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Mykala is now 13 months old and growing like a weed. She is going to be a fairy for Halloween. I will have pictures up when the time comes.
Mykala is almost one year old...Here in August is her Birthday. She got lots of gifts so far. I will have pictures up soon. So you all can check her out with her piece of cake. Other than that she has been a very busy little girl.
At 8 mons old now she can say mom and dad. She is also trying to crawl but lazy. I do have pictures I will put them up soon, I have just been so busy with classes and every day life it is hard to keep up with everything.
WOW!!!!!! Been awhile since I have updated about her...Well this is her first Easter. She is going Easter Egg Hunting next week. What she is doing at this age... She is rolling, says da da, she is walking in her walker, starting to sit, and she is the type that does not want to crawl. She like attention. She will also laugh and play with us now. She likes to look at the ferrets and the dragons. I have her first part of her scrap book done and beginning on the second part. I think that is everything for now. I will update more about her later on down the road.
Four months old now she is rolling, laughing, playing, and cooing. She just had her shots. This is her first Christmas, she is getting clothes, toys, and other baby things.....don't you wish we all had it this way for us. But it doesn't work out that way for us we have to work at it. It pays off in the long run. I will put up her Christmas pictures her after the New Year. Mykala says buh bye until next time.
Today we took Mykala to a Halloween costume contest, where she was dressed up as a glow in the dark skeleton. Out of her age group and from the scarest costumes she came in first place. After that we walked her in the parade. It has been a long day and we are both proud of our little girl. At first I didn't think she win. Now, she has a blue ribbon that is going into her scrap book of memories.
Little Mykala went to the doctor the other day to get her shots. She is smiling, cooing, and babbling, and also starting to roll over onto her side. The doctor said that she looks healthy. She weight 10 lbs, 23 inches long, and a little sack of potatoes. The doctor gave her 6 shots. Now, she doesn't have to go back to the doctor until she is 4 months old now. This is the update on our little bundle of joy and spoil little munch kin.
This morning Mike got up and took Mykala to the doctor to see if the jaundices was going down. When he called me at 11 am and told me that it was 11 I was happy. Now that I know my little girl is going to be alright. Her weight is now 6lbs 9ozs. The doctor said that she is doing really well. She doesn't have to go back to the doctor until next Friday, I will update more about her then.
This morning we took her to get her first check-up since birth, well she has a little of jaundices. Took her up to the nursery, it came back a 12.0 the doctor told us to bring her back out tomorrow morining to run another test on her and see her in with a physician she told us to put her in sun light and feed her straight forulma until my breast milk comes in. Until then that is what we are doing. I will let you know how she does and tell you what the doctor says tomorrow.
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