thats About It Oh And Im Into Philosophy Music,Maybe I Could Be Persuaided Into Becomeing A Mindfreak But Only For Fun I Have No Amusement In Glorifying Stupidity Chris Angel
im an ok person idk if u really want to get to know me im a lil on the wierd side just look at me i got lots of strang things on my face lol so what u think huh ugly yea i know but yea im FUCKED IN THE HEAD RUN CLOSE WINDOW DONT BOTHER TO TALK TO ME U MIGHT GET A DISEASE FROM ME RUN my other site vf it rules this place is Dr.sueses worst nightmare quotes form the crow I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more potent that history. I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts - that hope always triumphs over experience - that laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death From the movie The Crow all the truth reside in the eyes it cant rain all the time your childhood is over when you know your going to die "If someone you love can't keep living on for you then the way to make them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love
My name is Osiris. If u wanna know more about me just ask me. Dont worry about who i am just worry about wat i am. No one thinks im normal. Im Black and Puerto Rican, big deal. I listen to hardcore metal death rock. Im wiccan, I love the show Invader Zim and I love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. My Birthday is July 24,1986. Im in too much to know wat i want out of life and for myself. To me i have no real family, all i have is my friends. Im 20 and to cheerful I need pain and need to be hurt. I want suffering. I dont know wat i want. I have no rents. Mom murdered By a fucking 2 timing ex jelouse ass BF. Fuckin father left me as a child. Mom died wen i was 3. Life sux move on. I'm a lil wild and crazy. Leo Since you are such an attention craver, you are into wearing the sexiest clothes and going straight for the sexiest person in the room. You like secure people who are genuine and have a good fashion sense. In be
Im into the gothic punk look but my music is everything but country. I like drawling anime and ppl. i might b crazy but ppl love me...(i think) Drawling, Racing, Tokin, Party DEATH Blade, Matrix, Armageddon
welp names elisha, im pretty outgoing and wild, and i say some pretty random shit at times, im a down azz ninjette and i dno ask if you wanna know something i hate typing these about me thing uhm well my juggalo family. music. my friends are my world. yeah i dno if you wanna know something ask
Death Incarnate ~family Member~
Death Dealer
Death By Drinkin
tall boondock saints, evil dead, evil dead II, army of darkness
Create your own message at Create your own message at
Death Dealer ☠ Dead Mans Cove ☠ {piret Crew}
Death Rebel Society
Deaths Nightmare 16
My name is lacey... i am 16... i just moved to macclesfield north carolina..... i love to talk to people as long as they are not mean to other people and have a nice and kind personalty I like soccer, football, and really any kindda sport..... i may not look like i would like sports but you can never really find me sitting down too long Johney Depp, and guys, and girls any thing funny or action packed
Death Is Only The Beginning!!!
All you have to do is just ask and i will answer your questions!!
Deaths Back
Death Wish
Death Is Life
i play guitar, and i am a line cook at a 4 star restaurant. im into girls, whiskey, and metal...
Married to a wonderful women for 5 1/2 yrs,have 2 kids,that are just crazy.I like watching videos of shit getting blown up or war videos.Here is my MySpace page Check it out to,its cool,I am in the national gaurd in indiana.If you or anyone you know might be intrested in it let me know.I dont regret doing it at all,it is well worth the time.Since Ive been out of boot camp,i just wanna shoot people in the face and blow shit up.Hit me up if you wanna chat. Well,I love my Country,thats why I joined the Army National Gaurd.I love the feel of the rifles in my hands and the feel of the Mortar blast comming out of the cannon.I like rock,hip hop,and rap music.I like fishing as well,although I haven't done any this year.I love the tv shows Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fighting in FallujahAdd to My Profile | More Videos SwayAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Death Climax
Deaths Door
"death Is Only The Begining"
Ask me! Im open minded and blunt honest.
