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44 Year Old · Male · From Berlin, MD · Joined on October 10, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on August 13th · 65 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

I'm down to earth, I love to play gta 5 video game n zombie games and i use a power wheelchair and im not paralyzed but i can still move my legs its just my muscles get weak and i have muscular dystrophy and I love salutes n i sometimes give away blings so make sure ya read my profile n keep in touch n i still be exercising in different ways like eating healthy then researching helpful ways to improve my life n living life to the fullest but other than that im from maryland and i love doing new things and meeting new people. Im looking for a long term relationship too. Im very healthy and i always surf the net for more ways to continue staying healthy and i like to keep it real. Im working on a new rap album. I dont judge someones weight or looks n if u r pretty down to earth and can think for yourself n find new ways to stay happy then we can get along great n i also try to help but if i get caught around a hater talking junk then i will attack lol or lego block yo glass n i got my first tattoo

I love talking on the phone but i like talking in person face to face, and i can read facial expressions when i talk to someone to get to know them im very talkative and typitive so if u like instant messenging alot, well here i am and i have a foot fetish,ghetto b**ty,lower back tattoo fetish and eyes. im looking for a long term relationship so we can do fun stuff like that and more.

My last relationship i was in, her racist parents ruined the relationship so things didnt work out but it started off great and when her mom caught us making out, things changed so hopefully racism wont ruin my next relationship so she ended up letting her parents take full control so hopefully i can find someone who is mature and doesnt let others boss them around.

well anyway i love keeping in touch wit new friends and I love taking pictures for all the nice ladies. If your interested send me a message or comment. Make sure ya'll keep in touch cause u never know if someone is sick or what and I very open minded and i like to talk about alot of things and different topics and if u wanna add me, please rate and comment and i will return the favor and please dont be mean to me cause i like keeping things positive. But 1 profile doesnt tell everything about me so if u have any questions just send me a message or shoutbox message and i will reply and im down to earth so please treat me with respect but i do have adult pics too and if u have a smart attitude dont bother adding me at all, and if u lie or be real mean to me,a friendship wont ever work and most arguments i had was when people told lies to me and other than that if your a cool person and very honest then we can keep in touch and there some mean people on here n if ya'll be mean to me i can be mean right back but its always a new day and a new start. I dont like when women get mad then take it out on others n i want someone who knows all about common sense

44 Year Old · Male · From Berlin, MD · Joined on October 10, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on August 13th · 65 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
talking,text messaging,rapping,singing,watching new movies and scary movies wit vampires and monsters, buying alot of shoes and video games, online shopping,downloading and I love a female with pretty feet and loves to be barefooted or flipflops, and also i like a very talkative lady, I love making alot of money, I love making rap and r&b beats and i also make experimental beats. i like greek mythology and i love watching lots of sci fi movies.

rap,rock,alternative rock,r&b old school and new school, some jazz and underground rap and some groups/artist i like r wu tang clan,evanescence,eminem,kid rock,jay z,dmx,g-unit,D-blok,The O.C.,Xscape,en vogue,SWV,colormebadd,hieroglyphics,whitestripes,Red hot chilli peppers,rumplestilskins,rakim,fat joe,paul wall,lilboosie,lil wayne,Juelz Santana,carrie underwood,fiona apple,KornM.O.P.,dipset,purplecity byrd gang,Jim Jones,40 Cal,j.r. writer,da band,ll cool j,sleepy brown,nas,daz,joss stone, THe Holocaust, white stripes,busta rhymes,notorious b.i.g., stat quo, ying yang twins, gwen stefani, twista,Bow wow,ludacris,Dmx,o yeah i like my own music im randy the vampire new album called the blood tracks,sublime,i like this one country song called wild flowers but i forgot who sings it but its a nasty song and usually i dont like country beats but the lyrics r pretty tight sometimes, i like freeway,mobb deep,ginuwine,r kelly, fergie,Korn,system of a down, danity kane, clipse,and underground hip hop and not so popular artist and i can listen to any music but when i wanna nod my head up and down, i gotta listen to a mixture of rap,rock,alittle r and b, my own music i make and i can download any new music album i want and sell it too and make good money for fun
Video Games
i have a xbox,xbox 360,nintendo DS,playstation 3(Next Month, sega dreamcast,nintendo gamecube and the games i have are splinter cell,blinx,burnout revenge, deadrising,tiger woods pga tour 2006, red dead revolver,Gun,final fight,halo 1 and 2,Thirteen,Unreal tournament 2,nba live 2006,blade 2,grand theft auto san andreas, the warriors, RPG games like legend of legaia or final fantasy and i like downloading old school rpg games like ogre battle and that is one of the best rpg i ever played and u can even turn into a vampire and all kinds of creatures and different classes and i like first person shooter games,enchanted arms is a new rpg game i been playing and its kinda like fantasy tactics but better and great long story

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  • Randy the Vampire I lost my 2 brothers in 2020 and I’m barely on fubar but I’m still doing fine Just mostly on Facebook n Instagram
    5 months ago · Comment

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