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This is a pimpout for Loving Mommy
Photobucket Please help my friend level She is trying to get to fuberlord Photobucket Loving Mommy

@ fubar needs 79,702 Points to go! (as of Monday 9:50PM PST, Tues 12:50AM EST) Photobucket please repost This pimpout bully/blog was brought to you by: ~MC is My Angel~CLUB F.A.R. Member~Owner of Kingdom of Dolphins~Shout box is Friends Only!

@ fubar
Will you please help these wonderful ladies They are both good friends of mine, Who do so much for people here on fubar. They are trying to make it as GodMothers (GodFathers).. Any help at all to these wonderful ladies will be greatly appreciated. Below are there names and how much more they need to go! You will be helping them as well as yourself plus making two great friends out of it. So please go show these ladies some HUGE love. If they aren't on make sure you PM (private message) them let them know you helped them. Who knows they might give you something in return for helping I don't know. But, I do know that they are wonderful people and great friends ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Please help me get to Godmother!!}

@ fubar 1,432,825 Points to go! as of 05/18 @ 4:38AM PST and 7:38AM EST Hopigalerin's Zatanna Zatara * FUBOMBER * Club Far * Shadow Leveler * Shining Star

@ fubar 477,341 Points to go! as of 05/18 @ 11:57PM PST and 2:57AM EST please repost This pimpout bully/blog was brought to you by: ~MC is My Angel~CLUB F.A.R. Member~Owner of Kingdom of Dolphins~Shout box is Friends Only!

@ fubar

This PIMP-OUT bulletin is for : CUFFED DESIRE
ǵ££êÐ Ðê§ïrê

@ fubar
picture above is linked!!
click on the picture and do it!
My friend's account got hacked into and it was deleted please help her get back to level 24, or even 25. Photobucket TinkerbellMN84 (MY ACCOUNT GOT DELETED PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK TO FU-KING)

@ fubar please go help her out, she will return all love that's given.
Photobucket Please help my friend level & give her some fu-bucks if ya will.. She is trying to go for the spot light Ya know she is hawt so check her out Photobucket Kristen Victoria IM *YOUR HAWTEST NIGHTMARE! *

@ fubar Photobucket

My friend needs help to level up, She needs to 16,478 Points to go!level, She has been on Fu-King for some time, Please add her and fan her if you like. Help her make it to Godmother (Father), She will return all the love that's given. She is a very nice woman, I also will help you if you help her. She is a good friend of mine. So come peeps help this kind woman, you will also be helping yourself in return, She has tons of photos that will help you level or come close. That all depends on your level and how much you need to go. * ~BABY PHAT ~ *

@ fubar needs 16,478 Points to go! this pimpout brought to you by: ~MC IS MY ANGEL~ OWNER OF KINGDOM OF DOLPHINS~CLUB F.A.R~ ~MC is My Angel~Owner of The Kingdom of Dolphins~CLUB F.A.R.~

@ fubar
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