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Burn me to ash and scatter my soul

I hear the old bones calling me home

The ghost of love has haunted me for so long

I've become lost in the fog of what could have been

Struggle as I may I cannot get free

The moon mother I once looked to has fallen

I'm not sure how much more of this I can take

I've tasted the blood of my fate

Is it possible for this to end

Future days are long past becoming

Every minute that goes gets me closer to the door

Raised my voice so many times I can't speak

Ancient scars cover me head to toe

I carry deep within me the pain of the ages

There is no future for me

I tire of wearing masks

The charade has to end soon before it consumes me

There is a time for games and toys

Such a time is so long past

The masks I wear are cracked and crumbling

My toys have grown rusty and fragile with age

Just please allow me this one chance

Let me go as I choose

I can't fly with the wings of an angel

Let me fly with the ashes of the dead

I'm coming back to earth at terminal velocity

I'm falling so hard from on high

I swear i won't end without leaving my mark

Highspeed heartache will bury me deep

The fractured soul that you can't mend

I'm gonna leave a scar within you all

I can't stop this decent

I'm too far gone for anyone to save

The evil that men do is reflected in my eyes

What good is a broken toy

I can feel the heat of re-entry searing me to the bone

This world wasn't made for me

I'm so close to crater

Your world will shudder from the impact of my end

I can't take the loss of this one

Life was my path

Death, my destination

My eyes are open wide

I breathe deep inhaling eternity

Maybe this fall will burn away what I've done...

I can't understand why you don't like me

Can't fathom why you deny me

Do you fear what I am

Thinking if you touch me you wil burn

You go right ahead and hate me

Love or hate me, atleast I know I'm on your mind

When you look at me do you see what you'll never be?

I can feel you trying to chew me away

You wanna blame all thats wrong with you on me and my kind

Touch too long and you'll be scarred for life

I may be a monster, a devil, a freak

I might be all that you fear and loathe

Atleast I can smile and know it's real

I can, I am, I do....

Close your eyes when you look my way

Don't let my darkness cover you

Please walk away that you may be free

Take nothing from your time with me

Remember only that you once touched despair

Recall the cold inside to save yourself the pain

I have to live with this every day

Pain is my penance

I choose to keep what I've made

Always own that which you create

Given the choice, don't suffer as I do

Run so far away that you can never be burned

To stay in my sight is to know hurt and misery

Please...Just Go...

I've seen the ending of all things

Such resolution brought a smile to my face

There seems to be no point in going further

As one chapter ends, so begins the next

I sought to remake myself

Looked to turn my blood to wine

Is there a point to all this

Run this race like a rat in a maze

I'm sick of running

Tired of being put through these paces

Kill me to force a smile

Take me away to the finish line


Such a simple word yet it implies so much

This one small word is permenance

It is reliability

Strength and stability

Forever is meant to be endless

Stronger than stone or steel

More lasting than flesh and bone

This word meant so much to me once

How can it be tossed so freely in my face

Love comes and goes like the tides

Forever was supposed to last

Beyond what was and what is

Past all physical boundaries

What am I supposed to do in the end

How do I go on

After Forever...

Wake up now or fall away

Crash headlong into the wall

Take the sin you've sown

Eat it whole

Take the long walk

You know you'll never come back

Such a long and dusty road

Should you stay the path or stray

Gallows call

Keep your smile

Laugh to hide the pain

Broken by the world that bore you

I've made you this way

Yes it's me

I came to you in your need

I promised salvation

Just came to see you bleed

You can't cry now because of me

Hold all your pain inside

I hope it poisons you

I'm the nothingface

Look up to me and beg

I make you want me here

You will never make me leave

When they look at you they can only see me

What you were is what I'm going to be

I am the sum of your sin

I'm You...

Look into my heart and see her there

I was dead as dead can be

She came in the darkness and brought me out

She who lives by the stream

Judged and vindicated is her soul

She came to me as a child of darkness

She has shown me her inner light

Such severe beauty forces me to bow

Her presence inspires me to soar

Her voice has brought me to new horizons

The thought of her spurs me to betterment

The monster I see in me she fears not

She is mother to many

Cognatio Animus

She of many names

Letalis Votum...


Bang, dead in my head

Crash, break my bones

Burn, damage is done

Strap down, hold me

I scream, my heart

Don't know, my mind

Cover me, dirty lie

Bury me, body gone

Look at me, go away

Nothing left, fear is gone

Stay with me, pray

Come undone, deep inside

Say the words, heal me

Infected blood, are you inside

Killing time, Can't do this alone

Pressure, rising

Tear away, me from me

Take me, end times here

How does a man truly know what he is

Is it something he just feels

They say he is to stand strong through all

He is supposed to be the pillar that withstands

A primal force within the hurricane

What would happen if this man were to fall

Would his world crumble without foundation

Does he not deserve to bend

Whats to be done should he break

Who would be there to rebuild

To brace this weary hero

Would you turn and run

Just like all the rest

Will you allow yourelf to fall as he does


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