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created on 03/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/rants/b63678

Okay this is the letter I sent to the local walmart manager after yesterdays stressful events!  They are the low price leader as they claim but I find I am spending more for their screw ups than I am saving shopping at their stores, and also the stress is very taxing on my conditions from my accidents... Yesterday I was in so much pain from it i could not leave my bed for three hours.  So here is part of my store have fun reading and its now official I am not shopping ever again at walmart.


Dear Walmart Manager:

I am writing you in regards to my last few visits to your store and to inform you of the extremely unsatisfactory customer service I have received at your location that has cause you a customer.

First visit I want to inform you of is a two days after the new year, I went to the electronic department inquiring about the Singstar games for the play station 2 game console.  I asked if you carried a certain list of games and all I received from you representative was a “nope” and he simply walked away.  Since I was on a mission to buy these games I left the store and traveled all the way to many different store in Bristol, VA.  Paying a lot for gas during a time when gas prices were outrageous, also putting unnecessary mileage on my car and also as a disabled individual the stress on my body and later on my mind to find that your store had most of the titles I was looking for in the series all along at prices that were lower than I paid for.  I could have spent the rest of my day playing these games then out searching for them, had your representative took the time to look for them.

Easter Sunday is another example of a day of poor customer service and stressful situation that I did not need to go through.  I needed another product of your and you only have three on the shelf.  I have a habit when I shop to stock up on a product that I tend to use every day.  So when I have a drink that I like I will buy every one you have on the shelf, or ask if you have a case in the back so you still have some on the shelf.  This was one of those days.  I noticed you only had three Arizona green tea’s in the bottle on the shelf and of course that would last me three days.  I proceeded to walk around your store for a half hour to get help to see if you had any more in the back.  With back and leg problems, walking on a cane this can be difficult and the stress of having three of your representatives (one dressed like a manager) all see me, including making eye contact as I start to walk up to them and all of them change directions to avoid me is not only irritating but caused me to leave more than half of my purchase behind.  What also was more aggravating that day is I live less than five minutes from your store and one of the bottles of green tea busted in my car causing me a lot of time and money to clean that up and now only had two bottles of my tea for the work week.

And lastly today, is the last day I wanted inform you of.  I have worked retail, I understand that moving the store and products around to keep it fresh and to have the customers try and see new products for purchase is a vital for sales.  However when I cannot find a product I need at all when I go up and down every isle is harsh on my back and exhausting and when I ask a representative and they say “I’m not sure what that is, sorry” as they stock shelves, is disturbing.  I needed the Kellogg’s Special K protein bars, and I was so stressed and upset about other things I was trying to find I walked out of there forgetting about them.  And since I got my oil changed I had to check out at Automotive, and he wanted to ring up products that looked alike and I advised him they were not the same.  So he rung them up again to void them off, and when I got home and looked again on the receipt I discovered that no he rung them up again and voided them off as he rung up so he rung six up and voided off only two, charging me for four and I only purchased two.  So I got charged for four, only purchased two and got charged twice for the same thing.   Now with all this stress I am typing this from bed with my laptop cause I am in so much pain to sit at my desk top.

What it all boils down to is that I spend on average $150-$200 per visit at your store, I visit your store no less that three times a month, and these visits were the tip of the iceberg.  You claim you’re the low price leader, however every time I visit, it costs me more in the long run than what I am saving at your store, whether its going to another store to get my product when you have it all along and I am told you don’t, to cleaning my car out for busted products, to being bed ridden due to the undue stress my visits to your store have caused me or like today cashiers charging me for more products than I purchased. 

I have taken enough of your time, thank you for allowing to share my store and frustrations with you.  Competition means nothing to me, low prices don’t mean anything to me either.  How I am treated does, if you want my business you have to treat me as if you do.  I will spend more money somewhere that treats me as a person that they care about than a fly that is in their way.  If you want me to return to your store, it is going to take an act of faith on your part to ensure that you appreciate my business and not my money, cause my money can be spent anywhere, its my business that is deserved.

Thank you again for your time

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