Death Dreams
Death Roe
Death Metal Dave
My name is Dave and I'm a metalhead from PA. I play in a band called Obsolete. I play drums. I listen to a lot of metal, and constantly go to shows. But when I'm not, I'm usually getting high. I go to college and it sucks. I'd really like to meet someone cool. Which is really the reason I joined this site (it seems more fun than MySpace). So if anyone from PA (Philly area female in general), wants to talk to me. IM me ThrashInHell on AIM. Thanks! Metal, Marijuana, Movies, Drawing, Drumming The Dead: Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, Timothy Leary, GG Allin, Dimebag Darrel, Euronymous, Dead, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Syd Barrett, Curly Howard, Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor, John Candy The Living: George Carlin, Tommy Chong, Dave Mustaine, Phil Anselmo, Pepper Keenan, Kirk Windstein, Hank Williams III, David Allen Coe, Scott Ian, Billy Milano, Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne, Toni Iommi, Rob Halford, Chris Barnes, Glen Benton Will be updated soon
Well To start off my name is Chuck Taylor, yes like the shoe, I am a Master At Arms for the U.S. Navy and I am currently stationed in Portsmouth New Hampshire. I just recently got up here so my main goal on here is to try and meet some new people to hang out with and whatever else may develop out of it. My SN on AIM is MacabreDreams121 so if you wanna chat IM me or whatever. I love tattoos, alcohol, sex, and music. Those are my main interests. I use to skate before i joined the navy but that is now out the window. lol Chad Grey and Marilyn Manson Silent Hill, TNBC, Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange,almost any scary movie, And Star Wars Saga just to name a few
" Death Before Dishonor"
More Marine war footage thank you 3rd battalionAdd to My Profile | More Videos Have you Forgotten?Add to My Profile | More Videos Tribute to American ForcesAdd to My Profile | More Videos SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, WE WERE SOLDIERS, BLACK HAWK DOWN. THE THIN RED LINE, WAR OF THE WORLDS, I ROBOT, AND I LOVE THE MOVIE JARHEAD, AND STARSKY AND HOUTCH, BATMAN BEGINS THE NEW ONE,LAST SAMARAI.
Death Is Hereditary!
Update to the Update...I hate my new Job..but they are paying me money!!! My area will be All of Michigan and Canada all the way to Toronto....I think I want to move back to Atlanta.. Budding photographer...Budding, I hate that term. I just wish I could make a living taking pictures, it's my passion...If anybody needs some head shots done let me know!! Growing up in Detroit has put a bit of an Industrial feel to much of what I photograph. Music...I love anything dark and hard..I think theres a joke there! LOL.. Here to make contacts and friends. New web site: check it out! Photography, movies, Pulp Fiction, Dead Like Me, Fight Club, College Football, hockey, music music and more music. Tattoos...are a must! New web site
Death Dealer
Death Broker
my name is drew. in a band called death broker. check us out at i have 2 kids matthew and isaac. im going through a divorse right now and it sucks. i have recently lost my mind and i dont seem to care. im fun, well liked, and i have many talents. i get bored very easily if nothings going on so i usually am the main excitement of the party. cant think of anything else to say so i'll end it with this.... DEATH BROKER MOTHERFUCKER!!!! my two baby boys matthew and isaac, music, guitar, my band death broker and pussy
Death Soul Reaper Rlm2 Countrygirl
Yo sup im Cowboy or Gothic a lot of you have asked me questions like who am i and where do i came from and where did i grow up well some of you get on here and tell people things like your this and that well i don't believe in the lieing crap im cowboy i basically grew up on the streets of Oregon in the Portland and Salem area i was 15 at the time and i was heavy into drugs and sex i walked down the street and people would move out of my way i guess you can say i ran the streets i wasn't scared to fight i did what i had to to survive i was always that person everyone was scared of i hurt people and i didn't care i was considered as a street kid when i turned 20 i was out of control i didnt listen to nobody i didnt care how poeple felt if i hurt somebody then it was there problem not mine i had the aditude of not caring i had no heart or soul i simply didnt care who i hurt or what i did im 29 years old now and well after my devorce i figured its time for a change i talk to my ex wife al
Deaths Girl
Death Dragon
Death Is All I Have Left
The words "I am..." are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you. - A.L. Kitselman. All I can say is I'm me. The me I am is the kind that hates the color orange and loves to read weirdly interesting things. As me, I'm into dreams and psychology, aliens and early predictions, different beliefs and religions, and different outlooks on life. I write my own music as my attempt to get inside my own mind and find out what I'm really feeling when I try to push it away, shove it aside, or straight up ignore it. I'm interesting to some people, to others I may be a bore. You'll never know...unless you take the time to get to know me. My interests include my guitar, writing songs, and just being myself and having a good time doing it. Idols are for people who have no faith in themselves. You're nothing if you can't follow and trust yourself as a guide through life. Who knows you better than you. The Heathers, Idle Hand
Deathcry Is My Love
Well A little about me huh? I am a mother of 3 one boy who is 10 and two girls 7 and 3 yrs of age.. I love music and dancing. enjoy singing. I am in a serious relationship and yes happy with it. You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel100%Mermaid75%Faerie67%WereWolf50%Dragon33%Demon0%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with I love to sing, dance and be with my kids and my boyfriend. I like to watch movies. would rather
I am a bartender from Lebanon, Oregon. I like to ride my motorcycle, go fishing, camping, drinking, singing. My Dad
Death Dealer 666
hello welcome to my page my name is Keith, Here is some of my favorite movies to watch Make your own Zing!
