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First and foremost, how you think, is what you do. It can be no plainer than that. If your mind is fcked off, EVERYTHING you do and EVERYBODY you know, is now fcked too. Stop filling your small mediocre brain with 50 cent type "bling-bling" bllsht music and "Goodfellas" dreams. Put a plan together, start with a 3 month plan, then get a 6 month plan and then a 1 year, and then a 5 year. If you can't get past the first goal, how in the fck can you see what 5 years will yield you. Stop acting like an azzhole, and do your homework. Secondly, HOPE for something better than what you had yesterday. If you were a crackhead and don't want to be a crackhead anymore, pray on it. Then take steps to remove crack from your system and your environment. You cannot get clean clothes from dirty water. If you want different you have to do different. If your finances are fcked off, don't hope for a pay raise while still shopping your azz off and smoking hella bomb, what are you, stupid? And if you don't know what to do, stop doing everything, and start from there. Third, have some faith. Have faith in yourself that you can "BE" better, than you were yesterday. Nicca if you don't believe in you, I suuuuure as hell won't either. With your creators blessing and power, your faith should surpass a potential fck up you are trying to deal with yourself. Don't have faith, that your car will start, or your job will be there, have some faith in you, and the power you posses, even if you have nothing. Fourth, talk to yourself, ask yourself daily questions. Not the crazy, azz "I can make a buggar talk" type questins but real questions. Converse with yourself. Ask yourself, what the fck am I doing? Why did I do that? Why did this happen? How am I going to do this? Since niccas hate to be questioned, if you question yourself, then niccas really can't can't ask you $h!t, because your answering, is by your doing. Niccas that ain doing $h!t are ALWAYS offended by questions, especially because they know they ain't handling business. Fifth, learn something new. For christ sake, if you have not made at least 100K in "the game" yet, whether 10 years strong or started yesterday; don't even bother, because it's not coming. Crazy as it sounds but true. Think of something you'd like to do, then pay to learn it right. Yes pay mufcka, nothing in this life is free, and you get what you pay for. You can try and shuck and jive, trying to be smart, but if you don't pay for it....oh you are going to pay for it one way or another. That's it and that's all. Stop being nickel slick and pay your way, don't be a deadbeat, pay your own way from the beginning to end, that way 100% of the reward is yours. . Sixth, Get organized. Stop jumping out of bed and saying "I`ll handle it later". No, goof ball, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off. How you keep your environment is how you keep your mind. Start with your immediate environment. Pick up your $h!t, put things where they go, if there is not a place for it, either make one, or get rid of it. Stop being a mess and, you will react less messy!!!! Seventh, now you are about ready to start strategic planning. Once you have you mind right, take whats good in the mind and turn it into physical rewards. Now is the time to get a few physical rewards, some not all nicca, your still a long way from home. Don't get to smelling yourself because you made an accomplishment or two. Eighth, Now this is where you take step seven and beat that $h!t into the ground. Stay with it, when things start looking good, you ride that mufcka until the wheels fall off. Then when that plan is broken down to nothing, you get on another one and repeat until you feel you can handle more. Ninth-Sex. Sex is our deepest and most powerfu physical emotion. Stop giving away your power to anyone that will take it, because when you give all your power away, whats left....DING DING DING...you guessed it....NOTHING! Remember women can fake orgasms, men can fake whole relationships. Men, what looks good to you may not be good for you. Women, stop fckn any ole nicca because "he seemed cool". How is it that a women can fck a nicca the night she meets him, but won't allow him to set a glass on her glass table??????? Last but not least, if you stayed this long I hope you gained something. My tenth step is to LOVE YOURSELF, once you love yourself, no man, woman, child, law official, job or entity, will come between you and yourself. STAY STRONG AND I`LL SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!! author Seldom Seen
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