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I was pondering the world in which we live, one of my many obsessions, and my thoughts turned to 'The War on Drugs'. A war which has a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars$$$, but which has no end. Then I began thinking about why anyone would wage a war like that, knowing it could not be won. It was then that I realized that the governments of the world are not against drugs at all. They are against anyone else selling them...they just want their cut! Let me explain: There are only a few drugs that the governments have a problem with, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates, and what I call Chemicals or Synthetic drugs. There are, however, thousands of drugs you can buy each and every day at your drugs store, food store, liquor store, etc...The governments have a hand in the pharmaseutical companies, and thus profit greatly from all the sales of these 'legal' drugs. Again, if you try to sell them without a license you will be arrested...they want their cut. So I followed the arguement that street drugs and 'legal' drugs are different...not quite. You see, you can get perscriptions for: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opium (and it's derivitaves), and of course a whole slew of designer drugs to fit whatever need you think you have at the time. Again, the only difference is... they want their cut. So I followed the arguement that drugs are bad (although it's kinda obvious no one really thinks so...got any tylenol?), and found that it is indeed true...Drugs Are Bad...if taken in large quantities, for the wrong reason, if improperly mixed...but then that goes for anything in life (ever mix milk and vinegar....not good to drink is it...makes ya puke...). So I was left with the last option remaining... The governments are not opposed to the masses using drugs! Just opposed to the masses using drugs not sold by the government. This of course led me to get pissed of at all the people who have been killed, harrassed, arrested, imprisioned, etc, etc, and of course about all the money wasted on this 'Gang War'. It makes me realize that the people we follow are no better than Itallian Mobsters, and in fact are worse because of the secrets and lies told us by the governments. It is my obnoxious opinion that everyone reads this and emails their respective government representitives (and mail them, and harrass them, etc,etc,etc) until someone starts telling the truth and the rules of the game are changed. Again...my opinion...not necessarily yours... Fein
Crazy stuff here (but then look at the source). Prostitution is defined as paying for sexual actions from another person. Child maintenance is paying for sexual actions you have had in the past. What's the difference? Either way the man is paying for sex (Admitedly he pays longer if the woman gets pregnant but hey...that's the system for ya). It makes me wonder if we should round up all these dads who are paying cild support and put them is jail for paying for sex they had years ago... Of course you couldn't arrest the mothers (they rarely arrest the whores, just the johns) that would be imoral, and besides, where else are they gonna get laid. Anyway, these are the thoughts of some of the people in my head... not necessarily those of the majority...but hey... I gotta think outside the box, it's cramped and smells bad in there. Until the next outcry of insanity... Fein
Yes, it's true. Although most Christians would like to say it's not so, the Bible states that it is, indeed, true. The King James version says And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. Now...since it is clear, in black and white, exactly what God said...and since freedom to practice your religion is protected by both Canada and the United States...it seems pretty clear cut that... Pot Smoking Is LEGAL! All one needs to do is point this little flaw out in the so called laws of man... and whoalla! So... lets all help those poor ignorant people who don't know the truth... and free ourselves just a little bit more. These are my thoughts... not necessarily those of the managment of this site, country, planet, or anyone completely sane... but they work for me. :)
Ok now, maybe I'm sane, (I doubt it) but it seems to me that people here are missing the obvious about life. I was just watching some 'Save the environment' program on TV, and I realized why nothing is really done to protect or save the environment by the government. You see... The bible says that god will come and destroy the earth. (For reference on this please refer to The Bible:revelations) So...knowing this... our good christian government doesn't waste time trying to protect things that are going to be destroyed in the long run. It's gods will...of course that also applies to the rest of us who will also be destroyed. Now I know... some environment laws are pushed through parlament... most of them have little to do with actually saving the planet, most deal with restricting business practices and creating more chaos and confusion in the masses. Order through Chaos Bullshit Baffles Brains Simple Misdirection Look at it how you will... These are my thoughts... But ... if you were in charge... and had to decide wether to line your pocket, or save some forest that's doomed to die... which would YOU choose? Greed: A human condition.
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