Death Angel
Death Becomes You
My name is Christopher Lee, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of sleeping in my coffin already... If you haven't, never fear...WE HAVE ETERNITY TO KNOW YOUR FLESH!! I am the skin-peeler, skin-beater and FLESH-EATER in grave of Ft. lauderhell's leaders of the "Grave-Wave" (thats death-rock, ya know REAL punk?) movement, soon to be the talk of the tombstones...DBY!! We are an extremely threatrical/visual "tongue in cheek" band who you will be fearing more about in the coming year as DBY recently released (the bats?) across the UK touring as the "backing up the hearse" band for MURDERDOLLS frontman WEDNESDAY 13's "Graveyard A Go-Go" Tour AND releasing our "full-length life-taker" MAKE IT BLEED CD which has received "grave" reviews in such esteemed "print" publications such as Metal Hammer UK, Terrorizer UK, as well various .. webzine's such as!! GET IN THE HEARSE AND GET YOUR COPY NOW!! ITS A MONSTER-PEICE!! I am a hopeless nek-romantic (maybe i would have be
Death Is The Only Real Pain Killer
I am a big huge redneck... I like Muddin, Huntin, fishin, racing, keg stands, 4-wheelin, cowboys and BIG trucks... I also am a huge sucker for piercings... facial ones are fuckin hot.
Death-ray Damon
Well i'm really laid back, but if you get to know me you'd find out sometimes i have my moments where i'm just crazy and fun as hell. But most the time my personality is very calm, relaxed, and easy going. I play in a band called black market revival, this is where i get all my agression and fun out. I go to school at texas a&m corpus and that's pretty important to me right now but i'm trying to find a good mix between that and doing my passion of playing in a kick ass rock band for the rest of my life. music, martial arts, and believe it or not i like comic books, and if you think less of me for it...go to hell matthew caws, bill brown, batman, chewbacca, god, and all koala bears donnie darko, i like a lot of movies but thats my favorite one
Death Defy\'s Me
Later when I have the time
well i was in the US COAST GUARD but now im out and a free man...I love to traval and hang out with friends and family...I am a Spontaneous person you will never know what i will do next... if you want feel free to check out my myspace Get Myspace Layouts @
Death Dealer
Death Bat
*death Star*
i'm a RockStar.... pimpin' the Streets of San Antonio looking for the Greenish Shiva!!!!.... Places where i be....The streets,Concerts,or or or At the party!!!....Don't be stingy gotta share the sweet shiva....I'm the biggest ..myspace.. so Fuck Off!!!....A Friend with Weed is a Friend i Need....I'm a very outgoing person....I love to make pepole laugh....I am 26 yrs old I am married....I have been married for seven yrs....And i love being married to my man he's the best....He does everything for me....He is always there for me....For the Good and the Bad....... I would love to meet marilyn Manson.... & any one who fucken rocks....Pepole who are Down with Dope and up With Hope....I love to watch Comedy & horror Movies....Love to go to Concerts & Parties.....Love to Jam out With my brother Korpse....
