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created on 09/27/2006  |  http://fubar.com/our-rantings/b7548
**the following is my observation of my wife, in the eyes of my wife...something that takes place every month lol...Donna, is somewhat oblivious to it..but then again she always has that..who gives a rats a## kind of attitude in life anyway!** Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, she is every beat of my heart, but this is too funny, not to share, and yes she does know I'm sharing this with you people... .............the shedding of uterine lining can create a sort of unintentional hatred for the rest of the human population..even friends that are a daily pleasure to conversate with seem to be simply put on this earth to annoy you into suicidal carnage.. maybe its just my uber bitch of the universe moodswings that make everything so mind numbingly annoying that I spend those 5 days of bleeding grinding my teeth because they itch from irritation..but I am sure the rest of the females reading this can identify with this..wait..*shrugs* ok even the men reading this knows that when the woman folk are bleeding vaginally..to hide and wait for satan to leave the womans body..well..the smart men do.. what bothers me most I think is the absolute 180 degree turn my entire personality takes..I am usually hyper..happy..almost insane with laughter..very social..very retarded..when I am shedding uterine lining?..I am quiet..annoyed..somewhat cold and bluntly rude..and I just feel like everything and everyone should probably go fuck themselves with a cheese grater.. ..is that normal..to have such a big change?..is there anything that helps with that..all I know is that when I get this way..I tend to be a turbocunt..vrrrroooooooooommmmmm someone...help..or i will strangle you with my tampon string..and yer family..and yer pets..probably your boss..definitely your spouse..maybe even the grandparents..*nods*
*shakes head*..you know the decision to have children is a definite right of choice to anyone with functioning reproductive organs..but shouldnt there be this fucking law written somewhere that states:If you have children..and you foolishly decide to take them into public..you must beat them into submission if they refuse to act up?..I mean COME THE FUCK ON..*breathes* Ok I am not this child abuse advocate..infact those who know me WELL know I am very caring and loving to children..*grins*..but there has been this transformation to society that has appeared in my eyes..its the reversal of roles..the switching of titles..the bizzaro world of discipline..let me explain. Maybe I was asleep..lord knows I do sleep at times..maybe I was paying little to no attention to the world when this happened..*stares*..but WHEN the fuck did parents become the lesser of authority figures to their children..case and point coming up: I was in Food Lion..yes I know that was my first mistake..that place is packed with ill-attended to children I know I KNOW..but a womans gotta eat..and its cheap(and not too much of a hike compared to driving all the way onbase) and its close to my house..(why am i over explaining why I was in Food Lion?)..anyways..I will pluck one couple family out of this huge bunch of grocery shopping units..and display their underwhelming control they had on their lovely terror toddlers..watch they will read my blog and write one about me..my fucking luck..anyways: Not only did this lovely disgruntled Husband and a Wife walk around like they were one button push away a from homicidal rampage..they could barely contain their complete lack of respect for eachother..between Mr.fuckface telling Mrs.fuckface how she didnt need to grab at the 2nd bag of doritos on the account of her ass doubling in size since marriage..and Mrs.fuckface telling Mr.fuckface that he should just hang out in the beer cooler where he belongs..they FAILED TO NOTICE their 2 young boys were doing the special kind of destruction on the store only UNATTENDED TO children can cause. You know the type of damage I speak of..everything from spinkicking ritz off the shelves to playing soccer with loaves of bread..I wanted to fucking chuck a shopping cart at them like some morbid form of dodgeball..I mean come the fuck on..it took one of the boys chucking a fucking orange at the other boys head and sending him into a fit of annoying tears before the bickering parents said a damn word..what was the words? you ask?.."HEY COME ON NOW KNOCK IT OFF"..*watches them go back to bickering*..what did the child say to his GINORMOUS WWE WRESTLER LOOKING FATHER?.."SHUT UP DAD HE STARTED IT"..*watches the kids go back to playing who can crush avacados under their velcro shoes faster*.. All I know is when I was a child..if my dad even looked at me with buldged out eyes..I was singing prayer hyms and walking with my hands behind my back..when did children learn such a lack of fear and respect for their parents?..when did we lose control of these children..I mean did anyone see it happen?..because it escaped my fucking attention..granted I do have a bit of an attention problem..I think I would notice an earth shattering change like that..*twitches* Am I being an unreasonable hag?..am I being too critical..all I know is that no spawn of mine will ever act like that...I will be the mom that drop kicks a head of lettuce into the back of her kids head if they act like that..there is no way I can wrap my brain around the reasoning to why a parent would put up with that kind of disrespect..not only for their sake..but for the sake of the other shoppers..its just disrespectful all around..in my eyes.. let me know if I am wrong..*grabs a head of lettuce*..come on let me know..*stares*
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