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Starring: Gavin Crawford, Fred Ewanuick, Robert Charlebois, Pascale Bussières, Martha Burns, Olunike Adeliyi, Jacob Tierney Playing in French with English subtitles at: AMC and Cavendish cinemas Parents’ guide: For all MONTREAL - This week on C’est bien meilleur le matin,burberry outlet cheap La Première Chaine’s morning show, French Immersion star – and noted Québécois rockeur – Robert Charlebois said that the film is really more Canadian than it is Québécois. And there’s something to that. In this bilingual comedy about teaching French in small-town Quebec, the main protagonists are the English folks, in sharp contrast to that other bilingual laugher, Bon Cop Bad Cop, where the most memorable guy by far was the franco (Bad) cop played by Patrick Huard. The two movies share a producer in Kevin Tierney – with French Immersion marking Tierney’s debut as a director as well. The dialogue is more or less half English, half Fran?ais in French Immersion, but the point of view is most definitely from the anglo side of the divide this time ’round. In short, it’s a film with a bit of identity crisis, just like the country it’s spoofing with so much enthusiasm. There are some very funny moments, but this film – which you could call Bon Prof Bad Student – just doesn’t capture the Quebec zeitgeist the way Bon Cop did. The screenplay from Tierney and Jefferson Lewis starts with an inspired premise: take four English-Canadians and one New Yorker and drop them into a pure laine town somewhere in rural Quebec and let the sparks fly. Flight attendant Aretha Marley (Olunike Adeliyi), government employee Cathy O’Reilly (Martha Burns), Bobby Sexton (Gavin Crawford), Colin MacGonagle (Fred Ewanuick) and aspiring New York chef Jonathan Hornstein (Jacob Tierney) have descended on the remote northern burgh of St. Isidore du Coeur de Jésus to take part in one of those federally sponsored French immersion programs. And they’re having some adaptation issues. None more so than Jonathan, who’s not only an Anglo, but shockingly enough, a Jew, a fact that has Grandma Tremblay (Rita Lafontaine) nearly losing her mind. Meanwhile, Bobby is more focused on his upcoming political campaign than worrying about speaking French, and his political connections have the school director Sylvie (Pascale Bussières) figuring she just might have stumbled upon the solution to the institution’s looming financial crisis.

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