MARILYN MANSON HALF BAKED the mummy the mummy 2 jackass 1 jackass 2 eurotrip scary movie 1 scary movie 2 scary movie 3 scary movie 4 hostil saw 1 saw2 saw3 the grudge all the chuckie movies pirates of the caribbean 1 pirated of the caribben 2 when a stranger calls waiting clerks 2 army of darkness secret of rone inish labrenth i cant remember the rest ;)
Death Has Come Again...
I'm multi-racial I'm part white,fijian,and spanish.Also it's alittle hard to label me what I find to be normal, and what some people find normal are two different things.Like I love metal & hard rock but really I listen to all types.So mosh pits are a must with me.The Nightmare Before Christmas is my whole life,it is the only true movie out there.Everyone at one time can say that they know what Jack is feeling. To truly feel different by the way the rest of the world judges you.To always be looking for that true undying love.I also play card games like,Inuyasha,Magic,and Dragonball Z. My family and friends are a huge part of me without them I would have gone nuts by now.I'm never the same twice one day, I'll look like I just got out of the pit.And the next I'll look like I'm the most normal person out there.I'm who I am and that's it.The biggest thing in my life is art.The plan is to have my own comic book company. To help give students just out of art school a chance.Or even if you ne
Death Is Only A Door
Death Dancer
Blah, I hate this part. Musician, dorky, geeky, science fiction, fantasy and horror fan. More on my music at: Forensic pathology, forensics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, roleplaying, gaming, puzzles, mythology, ancient history, ancient cultures, linguistics
Death By Drift
Ask Anything with speed or ink im into i guess and deff music maybe listen to music while driving my car as im getting a tattoo....Im a college student i go to the fashion Institute and technology "FIT" anything else i guess u can ask away
Deaths Angels Twin
Death Blooms Courtesy of
well if you havent seen it already i am a lil wierd and not all there i am engaged and loveing it i am me i am goth/raver/punk i am what i am and if you dont it then FUCK YOU just ask my fiancee Deathdragon Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at Buried at
† Death™ †
I am a Father,for those of you who dont know what that means that means my babies live with me. I am a Former U.S. Marine who has served his great country. Former Corrections Officer, but I wont tell you what prison I worked at unless I know you better. I dont take shit from no one and I definitely dont need any damn drama. I keep shit simple. I have done almost everything adventurous from my time in the military, from parachuting, climbing, and conceiving my Broadcast Yourself LIVE
Death Warm Over
I'm 21 yrs. old, I have the greatest boyfriend ever... I love him so much!!! I am expecting a child April 28th, 2009. I have brown hair, brown eyes, 5"5, a lil over 100 lbs. Mostly animals.. I love automobiles, guys, games, hanging with my friends and ect.
iam 21 in the navy and lovin life i love paintball its my life other then the military
Death For Wites
My name is Tenaya... (or TC for short) and im 18.I have a wonderful new Boyfriend named Max ! Once u get to know me im hyper/crazy/random and sumtimes scarry(in a good way). and juss cuz im blonde doesnt mean im a dumb one... lol (random moment)... anywayz my dress style is goth/emo basically what eva i feel like and of corse i listen to rock,hardcore,scremo,emo,punk,ect. ... and a lil trance/tecno but ya.....wut else do i need to oh and i skateboarding...and VIDEO GAMES of course hot guys, Rock/Punk/Goth/Emo/Hardcore music,some trance music, some techno music,make up,moshing ,VIDEO GAMES: Final Fantasy 7 and 9, Zelda series,HALO and um and a lot of others, anime comics: FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, TRIGUN (mainly but sum others to), practice fighting,**MOSHING TO HARDCORE** star shaped objects, talking on the fone or on AOL IM, and skatboarding and going to the mall to hot toppic, or spencers gifts ...or laughing at my uncle working as a janitor in the foood court.. lo
well i like to write poems short stories and i guess you can say im a chronic masturbater all i want to do is beat my meat =P and yeah i really have no friends so i chat if not i work Jim Morrsion, King Diamond and Marilyn Manson
Death Metal Chicana
i love music. my name is tim or timmy which ever u decide to call me. im a metalhead. i love metal and rock. music and friends dawn of the dead. house of a thousand corpses, the devils rejects, etc...
