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PoppaBear's blog: "Poetry by me"

created on 03/22/2010  |  http://fubar.com/poetry-by-me/b330620

   "Walks, etc"

I will take you
for long walks
by the wan light
of the full moon

Just to gaze
at thy lovely face
in that wondrous glow
would be worth

So much more

Than a bit of sleep
a moment lost
away in the ether
caught on thy lips

For my caress


The more I try
to pull away
the harder it is
to escape

I seem to be
caught, trapped
frantic and lost

In that

  "The Other side"

The things I see
inside those deep eyes
cause me to sigh
with what is and could be
joys untold, abject fear
songs to soothe the soul
or a wall on which to bash my skull
hoping, ever hoping
to make that crack
so I can see
the other side of those

A man
a Real Man
finds no need
to strike a woman
unless it's to
strike up a conversation


Whats a man to do
as he walks through this life
in this world filled with trouble
hatred, pain and strife

I will only say this once
pay attention to my words
dont make my same mistakes
remember that you heard

If by some lovely miracle
you find that someone to be sure
you better hang on tooth and nail
because the wolf's always at the door

It takes a lifetime
to make that relationship

But it only takes a second
to lose it all
in flames

   "The Palm of Her Hand"

The ring for thee, is forged by me
in fires of ancient timbre
quenched by the blood
that flows from my heart
spilt for thee and thy honour

The wind that blows
across the moors
whispers thy sweet name in my ear
causing said heart, to skip in its beat
as thy beautiful visage overcomes me

I see thy face in every flower
that falls beneath my gaze
but their fragrance and so so petals
compare not to the angel that owns me
that one lovely creature

That holds my heart
in the palm
of her oh so lovely


Mine, is yours
and Yours, is mine
to share together until the end of time

Souls alike
are we two
and forever love, is all I'll do

To hold you close
to my heart of flame
together we will
play this game

Known as life
and all it has
standing side by side
no moments will I let pass

My heart for you
my soul is yours
the golden key
that opens all doors

  "The Vision"

I sat one day, under an old oak tree
lost in thoughts, of you and me
of things from the past, and things not done
of our lives together, and our time in the sun
of the children we have, and those not yet born
of the happy times, and the times that we mourn
I look at the memories, and all that I see
is I'd rather be nowhere, if not beside thee




  "The Flame"


My body is aflame

with the desire

that is.......You

ever and always

my heart, my love

is Yours


Deep in your eyes

I see the flicker

of that tiny flame

fluttering in the winds

that buffet your

lovely soul


I see.......Forever there

watching, hoping, waiting

I would love, so dearly

to add my flame

to Yours

to create a bonfire


Where our hearts

can be warm




"The One I Adore"


My heart is owned, by the singer of songs

an angelic voice, to her belongs

Keeper of my heart, and all else I have

her touch is so soft, and to me a salve

Her eyes haunt my dreams, throughout all my nights

her face fills my mind, always filling my sight

The love of my life, she is for sure

healer of my soul, she is my cure

For her I would do, any old thing

if she were to ask, I would gladly sing

At the top of my lungs, would I shout her praises

of the joy she brings me, the hope that she raises

Til time is over, and times are done

the world shall know, She is my one



By K

For Her

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