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NimirRa's blog: "My Opinion"

created on 09/13/2010  |  http://fubar.com/my-opinion/b336191

Okay, I was suppose to write this blog a week or 2 ago…which I did, but somehow never got posted…lol…but anyway, here is my rant on "National Debt"….which started with a Mumm I read….

I don’t believe that raising taxes will help with the national debt because there are way too many other issues that need resolved…first, bring our soldiers home…it’s not our war anymore…we as a nation built itself, and we fought our own wars within our country…and this nation became strong because of it without the need of outside help…we grew with pride and dignity, and we had the dream to live the American dream of freedom…we need to let other countries make their own mistakes and allow them to grow without our involvement and concentrate on our own issues…second, unemployment…yes, jobs are scarce right now for the most part…well gee, bring our jobs back to American soil for starters…stop paying the idiot $20.00 a hour for doing a half ass job and give the person who wants to work and have pride in what they do the job instead…oh, and public assistance??? This has to be the biggest joke going around…the assistance was put in place to help people who were working, but couldn’t make ends meet on their own…yes, was a great idea, until some people learned how to work the system and abuse it…they are normally the ones driving their new Cadillac and wearing name brand clothing, but never worked a day in their lives…I understand there are people in situations who are truly unable to work and provide for themselves, but the people who use the system and abuse it to the extreme make it very difficult for those who do need it…they have to jump thru hoops to see if they are eligible and qualify…I’ve personal worked since I was 16 years old, and I’m still alive and kicking, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to put up a fight when it comes to taxes being raised…I busted my ass for every dollar I’ve made and will continue to…I’m proud to say that everything I have is bought and paid for by my own money, but it always makes me sick to think that some of my money goes to people who don’t deserve mine or others help…and religion, I don’t care who anyone worships or doesn’t worship, but there is a higher being than us…”In God We Trust” and it doesn’t matter who your God is….that saying was there before us and should remain after us…

These issues are just for starters…there are tons of other issues, but politics will always be in the way, and there is nothing human about that…this country was built by the people and for the people, eventually, but probably not in our lifetime that will be remembered…but regardless of our issues, I’m still proud to call myself an American….

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