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45 Year Old · Female · Invited by: tenshiyoru · Joined on August 28, 2006 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on June 16th · 32 referrals joined! · 34 different people have a crush on me!
45 Year Old · Female · Invited by: tenshiyoru · Joined on August 28, 2006 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on June 16th · 32 referrals joined! · 34 different people have a crush on me!

DO NOT ASK TO SEE PRIVATE PICS! I was born in England and moved to America when I was a child.. I spent some of my childhood in Indiana and moved to Cali when I was 8.. Music has been in my soul since I was a child... In 1988 I became inspired to write raps and I've been doing it ever since... I consider myself to be a Lyricist..I also write Poetry, children books and I'm currently working on my first screen play.. In 2001 I embraced the fact that I was destined to be a single mother and my music and dreams were put on the back burner... My daughter is now 12 and she's amazing... I thank god every day that I have her... I'm now back to chasing my dreams and that's why I'm here.... I would love to meet some producers or fellow writers and anyone else who is creative like myself... I now host a online show and continue to be a positive person...My friends describe me as Sweet, Sexy, Spiritual, Honest, Open Minded, Creative, Fun, Unique, Athletic, Independent, Strong, Confident, Exotic, Caring, Loving and Most Importantly Loyal.....I love animals in fact more than ppl, they don't fuck you over and lie...As far as this site is concerned... My goal isn't to be in the top ten. I won't ask u to rate me , fan me , befriend me, buy me stuff, or ask u to vote for me in a contest.. I don't enter them.. I'm not into lounges , I'm more the one on one type... I don't judge ppl over their default pic or in general, even though ppl do me. People have the right to do what suits them and I don't judge ppl for that. Even if it's something I don't agree with. My top ten friends aren't in any order, I wouldn't have one but I need to find people ....lol I don't like to put numbers on my friendships... Everyone on my list is special in their own way....I'M HERE FOR FRIENDS ONLY, THAT'S ALL I CAN OFFER.. I'm tired of the games and lies men come at me with , so I don't take anyone seriously.... Sorry :(As far as the private pics, there are two files locked for my eyes only please respect that and stop asking me to see them..... I'm not here to be your little cyber slut or cam girl ( I prefer the real thing).... I refuse to be degraded or treated like a piece of ass , so if that's what u want go else where.....Don't leave pervy shit in my shout box, You will not get a reply. If my shout box is off, I will reply as soon as I can, at times I turn if off when I need to play catch up... DO NOT RIP MY PICS, W/ OUT ASKING I WILL DELETE AND BLOCK U....... ALSO I DON'T APPRECIATE SOMEONE WHO SENDS ME LETS CAM EMAILS WHEN WE HAVE NEVER SPOKE.... I'M NOT INTO THAT .... I CHERISH MY BODY AND RESPECT IT.... I NO LONGER ADD PEOPLE TO FAMILY UNLESS U HAVE A SALUTE, I'VE COME ACROSS WAY TO MANY FAKES ON THIS SITE... SORRY......P.S I just wanted to take the time to thank the haters for going threw so much trouble to create new accounts to down rate me... I'm truly flattered and honored u would go threw the trouble, just to fuck with lil old me.....P.S.S I have no naked pictures if your looking for that than u need to go else where......MY PICTURES ARE ART TO ME AND SELF EXPRESSION.... I'M A VERY CREATIVE PERSON AND I LOVE TAKING PICS.... I GET EMAILS NOT EVEN SAYING HI OR ANYTHING JUST LET ME SEE UR PRIVATE PICS... I RATHER OPEN EMAILS FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN MY MIND AS WELL.... I'M NOT AN OBJECT I'M A WOMAN WITH FEELINGS AND SELF RESPECT... KISSES PricelessIn My EyesThe eyes lead to the soulAnd boy there are stories behind mineEndless pain, sadness, and disappointmentYet they’re still filled with love and hope.I cope with all that life throws at meAnd if you look in them long enoughYou will see the tunnel to my past.My eyes change colorDepending on my mood, makeup, and what I wearYou can get lost in my eyesYou better bewareAnd if you look long enoughThey will tell you that I am pricelessWritten By Vixen Lala ©2007 Read my VisualDNA™ Get your own VisualDNA™Get Your Sexy NameGet More at COMMENTYOU.com

45 Year Old · Female · Invited by: tenshiyoru · Joined on August 28, 2006 · Relationship status: In a relationship · Born on June 16th · 32 referrals joined! · 34 different people have a crush on me!
Music, Movies, Spirituality, Sex, ( just cuz I Love It Doesn't Mean I want to talk about it),Basketball, Exercise, Art, Acting, Friends, Family, Books, Poetry , And People who are straight up. I appreciate people who are loyal... Respect and Loyalty are a big deal to me.... Some people take love for granted, me I cherish it...
HIP HOP, R&B, JAZZ, ROCK, REGGAE, BLUES, MOZART, ATERNATIVE,OLDIES, SOME CLASSICAL, AND VERY LITTLE POP...... tagfantasy.com tagfantasy.com tagfantasy.com glitter-graphics.com
Lord of the rings, Spiderman, Wedding Singer, Waterboy, American History X, Meet the parents, Meet the Fockers, Moll Flanders, Men of honor, Tupac resurrection, Gothika, Signs, Star Wars, Stir of Echos, The Mothman prophecies, Pirates of the caribbean, Rock star, Pulp Fiction, Matrix, Kill Bill, Gladiator, Patriot, Scarface, The Godfather etc, etca>Your Birth Month is June Peaceful and harmonious, you seek the gentle side of life. Your warmth and consideration touches many. Your soul reflects: Friendship, love, and beauty Your gemstone: Pearl Your flower: Rose Your colors: Light blue, white, and cream What Does Your Birth Month Mean?
FIREMEN,LADY DI, HARRIET TUBMAN, MY MOM, ME AND SINGLE MOTHERS AND ANYONE WHO CHASES THERE DREAMS AND ARE TRUE TO THEMSELVES...... Oh and one of my Ct heros are one of my Best friends Chris who's a amazing friend and father to his girls.. He's always there for the Vixen, good and bad he's there.... It's a rare gift to have someone u can always count on.... Don who's one of my guardian angels, a person I can be free with... Mario someone who is so thoughtful and kind... A good loving soul, a very dear friend to me who also sends me flowers from Italy and postcards... It means so much that one takes the time to think of me/share his world with me.. Last but not least Mr. Bryant MC Gill, who saw my talent and published one of my pieces. Joeli♡@ fubar *~*kRiStiE*~*@ fubar ♥Mariod N Lacey♥Love You XOXO@ fubar ♥Lacey N Mario♥ Houdend van Echtgenoot en Echtgenote@ fubar ~♥Sweet Sexy Val♥~fu-owned by Sarge~@ fubar Kimberly**Owned by Deadly Venomous**@ fubar serenagirl*Pegasus Project member*@ fubar Lil Bear~ Regulator @ PyRoTeKnIcS@ fubar Free2Xs~Julie's R/L BF & Smartass FuHubby~@ fubar Fnzrfgnrll aka DJ TekneeK ~OwNeR/DJ~ PyRoTeKnIcS [NSFW] (Now Hiring ALL STAFF)@ fubar MrCuervo@ fubar ~ TombRaider_14 ~ Aka ~ Fighting WolF ~ Defender of Wildlife ~@ fubar ~Fireball~@ fubar Unfamiliar Eyes Owned by Cute_but_Psycho@ fubar Emerald Eyez@ fubar
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