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Looking out the window, they had pulled up in front of a very tall building. She saw the two men get out of the car ahead of them and drag a still unconscious Michael out of the car. The car door opened and with Jackal close behind her. They emerged from the car as well. She felt a nudge on her back to get her moving forward. Endora fell into step behind Michael and the bodyguards. The group entered the building, crossed the foyer to the elevators. When the doors opened, they all stepped inside the lift. Jackal hit the button for the top floor. The door closed and they were on the move upward. Endora looked over at Michael but he was still oblivious to his surroundings. Biting the inside of her cheek to keep from crying, she lifted her chin and tried to pretend to be brave. When they reached their desired floor. The doors opened and everyone filed out, walked down the hall to a door with a sign next to it saying: Roof Top Access. Jackal opened the door, and pushed her through it. "Climb." she snarled again. As Endora took the stairs one at a time her heart began to beat faster. She would swear that everyone in the stairwell could hear it. As another door loomed in front of her, she pushed on it and stepped onto the rooftop. The small group followed. The two bodyguards dragged Michael close to the edge of the building. Michael slowly began to awaken a low moan escaped his lips . The Jackal smirked. "Toss him over." she ordered. Endora screamed and rushed forward, but was caught around the neck in a hold, as she watched the guards follow the order. The almost limb body of her guardian was tossed over the side, both of them laughed as they saw him go out of view. What they didn't see was that he had grabbed on to the a small hidden ledge and was now hanging by just his finger tips of one hand. He cursed silently about the pain as he grabbed the edge with his other hand. Inhaling a breath he winced, his ribs protesting. 'Damn, broken ribs.' he thought to himself. Concentrating on his task he pushed the pain aside and pulled himself up. Carefully he peeked over the edge to see where everyone was. Seeing they had looked away, he climbed up and took a seat on the railing. Quickly he grabbed the two guards by the clothing between their shoulder blades, jerking them off of their feet and simply tossed them over the ledge, as if there were made of paper. "That wasn't nice" he said as he looked at the Jackal with eyes that indicated he wasn't impressed by her. A snarl curled her lips at the site of her men being tossed over and him sitting there. Again she would have to do the job of others. Incompetent fools. He jumped down from the railing. "Striking someone when they are out cold is a cowards act. You afraid that you won't beat me?" he slowly walked towards them. She chuckled at him. "I am not afraid of you. It was a demonstration to your precious Princess." Stroking a finger along Endora's cheek. With Endora still by the neck, she quickly tossed her aside and strode forward to met him. As she drew closer to him, she slowly withdrew her Katana once more. Endora hit the roof hard, wind being knocked from her lungs again. Lifting her head, she watched as the two squared off. The Jackal swung her sword diagonally to cut off Michaels head. Bending backwards the sword passed over him. Coming back to an upright position , he grab her hand with the sword as it began to travel in a backward swing. Twisting and squeezing the sword fell from of her hand. Catching it he, threw it so it stuck to the wall of the roof access. She cursed at him, taking her free hand she hit him again in his exposed ribs, just under his armpit. Then pulled away from him, twisting preparing to throw another roundhouse. Pain radiated through his body. It was so intense he wasn't able to focus on the Jackal. He was going to fail. He had to use the gift. But it was dangerous. Inches from striking him, everything stopped. He had the ability to slow and stop time, but it came at a high price. As he moved to get out of the way of the kick, he positioned himself. Time began again, her leg connected with air, as Michael swept her leg out from under her. The Jackal crashed to the roof, surprise on her face. The price began, his nose started to bleed. His body could not handle magic without taking damage. With a large thump she hit the ground and rolled away from him. Pulling two daggers from her boots, she regained her feet and tossed them. She grinned. It was simple to dodge projectiles, so he moved to the side. "Is that all you got?" Jackal saw the blood spill from him, then slowly shifted on Endora. Moving quickly she jerked her to up, placing her hand at her throat again. "I have this." Pain shot through Endora's shoulder as she was jerked from the ground. She could feel muscles tear. Her eyes enlarged as the Jackals hand closed tightly around her throat, not squeezing all air from her but enough to make it difficult to breath. He cursed under his breath. "What do you want?" he asked, the pain was increasing and it was more and more difficult to focus. "Simple" The Jackal jerked her head to the edge. "Jump. With you gone the Princess here will be of no threat to us anymore." Endora gasped. "No, Michael don't." "Oh. He had better or he will watch you slowly suffocate." with that she squeezed even harder causing Endora to wheeze. He sighed as he spit out a mouth full of blood. "Alright, just don't hurt her" he moved over to the edge and stood on the railing. He looked at the woman he loved more then life it self. "I love you" he stated with a smile, then stepped from the edge.
