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Read it, then fill it out.. and send it to me as a message ;D. What's your middle name?: Anne. What's your last name?: RAWR SH. You got any siblings? Names? ages?: Amanda - 26? ;o Luke - 16 Mike - 16 Leigh - 13.. Are your parents together?: nope. Got any step parents?: yes Are you rich? Poor? Average?: Well, right now I'm average. What grade are you in?: Um.. What insulting term are u most called?: bitch Wheres the farthest u ever travled to?: Georgia. What is generally peoples first impression of you?: ask people. Whats your sexual orientation?: striaght. Do you dye your hair?: mhm. Got any fetishes?: if i did, it would be none of your business ;] Are you ticklish? Do you like to be tickled?: yes. not really. What do you like the most about yourself?: um my eyes. What do you like the least about yourself?: the rest of it lol. How's your relationship with your parents?: its okay. Do you hate anyone?: no. Do you love anyone?: i do. Are you lusting after someone?: oh babeh. Got any pets? Used to have any pets?: yes. Describe what your room is like: right now.. it's soo messy ;[. Do you have a lot of close friends?: nah just a few ;] Do you have a lot of friends that arenít that close?: yeah. What are you doing Saturday night?: baby sitting.. Sunday morning?: sleeping.. Do you exercise?: a little, going to start a lot soon. Do any sports?/Ever do any sports?: no. Whats the type of person you usually go after?: ones that hurt me. (I dont go after them on purpose tho) What type of person usually goes after you?: umm different types. Ever have your heart broken?: I guess. Seriously, whose fault was it in ur last breakup?: Charlie's. Are ur breakups usually messy? nope. What do u do when ur mad at somebody?: yell & cry. What pisses u off the most?: liars. Whatís guaranteed to make u smile?: someone being goofy. Do you cry when ur upset? How do u show it if no?: no not really.. Are you a pervert?: eh not so much. Are you a biotch?: definitely. Are you somebodyís biotch?: if you want me to be. lol. How much time do you spend getting ready each day?: lol not much. Are you one of those weirdos who actually like going to school?: negative. If you said yes, do u socialize all day, or are you in the math club?: .... What are you grades like?: they were good. What is the general opinion of you at school?: iunno. Are you a good driver?: LOL well I swerve in and out of traffic all day, I speed, and I ride peoples ass if they go slow. you tell me ;]. Do you swear a lot?: nah Can you cook?: negative. What is an absolute no no in a partner?: um.. ;/ well I SAY no smoking but, if someone I really like smokes, I might give him a try. As long as he has a plan to quit or is already starting to quit. like someone I know ;]. An absolute must?: someone who is nice and sweet. Would you rather be cute, sexy or beautiful/handsome?: I would rather be "beautiful" than sexy or hot. So would most other girls. So guys, if you wanna make her smile, call her beautiful NOT sexy/hot. kthx<3. Do you like any celebs? Who are they?: I'm not gonna like Chad Michael Murray is one hott guy ;D. Eminem is too but I wouldn't wanna mess around with him ;[. Are you a sound sleeper? Or a light sleeper?: light and I move around sooo much. Do you dream in color? Do you dream at all?: color. and yes. Does anything have to be just so before you can go to sleep?: yes, I can't sleep until the monitor light on my computer goes off. And if my fan is making noises I can not sleep, So I turn it off. What do you look like in the morning? ROFL ewness= hair everywhere. I MOVE too much in my sleep ;[. Do you drool? Snore? Talk in your sleep?: Don't believe so. Are you hugable or not really?: i love hugs! Are you physical with others? (hugging, poking, jumping on them): LOL yes. I always touch people (NOT IN BAD WAYSS!) lol. Do you like people to be physical around you?: depends WHO it is.. Like some people, JUST A FEW, I can't stand if they touch me at all. What do you HAVE to do every day?: PEE oh and sleep. What could you eat for the rest of ur life and still love it?: Sub sandwich. Ever think anyone was "the one"?: Um I'm not too sure. Ever say something random to a stranger? What was it?: LOL I always talk to random people. Like if I find something funny, I'll share it with them. Or if I don't agree with something I will share it with them ;] I'm a very open person. When you like someone, what do you do?: Flirt with them kinda. Do you still go out for halloween? What did you dress up as last?: no What job would you like to have when ur grown up?: I'm not too sure yet.. Have any goals?: duh.. What would you say you are on a scale of 1-10?: um I don't know. You tell me ;o. Whats the last stupid thing you did?: um lets not talk about it ;]. Are you craving anything right now?: no. Whats ur opinion of God?: um no so sure sometimes.. What religion are you?: negative.. Whats your heritage? (Italian, french ect...): german, irish, english... i think. Can you speak any other languages?: a tad of spanish. What state do you live in?: Missouri Where do you want to live?: sh.. Whats an average outfit for you?: jeans and a tee. What do you wear to bed?: um lol sh.. Would you rather be hot or cold?: cold. Do you like sleeping alone, or with somebody?: with somebody so I can have someone to cuddle with ;[. Are you a neat person, or do you have clothes all over ur floor?: LOL right now I have clothes everywhere ;[ CLEAN IT FOR MEE? Is your idea of cleaning shoving things under the bed?: no in my closet Do you even know how to clean?: Yess! Do u shave or wax anywhere?: mhm. What kind of underwear do you wear?: boyshorts. How do u usually spend your money?: on dvds and gass. How do u get that money?: WORKING. im a slaveeeee ;[. Whats the last thing you bought?: um um um A HOODIE ;D!!!. Do u wear any makeup? nah I do if I'm going somewhere nice or something not on an every day basis tho. Do you like to flirt?: mhm. Are you a very horny person?: HMM. Are you picky about anything?: YES. everything. Food, People, Myself, My room, dude I even organize my change.. pennies in one container and the silvers in the other x; I've extremely PICKY anddd OCDish lol ;[. Are you easy to get close to? ish. i can be.. or I can open up fast. Do you make enemies easlily? or do u have a lot of enemies?: nahh. What mood are u usally in?: blah. What do you look for in a friend?: honesty. Do you like sweets?: sometimes. Last question!: Do you love anyone right now? who is it?: YES I DO. AND I'M NOT TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW ;[ so sh.
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