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created on 04/20/2011  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b340660

When darkness falls on our weary hearts, 
and hope seems to fade away, 
We tend to lose a sense of life, 
not wanting to move on to another day.

Life is full of pain and discouragement, 
we wander around lost and hurt, 
Wanting to feel something more, 
Needing to pick ourselves up from the dirt. 

One tragedy after the next may come, 
none more tragic than the rest, 
Shoving us deeper inside ourselves
placing us on an impossible precipice.

We must be strong and look ahead, 
never giving ourselves completely.
For if we do our souls could be lost,
forever longing for peace eternally.

Light is there if only we could see, 
unveil our eyes from under the sheath.
Welcome the sun and all it's warmth
and allow ourselves to once again breath.  

Why do we revel on what is to come,

when the past has taught us to expect conundrum.

Twists and turns and times of stress, 

the downfalls have become relentless.

My heart says hold on, please keep hope,

but my mind is tired and cannot cope.

Please do not pity me or give me sorrow,

for in time it is my strength you shall need to borrow.

Some gripe, some sob, on pain they moil

battling the horrors of inner turmoil.

Silently, gracefully, I stand alone,

Ontop of my paradox I am enthrone.

Knowing peace only comes from within,

I will uplift my life from this chagrin.

I will change the path of my future conundrums,

by steadily living my life as it comes.

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