In the weeks that passed, her routine became the same. Up early, Mediation, Reading scripts and learning how to defend herself. The sparing with Michael turned out to be harder than she had thought. He was not easy on her, but pushed her. He also never lost his temper with her, no matter how much she complained or did not do as he asked. Looking up from her scroll, she realized she was late again for her lesson in defense. Rolling up the scroll, quickly she rushed from the Temple. Almost sprinting down the path and to the courtyard. She was late again. It was becoming a habit for her. Deciding not to wait, Michael began without her. Shadow fighting until she arrived. Coming to a stop at the edge of the count yard, she stopped and watched him, but he spied her . "You are late." he stated from a one handed stand. "It is becoming a habit." "I know, I am sorry, it just I get so caught up in the scrolls." Regaining his feet, he turned to face her. "Let's begin." Nodding she walked onto the green lawn and took a stance he had shown her. Taking a deep breath, she relaxed and waited for his attack. Taking a more aggressive stance, he threw a closed fist towards her. "Ohhh.." she quickly dodged to her left and blocked it as he had shown her. Quickly, he followed with a knee aiming for her head. Reversing direction she spun away from him. Throwing an elbow into his ribs as she spun from him. He quickly place a hand between her elbow and his ribs, to soften the blow. And spun with her, ending behind her, capturing her around her chest. Her arms were pinned to her side and she growled in frustration. He was not going to win this time. She brought her foot down on his. Feeling her move, he quickly released her and back flipped away from her. Her foot made contact with nothing but the ground. She spun around to face him, quickly. But he was already on the move, he attacked her with multiple punches and kicks. Backing away from him, blocking every move thrown at her. But he moved so fast her soon was behind her again. Grabbing her arms he pulled them behind her, then threw her to the ground, placing his knee in the center of her back. She struggled, but soon just relaxed. He had her again. "You are getting very good. But you lack the wits to fight. You have to use every means available to deal with your opponent. It's not a dance, it is fast and brutal. If you must use your powers." Unable to resist the temptation he leaned down and licked her ear, just to see how she reacted. A shiver ran down her spine at the sensation of his lick. She couldn't help but gasp. Closing her eyes, she tried to concentrate. Powers, use your power don't think sexually. Power swept from her, grabbing him and lifting him off of her and up into the air. Rolling over she could only grin at him. "How is that?" "Very good" he reached back and pulled out one of his weapons at her and pulled the trigger, he hit the target straight in the chest. The red splash of paint covered her top. "But you are still not thinking ahead" Glaring at him she let go and let him fall. "That was not fair and you ruined my shirt." Flipping herself to her feet. Thrusting her hand in front of her. His weapon flew from his hand to hers and she pointed it at him. He landed on his feet, but hard. Now it was time to show her how to dodge bullets. But first he had to give a demonstration. He focused on the weapon, her body stance and her face. Calculating the path of the projectile, when she was most likely to fire and if she was going to lose her balance enough to for him to disarm her. "Give me your best shot" he grinned at her. She watched his stance. He was up to something. Squinting, she pulled the trigger twice, then moved to her left. The squinting told him she was about to fire, so he started to move his body so the projectiles missed him. As she moved to her left, he moved close enough to grab the weapon out of her hand and stopped when he was just in front of her, moving so her arms were over his shoulders. He looked down and in to her eyes. He had moved so fast, she had barely blinked and he was there. She was stunned. Unsure what to do, she kissed him. That caught him completely off guard. He was very distracted. Moving quickly, she shifted her weight grabbing his arm, twisting and moving behind him, kicking his feet from under him, taking him to the ground. She placed her knee in the middle of his back as he had earlier to her. Then leaned down and licked his ear in retaliation. Lucky for him, he still had one arm free. So he used it to push his body to the side and her knee with it. Tossing her from his back, then grabbing her by the shirt and threw her through air, causing her land hard on the dusty ground. He shook the arm she had locked to loosen the pain, as he stood. Walking to were she still laid stunned, he twisted her around on to her stomach as he locked her hands again, this time he placed his entire weight on her as well as he wrapped one arm around her. Air left her lungs in a whoosh, dust flew up her nose causing her to cough and sneeze. Before she could gain her breath, she was pinned beneath him again, but this time his whole body weight was on her and damn he was heavy. It made breathing hard. She growled and tried to shift, but he kept her tight against the ground. Using her powers once again, she lifted him off of her but this time a rope appeared and tied him up like a Thanksgiving turkey. Slowly rolling