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It's 1am and i'm sitting at the computer eating tesco sausage rolls mmm 1. What time do you get up in the mornings? 2. How many beers until you're drunk? 3. Do you like beer or hard liquor? 4. Have you ever had a one night stand? 5. How do you take your coffee? 6. Do you eat breakfast? 7. Do you prefer sleeping alone? 8. Do you smoke cigarettes? 9. Have you ever burnt your hair? 10. Do you sleep with a pillow? 11. What were your habits as a child? 12. Do you want kids? 13. Are you an only child? 14. Do you like road trips? 15. Who are your 6 best friends? 16. Do you brush your teeth in the shower? 17. Do you eat leftovers? 18. Do you prefer being single, or in a relationship? 19. Are you in a relationship now? 20. Have you ever cheated? 21. Have you ever been cheated on? 22. Once a cheater, always a cheater? 23. Pajamas or naked? 24. What do you take when you have a headache? 25. Roughing it or luxury hotel? 26. Beach or pool? 27. Would you give your number out to a stranger? 28. Ever hitchiked? 29. Ever picked up a hitchhiker? 30. Roses or daisies? 31. Do you consider yourself conceited? 32. Is your hair its original color ? 33. Do you wear makeup? 34. Do you eat ranch with your pizza? 35. Do you believe in a God? 36. Do you have a crush on anybody right now? 37. Does he/she know it ? 38. What food could you absolutely never give up? 39.Who's your favorite cartoon? 40. What tv shows do you watch? 41. Do you think you're attractive? 42. Are you allergic to anything? 43. Ever had your heart broken? 44. Who was the last person to hurt you? 45. Who was the last person you hurt? 46. Do you wear socks to bed? 47. How do you feel about breast implants? 48. What kind of shampoo do you use? 49. Have you ever been in love? 50. Do you think love is real for young people? 51. Have you ever loved somebody who didn't love you? 52. Black or white? 53. Say your opinion, or keep it to yourself? 54. The snow or the sun? 55. Have you ever been out of the country? 56. Where do you want to raise your family? 57. The city life, or the quiet? 58. A club, or movie night? 59. Mercedes or BMW? 60. Do you like to dress up? 61. How long does it take you to get ready after you get out of bed? 62. Describe your type of dude/girl ? 63. Do you save money or spend it? 64. Do you wear a belt? 65. How many pairs of jeans do you have? 66. Do you want to get married in a church? 67. Shower in the morning or night? 68. Is there ever a justified reason to lie? 69. Favorite disney movie? 70. Favorite movie? 71. Favorite song? 72. Have you already met the love of your life? 73. Do you think you and your best friend will still be friends in 10 years? 74. Ever thought you were gay? 75. Are you a good girlfriend/boyfriend? 76. Do you like being in a relationship? 77. Hats or no hats? 78. Do you fall for people easily? 79. Is it hard for you to open up to people? 80. Do you watch what you eat? 81. Do you believe in alternative medicine? 82. Is this true "an eye for an eye?" 83. "All's fair in love and war"? 84. "True love never dies" 85. If you could change one thing about your physical appearence what would it be? 86. Mom or dad? 87. How long have you known your best friend? 88. Whats your favorite meal of the day? 89. Do you have any secrets? 90. What is your worst fear? 91. Do you play hard to get? 92. Are you hard to get? 93. Do you like the chase? 94. Do you use an umbrella? 95. Night or day? 96. Republican or democrat? 97. Do you like our president? 98. Do you consider yourself 'nice'?
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