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ShY AnGeL's blog: "Quotes"

created on 02/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/quotes/b189806
Decide right now to make this day a memorable one. Make use of the precious moments now available to you to do something you'll continue to remember and be thankful for, years and years from now. This very day is your opportunity to move life forward in a significant way. Choose to find your enjoyment today in making a real and enduring positive difference. Do you realize how fortunate you are to be able to transform the fleeting hours of this day into something that will continue to add value to the world long after this day is over? Can you see how profoundly fulfilling it will be to live this day in such a way that you can always look back upon it with grateful satisfaction? Just imagine living every day that way. Then, go beyond merely imagining it and start to continually live with a strong and abiding sense of true purpose. The whole universe spreads out in front of you. And anything is possible in this very moment. Make this day a beautiful and memorable one. Then repeat the process, again and again, for each new day that comes your way.
The values in your heart When your world seems frustrating, keep in mind that the most important part of you exists beyond those frustrations. When life feels painful, never forget that the pain, however difficult it may be, is confined to just a small portion of who you truly are. All around you are things you can see and touch and physically manipulate. They are part of life, but they are by no means all there is. You cannot hold love in your hand, and yet you know for certain that it exists. You cannot capture joy in a box or an envelope and yet you have no doubt that it is real. When the outward concerns of life seem to be overwhelming, remind yourself, there's more. There is so very much more to living and being than those things you can see and hear, taste and smell, touch and possess. Even those losses and disappointments that feel big and burdensome, are small in comparison to all the beautiful, positive possibilities living within you. Look beyond the noisy, superficial distractions and remember the miracle of your existence. Live your life around the values in your heart. And those everyday pains and nuisances will lose their power to bring you down.
Tired of nothing It's certainly true that the effort necessary for accomplishment will make you tired. And yet the lack of any effort at all will surely bring on an even greater amount of weariness. It's far better to be exhausted from focused effort than to be tired of doing nothing. After you've grown tired from productive effort, you can renew your energy with a little bit of rest and relaxation. But when you're tired because of a lack of meaningful effort, that's a different story. No amount of rest can overcome such weariness. What can overcome that kind of weariness? It will disappear as soon as you start to take purposeful, directed action. Too much of anything will make you tired, especially too much of nothing. If you're going to be tired, then make sure you gain something valuable from it. So go ahead, set your sights high, and do something truly useful and challenging with your time. You'll make yourself tired, and it will feel great. -- Ralph Marston
Life is what you choose The choices you've made have brought you to this point. Where do you choose to go next? You have learned many things from the journey that you've taken. What do you wish to learn now? From a vast array of possibilities, you have selected certain specific ones and successfully followed through with them. What are the possibilities that most interest you now? It may sometimes seem that life is what happens to you. In truth, it is exactly the other way around. Life is what you choose, what you do, what you think and what you create in each moment. All the other things going on provide the space and circumstances in which you make your life happen. What do you choose to do with this day? Now is when you can bring your favorite dreams to life. -- Ralph Marston
The little things It only takes a minute or two for you to make a little progress. And a little progress can put you solidly on the road to a lot more. It only takes a small effort to give a little kindness. And a little kindness can easily multiply itself again and again until it starts to make a big difference. It only takes a simple adjustment of your attitude to build a little enthusiasm. And with a little enthusiasm you can attract the support of many others. Small positive changes are easy to make. In between all the things you're already doing, there are numerous opportunities to fill in the spaces with extra treasures. And the small positive changes do something much more powerful than making a difference in the world. They make a difference in you. Get in the habit of making small positive changes, and soon you'll be experiencing big, valuable accomplishments. Let the little things put your spirit in a positive place, and that can change your life in magnificent, profound ways. -- Ralph Marston
Scorpio (10/23-11/21) Today you might get so wrapped up in overcoming a challenge that you lose track of the time. One minute you're yawning into the morning daylight, and the next, the sun is setting! Once time passes, it's gone forever. So step back from the projects you're working on, for a few moments at a time. Try to experience every aspect of the day as much as you can. Take notice of the people and events around you, and you'll be privy to some useful insight. Don't take anything for granted in life.
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