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The girl in the rain
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The Crossroad
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54 Year Old·Male·Joined on September 28, 2014·Relationship status: Married·Born on September 27th·I have a crush on someone!

I'm a music lover. I listen to most music, at least once, it may be good or even better.
Someone said that music is the language of the Gods.
There is so much good music out there.
I'm rasied with the old punk rock and classical rock. That of course has influenced my songwriting.

I'm a singer/songwriter who writes songs both in swedish and english.
So yes, I'm from Sweden and I live in cold Sweden but I'm warm and loving at heart.

A song is more than just sound to me, it should have a soul, a story to tell. An old swedish punk rock band wrote in one of their songs (my translation) "Music made to sell and not for your mental well, it shall fade away, it shall fade away". In my world that is the core.

If you like my music, Fan me, Friend me and if you like - Tell your friends to listen too!
If you wanna tell me your fav song of mine or anything about my music, please do so.
I love to chat about music.

It wouldn't be fair to not mention the guys who've played with me on the songs.
This will be updated now and then about who may be on what song.

The greatest:
Linus Wallin: Bass guitar, upright bass, additional acoustic guitar, additional vocals.
Ola Hogberg: Drums

In the very beginning:
Ola Hogberg: Bass guitar
Magnus Ifver: Drums
Jan Aldervag: Electric guitar
The Lord of the rings
Les Miserables (2012)
Nightwish - in making heavenly beautiful and amazing music.
Bruce Springsteen, great music, and the inspiration to me starting writing music back in 2006.
All people, walks of life and artists/groups around me that can be a means of good inspiration.

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