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MrMajikHands's blog: "Poetry"

created on 04/29/2008  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b211613
Here I lay, beat, battered and broken Because of a woman, so softly spoken She worked so deftly to gain entrance into my heart Then dashed in on the ground into countless shards A warning my brothers this day do I give Never trust a woman with this the most presous of gifts She’ll “love” you for a while till she’s grown bored Then throw you away. So leave your lust at the door when women are concerned They will leave you to rot once your trust they’ve earned So this day I pick up the pieces of my heart Spend day after day putting it back together This time I surround it in stone and it grows cold For I’ll never trust another either beautiful or bold I’ve cut myself off from love and from lust For by doing this I’ll never have to trust Never again to bear the pain of a woman My heart tucked safely away from there touch and torture And myself I will keep as the only one with access to it. Women are wonderful toys, if you keep them as such But never let them get closer for the pain it too much And as I end my tale of pain and woe I bid you a good life and hope that you are doing better that I.
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