to her back, she put him down on the ground and just looked at him. It was time to test his brute strength against her magic. He knew it was magical rope and she was very new to her powers. So they weren't as powerful as they could have been. He grunted as he used his incredible strength to break the ropes. He then stood up and dusted him self off. "You're getting here" She gained her feet again, covered in dust and blew her hair out of her face. Slowly she brushed the dirt from her shirt and pants. Sighing and rolling her shoulders. Michael pulled out his other handgun and aimed it at her chest and pulled the trigger, now it was time to see if she learned anything. Just reacting she moved, quickly to the right to dodge. Moving in a blur she concentrated on the gun and sent it flying from his hand across the grass, then coming to a stop in front of him. Hit him with the palm of her hand to his chest, sending him flying backwards a few feet. He twirled in the air so he landed on his feet, but skidded a little distance to stop his momentum. He grinned, she was really getting the jest of things. She had surprised herself and she grinned. Score one for her. Wetting her dry lips. She watched him carefully, just in case he attacked again. He gave her a respectful bow. "Well done" She gave him a nod, but her eyes never left him. "Thank you. I didn't think I just reacted." Finally getting what he had been trying to teach her these last few weeks. "Are we done for today?" Scratching at the itch on her neck from the sweat rolling down it. "Of course. You have proven yourself this time" he walked over to his weapons and holstered them as he picked them up. She smiled at him. Relaxing and rolling her shoulders again. "Well, I call dibs on the hot spring." At first she didn't like having to go down to the small building to bathe but now she really liked it. It was like a bath, hot tub, and sauna all in one. "You sure love those now don't you?" he said, there was more then one hot spring. He would see which one she picked then pick another one for himself. "Yep. I may never use a regular bath again. I think I am spoiled." She looked at him and sighed. The bath would be a lot more fun with him but she didn't want a repeat of what had happened before when they had gotten caught. So she turned and walked towards the hot spring. Entering the first one she came too
Opening the front door and entering. Walking back towards the kitchen area, she called out. "I made some sun tea yesterday. How does that sound?" "Like a heaven sent gift" he said as he looked around the hallway to make sure she wasn't watching. He lowered the glasses in the large mirror. A soft beam of light came from it, scanning his eye. It was to tell the hidden security system of the house that he was home. He pushed the glasses back and walked into the kitchen. Pulling the pitcher of tea from the fridge, setting it down next to the glasses, sugar jar and lemons. "You know, to bad you were not here yesterday. You missed the excitement." she said pouring the tea after adding ice to the glasses. "What happened?" he asked as he sat down still holding his backpack. Passing him a glass of tea. "Well, I was going to go to the mall because they were having an amazing sale, but the stupid car wouldn't start again. I swear I think I need to get rid of that thing." leaning forward with her elbows on the countertop. "Anyways, I was not amused by it not working so I came inside and started shopping online. Thank god for technology." Taking a sip of tea. "Well, about an hour later, I started get calls from my friends asking me if I was alright. Of course I was so I asked what had happened. Evidently, some poor girl in the same type of car as mine, was leaving the mall and got hit in the driver side by a big truck. Isn't that awful. I felt so sorry for her. I guess she is in a ICU in a hospital somewhere." Shaking her head. "Everyone freaked when they heard. I spent hours talking to people telling them it wasn't me." The intelligence had served him again. If she only knew the kind of people that were after her. She would never leave the house. "I am glad that you are okay. It is to bad about the girl. So, what did you get online?" he asked, trying to steer her away from the subject. He was the one who had disabled her car, he was the one who had made sure that she didn't drive. "Oh. I got some great deals. Cute pair of knee high black boots. They have a five inch heel. Which will look great with the new leather skirt." Taking her drink and moving to sit next to him. "What happened on your trip? Did you have a good time?" He cursed in his heart, why did she have to buy stuff that made her that sexy? He dreaded the day he would have to see her in it. "Well, yes. We took a trip down to the observatory and looked at the stars. Read about space, theories, advanced math-theories and even had a go at string theory" Tilting her head to the side. "Uh-huh. And that was fun for you?" "Very exiting. They wrap your head around the fact that everything around you is small vibrating strings..." he looked at her as he took a sip of his own tea. "I am boring you aren't I?" "Umm..no. It's fine." giving him a slight smile even though she truly had no idea what he was talking about. He was a geek but she adored him. "Okay. So, what did you do today then?" he tried to focus his eyes slightly beside her. He had a hard time looking at her directly. She was