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1) I'd prefer you be a level 10 or higher, with a verified salute to join. If you're not, I will still let you join, but you need to work on getting a salute. 2) The Princess has a folder in my pics called the "Rate Spankers" with a pic ripped from each member....if you have a preference, let me know. Please click on the "ripped from" link next to each pic to go to each member's page. Then fan, profile rate, & add each member. They will do the same in return. DON'T DO THIS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ADDED AS A NEW MEMBER! =) 3) NO DOWNRATING & NO DRAMA!! 4) When you get close to leveling (see the following), send me a private message. a) Level 10 - Level 17 contact me when you're 3,000 points from leveling b) Level 18 - Level 19 contact me when you're 5,000 points from leveling c) Level 20 - Level 21 contact me when you're 7,000 points from leveling d) Level 22 - Level 23 contact me when you're 10,000 from leveling e) Level 24, trying to Godfather contact me when you're 100,000 from leveling 5) I will get word out to all the members via blogs, msg's, comments &/or bulletins. I will also change my status to say "LEVELING see blog" when there's a new blog posted. So it may help you keep up with it, if you add me to your family. =) 6) As a member, you need to check these often & help other members level by rating as much as possible of their stash & / or photos, until that person levels. 7) When you're the member who is leveling, please try to return some of the rates to the members who are helping you level. There are so many people that ask for help, then just sit there & wait for everyone to do the work for them. That's what I call the lazy way out. If you're rating people at the same time, you will level much quicker, & spankers will be more willing to help you in the future! 8) We do 2-3 pimp-outs a week, generally 2 people at a time. Please be sure you rate some of their stuff to help give them a boost. Because your day will be coming too. I normally try to rate 50-75 pics & 50-75 stash for each pimp-out person. You do not have to rate every single thing they have in a pimp-out! Also when you are being pimped out, please return some rates to everyone who helps you! =) 9) Anyone who fails to rate, fan, or help other members level will be removed from the club. This is give & take...not just take & run. If you expect people to help you, then you also need to help others. IF you don't plan on rating people back that rate you...AND helping with pimp-outs & leveling....then please don't sign up. I'm removing some people right now for not helping. 10) If you would like to join, please reply back & let me know which pic to rip. Otherwise, I will choose it. =)
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