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sh*t faced! by 
Female 83
 Back from my hosp., stay!! You make it look like it’s magic, cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you!!! SO I LOVE WHEN YOU CALL UNEXPECTED, CAUSE I HATE WHEN THE MOMENT’S EXPECTED!!! Most experts I've come into contact with don't flaunt their SH*T...CAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW THEIR SH*T! And if they do ‘is it desperation, being insecure, a sexual deviant or just plain STUPID’? Ponder that for a moment….. Don't let MY smile fool ya!! Wishing a SPLENDID DAY to ya Boo Boo Kitty! Read my *ABOUT ME* on profile pg so U don't get it TWISTED! I'm not ur ordinary grey-haired Granny nor do I play 1 on TV! To the few who think all peeps here are on the prowl....PLZ STOP THAT FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION, we're here mostly to pass the time/make friends or we're just bored! I was never much of a MOUSEKETEER, I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A FUNKATEER! Make my FUNK DA P-FUNK, I WANT MY FUNK UNCUT! P------------U!!! WE TOO SHALL RISE!
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