Death By Cotton
Nothing to see here... Move along, move along... No but seriously... Probably the best way to describe myself is nomadic... You never know when I'll go off on the next adventure. Until then, bottoms up, and enjoy... This is all a bad dream. When you wake up, you will remember nothing. Now go back to sleep... Sleep...
Death Before Honor
I'm in the Marine Corps, some days I like it some days I don't. Stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. I've been to a bunch of places and done a bunch of things. I'm from a small ass town in Ohio. I like lifting, playing most sports, and being outside.
I'm 24 Libra and a crazy fuckin metalhead. Live in shitty cottonwood(for now). I'm an artist.. I lovge everything dark and sinister especially when it comes to music and movies, you can find me on myspace at i have alot more about me on there, hopefully i'll get this cherrytap thing figured out but until then just trying to meet some cool people. Books, Music, Poetry, Crystals, Art, Surrealism, Sex, Moshing, Death Metal, Prog, Fusion, Dragons, Knives, Movies, Zombies, Vampires, did i mention sex..
Death Cherub
Name: Kim Age: 20 Sex: Female Location: Tillamook, OR Body Type: 5' 11"/More To love Status: Single & loving it! Orientation: Bi Here For: Friends The Dirt: I was born and raised in the cow town of Tillamook, Oregon. Living here kinda sucks since there is close to nothing to do. After living here so long it's hard to stay away from this town. I have moved out of town a few times but always end up moving back. I didn't move back just because it was my only place to go, it's because I love this town. I love it and hate it at the same time. As I grew up I found my love and talent for art at the age of 4. Since that age I have put my drawings ahead of everything else. Of course I started out with silly little stick people then several years later I had worked myself to professional realism art pieces. I use mediums that range from pencils to digital illustrations. The styles I use are realism, abstract, and macabre. Dark Heart
Deaths Lil Angel
what do u want to know
Currently 18 bored and still having a good time. Like making friends and hanging out, another site im on is vampire freaks Check out my VampireFreaks Profile
Death Burger
Death Shadow
Deaths Rode
Myspace Layouts
I'm 19 years old I live In Peoria IL. I am in the IL natonal guard as an Infantryman. I have short blonde hair blue eyes and mostly described as an asshole by my friends becuase i have a very strange sense of humor anything else just ask My life is rated NC-17!Your life is rated NC-17!What is your life rated? (MPAA Scale)Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes I enjoy reading mostly military sience fiction/ fantasy stories. I also enjoy just hanging out with friends watching movies are doing absolutly nothing You scored as Biting. When it comes to being kinky, your biggest turn on is biting. You love the ectasy of teeth sinking into your flesh, and are probably willing to return the favor. Sex just isn't sex without using your teeth.Biting100%Bondage92%Chains/Handcuffs83%Whips58%Blood42%Blind Folds
Death Creaton
Deathra Xero Pacehead
Death Dealer
Well this is were I tell you about me I am a very easy going person but I can be a hand full some times as well as out spoken. I like to have fun with my family and friends and meet new one's. But I can say that I do have a little bit of a dark side
Death\'s Desire
I do not Idolize anyone or anything.
