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created on 09/16/2011  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b343532

The Scars U Gave Me Haunt Me At Night, I Awaken With Screams And A Racing Heart... In Fear Of Wht I See..... I Seek Healing By Standing Far From U, For Ur My Weakness, Shattered Like The Bones U've Broken; Bruised Like The Ones Placed Upon My Once Vibrant Skin... Once A Beautied Angel; Now A Frightened Fairy... Urs Deeds Are Done, My Vengeance Comes And Takes Thy Soul To Claim...

Pain And Misery Are Things No One Person Needs..
But Those Things Do Happen And Its Wht Causes The World
Nothing But Confusion...
Everyday Events Will Cause These Problems...
Stress, Fighting, Death, And Even Luv; All Hve A Certain Effect....
If U Look Around U Ppl Get Hurt From Those Every Second...
Fighting Can Lead To Stress, Which Will Eventually Lead To Death,
Its All Caused B/c The World Refuses To Stop The Bickering Of Small
Things Such As A Boulder From One Place Is On Anothers And Starts A War..
The One Thing Tht Causes The Most Pain And Misery Isnt Just Death, But Luv...
Why Is It One Can Fall In Luv With Another But Turn Around And Hurt Someone..
Yes Luv Is Something Thts Suppose To Be Sacred But No One Can
Really Define The True Meaning Of Luv..
I Thought I Did At One Time, But It Wasnt It, The Spark Wasnt There Nemore And Then I Got Hurt All B/c The Other Was Hurt As Well...
A Person Once Showed Me Tht Its Hard To Move On, And I Understand Every Bit Tht Person Feels. Its Not Uncommon For Something Good To Just Instantly Turn Bad
The Hard Part Tht Really Mkes Healing Hard Is The Memories, They Never Really Go Away
They Just Get Thrown To The Back Of Ur Mind...
Its The Memories Tht Keep A Person In Pain, The Misery Of All Tht Torture Happening At One Time
Turns To Be Too Much For One Person To Handle..
Something Could Be Great And Then Ur Suddenly Reminded Of All The Sorrow Once More..
Ull Cry For Hours Even Months But The Pain Just Brings More Misery....
The Fact Tht No One Can Really Find A Way To Erase It All Away Keeps Us All In Fear..
We Become Confused And Reckless......
All Of This Might Sound Like Non-sense To Most Of U, But If U Truly Took The Time To Really
Think About It, U Will Never Know How True It All Is....
There Are So Many Things I Wish I Could Tell Ppl, But I Never Find The Right Words..
Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid. And True Feelings Tend To Be Those "Somethings"
When They Dont Come Out The Way They Should, They Can Destroy All Tht Was Once A Good Thing.
So Stop And Think Really Hard Whether Or Not Ur True Feelings Are Something Tht Really Need
To Be Said At Tht Moment..
I Mde Tht Mistake once Before, Only B/c I Let My Mind Slip Away From Me; If U Let Ur Mind Slip Away
It Just Might Cause U Ur Own Pain And Misery.....
Just Watch Out For Things U Feel Arent Gonna Be Best...... I Didnt Pay Attention And I Feel I May Hve Paid The Price.
Friendships Are A Treasure Tht Needs To Be Kept A Fine Gem. And Wht I Did May Hve Caused A Very Beautiful Gem
To Fade And Become A Bitter Old Stone....
The One Thing Tht I Wish Would Never Happen Is Telling Someone    Something So Strong So Soon, Thts The Reason U Never
Let Ur Mind Wonder.... It Becomes Very Destructive....

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