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Little Xi'an


Little Xi'an so fast asleep,

I wonder what your dreams do keep,

So little now, so very young,

Your precious life just has begun.

You are so small, with a soul so pure,

You're my heart's only cure.

Your little smile, lights up my day,

Without you there is no other way.

Your little fingers wrapped around mine,

Sleeping so sweetly and snuggling fine,

Your favorite place upon my chest,

Snoring softly, in sleep getting rest.

One of the best of only two,

I could never ask for better nephews than you.

My promise is this, if you ever need me,

Just call out my name and you will see,

Whatever you need, I'm your becking call,

I will never leave you, not ever at all.


Copyright ©2008 Kodi Loe

Razor's Breath


This razor's breath Breaths on my skin

Whispering "Come closer"

Wanting to cut me again

I'm trying to stop hurting

An this pain makes it go away

But I can't continue this way

I want so much to stop

Its tearing me away

Why can't you just be here to hold me

Take my pain and feers

Never let me go For millions 'n millions of years

I hold onto your memory

What memory is left

Then bleed away the pain

On each razor's breath.


Kodi M Loe Copyright ©2006 Kodi M. M. Loe (http://www.poetry.com)

Save Memory


Broken angel without wings

Nailed to a cross

Pale in this unholy earth

Memories of you

Wishes of your rebirth

Never knowing where you are

Lyrics whispering inside my veins

Your voice inside my brain

Yet the memory remains

You drove me up the wall

Made me go insane

All for you to walk away

Is that my thank you

For plucking your dead angels wings

For bleeding its sanity

Making it numb to reality

This is what I get, for saving your memory?

Thanks but no thanks I will forget you,

The feeling I'll regret.


Kodi Michelle Loe Copyright ©2006 Kodi M. M. Loe (http://www.poetry.com)

PJ's Dreams


Come Mr. Sandman

Sprinkle your dust upon my eyes

For I'm having nightmares again

Not to my surprise

They haunt me in my dreams

Disturbing me from sleep

Waking me from memories

I wish not, didn't keep

I can not hide the fears inside

I yet do not know why

I still can not let them go

I can not say goodbye

These tears they trickle down my face

To rest within the stars

Please dry them with the sand at hand

Make them go away

I need to get some rest right now

Tomorrow's a bigger day.


Kodi Michelle Marie Loe Copyright ©2006 Kodi M. M. Loe (http://www.poetry.com)

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