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Definition of a true friend



True friends are hard to come by

Loyal friends are a rare a gift from god… and that I cannot lie


What is your definition of a true friend.?

A true friend is someone you never have to second guess their intentions

Because you already know they have your best interest in mind with all good intentions


What is your definition of a true friend?

They could know your deepest darkest secrets and never tell a soul because you asked them not to

And not because it was the rite thing to do

But because they would never want to loose you


What is the definition of a true friend?

Someone who calls you not complain about what’s not rite in their life.. .

But to ensure all is well in your life

They will have your back even if they think your not rite just because they got your back

The funniest part is a true friend will never even question because they know you don’t like to slack


What is your definition of a true friend?

If you haven seen them 5 years you pick right back up like there was never a time of absence

Even if you left and didn’t see them for another 10 years it would still feel like they were always in your presence


What is your definition of a true friend?

A true friend will realize that most romantic interests eventually go away..

Because of that a real friend wont go behind your back… to bring more hurt your way.

the irony is when we think of pain from deception you never imagine it will come in such a way

When it comes in such a way its betrayal that stabs deeper then a romantic wound could ever touch

A betrayal between friends… once again.. I have to say

its one of the most important things in friendship to know a true friend will keep your deepest darkest secrets locked away

for no one to find unless I want them to know because its something I need to say

A real true friend will respect confidentiality.. And not talk about my business just to have something to say


What your definition of a true friend?

A true friend accepts you for the person who you are,, never judges what you do

Yet encourages all your aspirations… Because she is there for you

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