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created on 11/21/2008  |  http://fubar.com/random/b260902
It seems to be a common illness online that guys (and some ladies) are simply not able to read. So here it is loud and clear to read: 1) My age is in my profile! 2) I am NOT you Baby! 3) I will NOT fuck you! 4) I will not go on cam for you 5) And I do NOT want to see pictures of your piece! Got it? Then continue with your worthless life somewhere else, if I hurt your ego. I am NOT a cheap fuck and I can have good sex or BDSM whenever I want to! Yes, I am known to speak my mind and to step on toes, if I have a reason for it. You guys just gave me one! If you are fine with the rules, I will gladly speak with you and be happy to be your friend on here! Scalde/ Sue
Some of you know me as the erotic Model Mistress E./ Edain Wild. Sure, this is a part of me and I love doing it, but I have more sides than a diamond has facets. You can add my erotic side at http://www.fubar.com/edainwild should you be interested in it. Anyways. My main love is making skin care products and making others beautiful. But I also love smashing the major name brand companies and their dangerous practices, enjoy a good fight with them (and usually win!) and try to make this place (and products) safer for all of us. A lost or a noble cause? Not really. I think we all should make educated decisions and if everyone does something positive, we can change the world, together. I began developing skin care products in the age of 9 (nine!). Actually, it was a variety of soap and I sold them on markets. With 12 I had my first wholesale contract (help of parents here) and with 18 I got the keys to my own production facility. Sure, I finished school, have 2 Phd's (chemistry and microbiology) and continued to work on my own beauty care lines, before I moved to the US in 2004. Oh.. I forgot a tiny detail: I am a native German and try to make US laws safer LOL Anyways, life is too short, so enjoy it and keep on stopping by, read my blogs or flirt with me. If you want NSFW pictures, check my other profile! Love, Sue
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