Death Blow
about me well i have a very dark and sadisct personality. my out look on it is if you dont like me then kiss it and get over itBuried at PhotoCasket.comBuried at PhotoCasketBuried at>Buried at PhotoCasket.comMake your Comments HEARD at" target="_blank"> [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=] - Deadly pictures, gothic horror, sick layouts[/url] intrest well sex.drugs.rock-n-roll.gaming cars driving fast you know all the
Deathbydolls Fuengaged To Beezy
If you have nothing interesting to say about anything, and you cant think for yourself, and you're mindless. Stop right there and go to another page. Especially if you're a fucking idiot. DO NOT ASK ME FOR NAKED PICTURES OR SOLICIT SEX FROM ME. I AM NOT A SLUT, I DO NOT ACT LIKE A SLUT, I WILL NOT TOLERATE BEING TREATED AS A SLUT AND BEING DISRESPECTED. the names chelsea since so many ask, here they are AOL: deathbydolls Yahoo: ms.ff18
Death Comes Calling
hey aaron norris for astoria oregon 19 i am kind of a horn dog but i am mature and i know went to take things for real i hate ppl that think there better then others, do unto others what u would want done to u, umm i used to live in a big town but now i live in a small town with nothing to but smoke weed and get wasted and work during the week....i havent lived with my parents sence i was 16 my dad went to jail when i was 14 he got out right befor my 18th b-day dont see him to much but we had fun when he got out ummm i have 2 sisters love them both so much i cant stand ppl that just run there mouths cause they like the sound of there voice ummmm i want to leave the US i am tired of bush and his war and war on drugs the contry is slowing becoming a cop ya i could do this for days but i dont want to type any more so if u got msn add me cell 503 440 9016 snowboarding, rideing qaud, hiking, fish, gillnet fish, weeeeeeeeeed, alchol, playing games even kno
Death Is Brought By Freddy
Death Adder
Hey everyone, I'm Beth. I'm 19 and 5'5" with brownish-red hair and blue-grey eyes. I'm a game nerd and an anime addict. I'm also a proud pagan. Don't like that? Then don't bother me. Ohyama Anza-san
Death Keeper
Death Dealer
Death To All
Deathz World
My name is is Chris, i sing for my bands A GIFT FOR THE UNBLESSED, & HYSTERIA CHECK US OUT AT MYSPACE.COM/AGIFTFORTHEUNBLESSED & MYSPACE.COM/HYSTERIACHJR OTHER THAN THAT I LIKE TO HAVE FUN MAKE AN ASS OUT OF MYSELF OCCASIONALY, I'M ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN! I LIKE TATTOOS AND SOME PIERCINGS ANYTHING ELSE U WANT TO KNOW JUST ASK ! cowboy from fucking hell thats what i am !! i am a fucking shroomhead "attention" i am not a fucking slipknot fan my fucking idol rip my brother taken away way before his time its a fuckin shame crazy fuckin redneck smoke fuckin dope!!! i's a evil motha fucka joe!!! this is my fucking boy, you fuck with him, you deal with me... tattoos spending time with my nephew and nieces,
Death Blooms
Deaths Child
Death Is Sweet
Iam a Father of two working single guy. My Kids always come first. I have a great job but I am not all about money "hell you can't take it with you right?" I am here because a friend asked me to check it out. so I am hee. If you have any questions or would like to talk let me know I will answer question.
Death Ride Dbc Mc Sgt N Arms
I'm a metalheaded tattooed cowboy from Texas. I'm lead guitarist and growler for my band Blackwater Voodoo and a Red Dirt texas country band of mine called Texas Livewire and im a song writer and by day im a Tattooist and Electrician hit me up if i like ya maybe we can go out and hit a couple of Blacktooth Grins and sling some ink on you Ne Desit Virtus hooah -The Jester ........................................................... and to all you non patriotic assholes who talk shit about me and my brothers just remember im here so you and your loved ones dont have to be ............................................................ Well you have to be a cowboy to ride the rodeo. Have the nerve to get back up the moment you've been thrown. When the crowd is up and the pressure is on and that spotlights on your back. When the next move you make,could be your last mistake but your fine with that. You aint got no saddle,you aint got no reins but that bull keeps on kickin'. You could
About me: All these voices in my head won't stop screaming the untold truths of the world. Insults of my own, fat, whore,slut, stupid, ugly, play in my mind. The sadness /I/ caused plays in my eyes, my world is crumbling. God is yelling, " Your Fired." in my face, I'm crumbling in darkness, where's the light. I need my light. I'm crumbling. Save Me? * I have issues and tend to be careless. ~ I gots lots of mood swings. * I'm a writer deal with it. ~ I'm paranoid. * Pain is my friend. ~ I like knives and blood. * Diahann is more awesomer then you. ~ I'm really very intelligent. * I have problems with love. ~ I am the Demon. & I'm arrogent. $ I'm an ass, deal with it bitch. ~ I miss being in love. # Suicide is my second best friend. * I don't mind people who cut. ~ I like peircings. * I love tatoos ~ Love scares me. * I want to runaway. ~ I'm F.I.N.E ( Fucked up, insecure, nuerotic, and emotional) * Talk to meh ~ I've sort of

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