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Hi.. I had one of the most IMPORTANT people in my life die on March 19,2006. Billy Pittman. He died at 26 years old for no reason. He was involved in a Motorcycle accident. He wasn't wearing a helmet. He was at my youngest son's father's house earlier that day. Showing off his new bike. My youngest son's 6th birthday was the next day and he asked his Uncle Billy if he could ride it for his birthday. Billy told him no problem buddy I'll be there for your birthday I promise. Later that night he went to another of our mutual friends house. It was his birthday. So of course they were partying alot. Early that morning at 4:30am Billy set out to go home. NO ONE at the party stopped him. They didn't take his keys. They let him leave VERY intoxicated with beer and multiple drugs in his system. The Florida Highway Patrol said he had to been going over 150 mhp when he lost it. One of the witnesses said the front tire started shaking really bad and Billy tried so hard to keep the bike up. They said when he hit the road he died instantly. He didn't feel anything. I lost a big part of my life that day. I know I shouldn't blame anyone because he was grown, but one of the only people that could've stopped him was there and he DIDN'T. He was one of the most caring, loving, and helpful people I've ever met. I knew for almost 9 years. He was there when no one else was! His birthday is in September a couple of weeks after my oldest sons birthday. My boys miss their Uncle Billy so much. The day of my youngest sons birthday he came to me and asked me why his Uncle Billy never came over or even called him. I didn't know what to say. My son's father broke the news to him 2 couple of days later when Mikey and Joshua wouldn't stop asking. They know he is in Heaven still looking over us and protecting us. Billy had two boys 6 and almost 2. Those poor boys will never really know what their daddy was really like. They'll only know what people tell them. The point behind this story is tell everyone you love that you LOVE them everyday. Never let it go unsaid. I was lucky I told Billy the day he died how much I loved him. He told me "No matter where I am and if I'm dead I will always Love you and protect you." I miss hearing his voice and seeing his beautiful Blue eyes. Please don't let your friends do things that will endanger their lives NO MATTER what it is or how silly you sound. If you LOVE them you won't. Billy We LOVE more than Life! "Live to ride and ride to live"
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