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39 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Terrie aka Spar... · Joined on September 7, 2006 · Born on January 18th · 6 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!
39 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Terrie aka Spar... · Joined on September 7, 2006 · Born on January 18th · 6 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!

Well where do I begin? :)

27 year-old MILF (LOL) two beautiful little angels. My heart and soul are my girls/ Pretty much just me. Trini-2-De-Bone, people say I'm shy one minute and over the edge the next. I am a very spur of the moment kinda girl. I'm Tri-sexual; I'll try anything once ;)
All jokes aside though. I'm a very caring and down to earth person. I wear my heart on my sleeve so I tend to get hurt a lot but hey what's life w/o a little pain you know. Well if you got this far I guess that's a good thing , Later Dayz!

Courtesy of MsTags.com
Courtesy of MsTags.com

I love meeting new people and making new friends. Age/race/and color are just things that don't really exist to me when it comes to that.

I'm just me take it or leave it ;)

My out look on life is: It's a Bitch Yuh just gotta learn how to F%^K her real hard!!

Hollah at me if yuh like; I'll be sure and Hollah back.

Later Dayz!
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Other Random Stuff About Me by onmyown2723
Name:: KAY KAY
Age:: 28
Height:: 5'7
Right or left-handed:: LEFT
Your heritage:: TRINI TO DE BONE!
What is your favorite game?: LIFE
Favorite color:: BLUE
Least favorite color:: GREEN
Do you like to drive fast?: OH YEAH!
Do you like thunderstorms?: I LOOOOVE THEM
What is your sign?: CAPRICORN
Do you eat the stems of broccoli?: SOMETIMES IF ITS COOKED WELL
What was your first car?: CAMERY
If you could have any job, what would it be?: ADVERTISING EXECUTIVE
Is the glass half full or half empty?: DEPENDS ON THE SITCH
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: MOST OF THE TIME, LOL
What's under your bed?: MAGAZINES
What are your favorite sports to watch?: FOOTBALL
Single biggest intense pain?: EAR ACHES
The best places you have ever been?: A BEACH ALL BY MYSELF IN TRINIDAD
Hamburgers or hot dogs?: NEITHER
What is your occupation?: PICK ONE
What was the last thing you ate?: MIKE AND IKES
Do you wish on stars?: NOT ANYMORE
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: BLUE OFCOURSE
Last incoming call on your cell phone?: JEWELZ SANTANA
Last outgoing call on your cell phone?: TO THE CELL COMPANY
What's your favorite restaurant?: TAVERN ON THE GREEN
Favorite food?: ROTI
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree?: NO JUDGEMENT
What type of music do you dislike most?: NONE REALLY
What was the last thing you bought?: SHOES OF COURSE
Do you take illegal drugs?: NOPE
Does someone have a crush on you?: SOMEWHERE I GUESS
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem?: YUP
Favorite drink?: DIET COKE
Favorite alcoholic drink?: CARIBBEAN MASALA, I MADE IT UP
Do you believe in love at first sight?: LUST
Where were you for Valentine's Day?: HASNT COME YET
What's your favorite animal?: DOGGIES
What do you think about most?: DYING
Do you like to play in the rain?: LOVE IT
Are you a risk taker?: YES
How many people have you had sex with in '06?: 2
When was the last time you had sex?: DAMN CANT REMEMBER
Ever cheated on a g/f or b/f?: NOPE
Have you ever been to jail?: YUP
How many states have you lived in?: TOO MANY TO COUNT TRAVEL A LOT
Do you wear contacts or glasses?: BOTH
Hugs or kisses?: HUGS
Living arrangements?: HOUSE
Who is your best friend?: CEANA
What do you sleep in?: A BED!
What is your bedtime?: GROWN ASS WOMAN
Piercings? Tattoos?: 9/6
Biggest pet peeve?: BAD HYGIENE
I have low tolerance for people who....: HAVE NO SELF RESPECT
Do you sleep with the TV on?: YES
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?: YES
Are you good at keeping secrets?: YUP
How do you spell relief?: ALEVE
Parents still together?: NOPE
Can you handle the truth?: YUP
Current car?: CRASHED IT
Are you in love?: NOT ANYMORE
Hair color?: DARK BROWN
What are you afraid of?: RATS AND GODS
Last time you cried?: FEW DAYS AGO
Friend you've had the longest?: CEANA
Best friends?: TWO
Favorite car?: PORCHE
Number of keys on your keyring?: 2
Favorite day of the week?: WEDNESDAY
Favorite shampoo?:
Best advice you've ever received?: JUST WALK AWAY
Favorite type of music?: ALL
Your biggest weakness?: MEN
Are you close to your parents?: NOT REALLY
Do you swear?: SOMETIMES
Favorite song at the moment?: VOICE OF AN ANGEL
Favorite band?: DON HAVE ONE
Do you have sex?: WHEN I CAN :(
Read books?: ALL THE TIME
Have a religion?: I'M A BAHA'I
Vegetable you love/hate?: BROCLLIES
View on politics?: HAHA
Worst habits?: COUNTING
Do you like to watch porn?: ONLY LESBIAN FILMS ;)
*In a boyfriend/girlfriend*
Hair color?: DOESN'T MATTER
Body type?: MORE THAN 100LBS HAHA
Personality?: GOTTA BE FUNNY
Do they have to be popular?: NOPE
Kiss on the first date?: DEPENDS ON THE PERSON
Sex on the first date?: HELL NO
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39 Year Old · Female · Invited by: Terrie aka Spar... · Joined on September 7, 2006 · Born on January 18th · 6 referrals joined! · 3 different people have a crush on me!
LOve to Read.


Write short stories.


Working on a Novel now.


Love to draw.


Write poetry.

Did I mention I love to shop? :D
Can't Say I Idolize anyone.*shrugs*

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