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created on 10/12/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b13068
Rags to riches, riches to rags, money means nothing All we need is the love we have for each other Chances are we will anger many people Help me to love again, I am so lost Empty is my heart Love is not easy Life is too short for anger Only with you do I feel whole The visions of us together occupy my dreams Every night I remember more about why I love you So much pain and hatred have followed us Bringing us down, pushing us apart Remind yourself why we love each other If you canít remember, I will remind you After all that we have been through Nothing could change my heart again


My self esteem easily shattered love myself? I have tried I thought I did but it only takes A little thing to destroy my confidence And it takes much more to build it up again


Leave everything behind because it does not compare Over welmed by the feelings that I wish we shared Violent emotions when I think of what I have lost Ecstasy, my only wish is to be With you again written durring a major depression
My heart breaks when i think of you Not loving me. My heart cries when i am not near you. My heart rejoices when I see you. My heart bursts when you hold me. another written during a bad time in my life. (i was in a very stupid faze too, I'll blog it later)
If I tell you that I love you, Will you let me? If I tell you that I need you, Will you let me? If I tell you that I'll die with out you, Will you let me? ----------------------------------------------- Written while in a deep depression 3 months after giving birth
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