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My dad died March of 2005. Lately i've been thinkin about all the things I'm missing out on! Like sittin down and having a drink with the old man.. which I had only done a few times since I turned 21. He brought me out to my first legal drink at a bar on my birthday. IT was really cool.. the bar was empty except for the Barkeep so it was just me and him and some drinks.. it was really cool just having that time with him.. He was really my best friend and I didn't realize it until he was gone and I FUcking hate myself for it! Another thing.. sharing tastes in music.. HE LOVED the classics.. ya know like Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, etc.. and I did too but only recently I've come to find that the classics are mostly my favorites.. and that's usually what I listen to these days and I wish he was here to enjoy and talk about them with me! I'd love to be able to just sit there and talk to him about the Doors they recently become my 3rd fav band! And to be able to sit there and listen to him tell me about the old days when all that stuff was just comming out and the world was alive! Anything really great that i've done or that's happened.. I just wanna be able to come home and talk to him or call him up and say! HEY GUESS WHAT!!! or the same for him! In the end he may have pissed me off sometimes..but I know.. for a FACT that I probably pissed him off alot more. but he still was always there for me! He stood behind me in my darkest times and cheered for me in the best times! Not even any religion's God could EVER make that claim! He was the best Man, Father, and human being I've ever known! I miss him dearly and will never forget that I am the person I am, because of all that he taught me. Thank You Dad! I love you!
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