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created on 02/14/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poem/b55465
when the one you love,, turns their back on you,, what else is there to do,, but sit and be blue.. when they say they care,, they should always be there,, no matter the time,, at the drop of a dime... so why is it so hard,, as the time goes by,, not a single word,, for weeks at a time... why does good things come,, to those who wait,, but yet the wait,, seems to never end.. we wait forever,, for true love to come,, our destiny to be,, seems forever prolong.. Why does it seem,, like its only you,, who wants this love,, to forever be prolonged... this I know,, for a love so true,, I would do most anything,, to be with you..
When we first meet On that November day We started as friends We shared our thoughts We opened our hearts You never knew You had no clue But on that day My heart stolen So here’s a rose To show my love With the heart That was stolen We never knew We had no clue That on that day A love would grow But this I knew From the start You are special And in my heart Now I must say I LOVE YOU SO (ALL OF MY POEMS ARE COPIED WRITED SO PLEASE DO NOT TAKE)
STARS ABOVE The stars above Will guide the way To find the love You so long await I found my love So far away Thanks to the stars From high up above When the stars above Shines so bright I know I will see My love tonight So trust the stars Their always right Because if they weren’t I would be lost tonight When the day turns night The stars shine bright Up above you will see A smile from me
FRIENDS friends come by few friends come by many friends come to you for many reasons they live so far they live so near but when in need they're there indeed with these words I'm proud to say i have good friends and one is you.. there is one we know that is always special and I'm glad that you have found one too you know what i mean cause you have seen and knows how it feels to have that friend so dear..
BENEATH THE WILLOW TREE Down by the stream Stands a weeping willow tree With the limbs hanging low And the wind blowing slow As I sit by the stream Beneath this willow tree All I can see is you and me All I can hear is a voice so sweet When I close my eyes This is what I see You sitting by my side With your arm around me My head on your shoulder My hand on your knee I feel a soft touch upon my face As I look up, a kiss takes place So tender and soft as it should be A taste so sweet and feelings so true That’s what I felt being kissed by you We gazed in each others eyes With my hands upon your face Then we embraced We held each other tight Oh how it felt so right I wrapped my hands around your neck As we looked into each others eyes again I feel you softly touch my face Then suddenly Another kiss takes place Underneath that willow This is what I seen It was all so clear to me For it felt so real As you and me
A witches poem Down the pathway Deep in the woods… There are two witches Evil and good As I arrive closer I hear their chatter As their arms rise higher Their voices get louder They call on their gods They call on their goddess They call on their sisters From up above… The burning of the fire I now can see clear With spirits among them I feel no fear…. The sacred ground I will take my stand For I will be The power of three… For we are here And we are near Till the end Of eternity…
For our Soldier’s The flag flies high With pride in the sky As they fight for our rights And freedom for all We shed our tears For those so dear For a safe return In the future so near Hand in hand As the tears fall We must take our stand For this is our land They stand proud and tall Their courageous and brave They protect us all From others evil ways So for all the prayers That we say Burn a white candle To help protect them in every way Pass this on If you wish For a Soldier’s family Is easy to miss
Sunsets and lovers As the sky grows dim The colors start to stream In different shades and dreams For two lovers so far apart Yet so close through the heart The night is just begining Their love always in the making For romance is starting to brew For two lovers over due So far apart to feel the touch Though in their mind They stand hand in hand Their eyes will meet As the sunset completes
THE FORGOTTEN ONES The forgotten one is always alone we are used and mentally abused No one cares no one dares to carry the pain that runs through the veins of the forgotten ones We only exist when your in need then in the end we don’t exist When weeks go by without a word when you know you are the forgotten one We are far and near we are every where In this world we will remain and carry the pain for we are the forgotten ones When we are gone from this world you will be alone to carry the pain for the forgotten one
When you are alone When you are alone No one seems to care Some sit and cry Wishing you were there When you are not alone And every one is there Deep down inside You still feel alone When family turns away And friends move away The times only get harder For those they left alone When you feel alone With every one there What else can you do Except sit and be alone In this tiny world Where no one seems to care I hide in this tiny shell Till some one wants to care All though there’s a few I know that really cares They hide their feelings very well And that’s so hard to bare So if you always feel alone I know how you feel Cause I have been there For several years
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