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Today’s politicians have no idea what is going on in middle and lower class America, sure they stop by and visit in some town close to your home but do they actually look and see what is going on. The answer to that is NO, I have yet seen a Presidential Canadate stop and ask someone how they are doing and mean it. If they were to ask me that question I would tell them that our middle and lower class people are in a struggle for survival right now and its all because of people with all the money doesn’t want to put it to good use and help out some of the Americans that really need it. If I had the money that Donald Trump or Oprah dose I would not sit on it like a GREEDY troll, I would help out my fellow Americans when they needed it. I have only heard the Presidential Canadates talk about middle America and lower America once or twice, and I have all the news channels, they don’t care about who matters the most ( US the people of America) all they care about is putting more money in their pockets.. Can anyone name me one President who did what they said they were going to once they got in to office?.. And another thing, why are we even voting? It doesn’t mean a DAMN thing, the only reason why people vote is because it gives them a scene of FREEDOM, and in all reality its not, it use to be that our vote meant something if there was a tie in the electoral collage, but now a days there is no need for Americans to vote because the electoral collage will always have a odd number of people in it so there will never be a tie.. Yeah sure you get the choice of expressing you opinion for the popular vote be, it doesn’t mean anything anymore, not like it use to. And if you want my honest opinion America is not ready for a woman or a black president, and really the only other choice is John Macine, Don't get me wrong Oboma, and Clinton are good canadates just as MaCain is, but the fact is, Clintion is a liar and Oboma won't make it past his first 3 months in office. America is screwed.. And the economy why can the Government give out millions of dollars for Bear Stearns to save then from going under and they can't give that money to the workers of this great country of ours. If you ask me its all Bull Shit, and in my eyes that means that the BACK BONE of AMERICA doesn’t mean a DAMN THING.
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