beautiful, she had his heart wrapped around her finger and he was her bodyguard. Those things should never mix. "Just waited for you, mostly. I did laundry and cleaned also. But why does time slow down when you are expecting something or someone? It was awful." Taking another sip then running her tongue over her lips. "There is a saying in Sweden: The one who waits for something good, never waits too long" he caught her act with her tongue. He cursed inside as he accidentally made the tea go down the wrong way. He started to cough violently. Reaching around to pat his back. "Goodness, you really need to be careful. I'd be lost if something happened to you." After a few more coughs, he managed to get some words in a coarse voice. "You will be fine without me." he gave a few more coughs to clear his throat a little more. Snorting at response. "You are my best friend. We've known each other all of our lives. I would not be fine." "Ok ok. But you are more then capable of handle yourself" he said as he stroked his throat. He sighed softly. Smiling. "So what would you like to do? Oh I bet you'd like a chance to rest." Suddenly her cell rings. Glancing at who it is, she hits the ignore button and looks at him. "Who was that?" he asked, ignoring her question for now. "Oh.." looking at the phone "Just another Jerk of an ex. I swear why can't guys be more like you. You don't get jealous or think the world revolves around you." Standing up to get more tea. Looking down, she sees one of her sandals had slipped off the back of her foot, so she bent over and fixed it. After getting a good view of her rear end, he leaned back on the chair so far that he fell backwards with a loud thud and sent the cup flying through the air. He was fast enough to catch it before it hit the floor. She spun around quickly at the noise only to see him lying on the floor, glass in hand. Unable to resist she started to giggle. "What happened?" giggling some more. "Are you okay?" "I slipped" that was a bad lie. He only hoped that she didn't see through it. "Slipped? off of a chair?" walking over to him. Placing her hands on her hips looking down at him. Oh how he hated the day he was given the task to protect her, this woman was to good looking for her own damn good and being a geek as a cover didn't really give him much of a squeeze with the women. "Um...yeah" Reaching down, she took the glass from him then offered a hand to help up. "Why do things always happen to you?" "I guess I am just clumsy" he answered and accepted her hand. Pulling him to his feet. "I don't think anyone could be as clumsy as you. I just don't buy it. Maybe if we did a makeover on you. New wardrobe, haircut. The works. What do you think?" "Then what? I am still a geek" he hoped she didn't do that. It would partially blow his cover, he could no longer use his geekiness as an excuse to protect her. Sighing. "It was only a suggestion. Sheesh." Looking down at his still torn pants. "Well, we will have to replace those, at least." Catching the bulge in his pants, she flushed as she turned away from him going back to the sink. "I got a few extra pairs upstairs" he said passing by heading for the them. Washing the glasses out. "Alright. Just say I never offered." Looking over her shoulder at him, then turning around.
London, England Once a year, Thomasson-Vidal Laboratories held their annual shareholders' meeting in London at the Savoy Hotel. And every year, animal rights activists would gather outside the hotel to protest the company's use of animals in which to perform their drug and genetic tests. However, little did everyone know that this year's meeting was going to be far different. A death threat had been sent to the president and vice-president of the lab and security was ultra tight. But not tight enough for there was an assassin in the mix. Disguised as an hotel employee, Roxane found it easy to fool both hotel security and the security company that had been hired to protect the Thomasson-Vidal Laboratories employees from danger. It was almost laughable to her just how pathetic humans could be. She made her way vitually undetected through the Savoy's lobby to the elevator bank where she waited for an empty lift to become available. Once the doors to an empty one opened, Roxy stepped aboard and waited for the doors to close before activating an electronic jammer to knock the lift's on-board camera offline. Peeling out of the pantsuit uniform with ease, the patheress adjusted the sleeves of the black skintight bodysuit that she wore underneath her disguise and fitted the attached gloves over her long, slender hands. The bodysuit showcased her long legs and soft, lush curves to perfection. 'Aeon Flux eat your heart out,' Roxy thought as she hid the hotel uniform away behind a wood panel in the elevator. Once the doors opened on the top floor of the hotel, she peeked out to make sure that no one was out in the hall before stepping out and headed for the stairwell that lead out onto the rooftop. As a Were, Roxy was gifted with the ability to tamper with the memories of humans so that they couldn't exactly remember her no matter how hard they may try to recall her face. It was a nice talent to have for an assassin for hire, especially when a quick escape was needed. Once she reached the door that lead out onto the roof, Roxane unlocked the red box that was to suppose to have housed a firehose and pulled out two parts of a sniper rifle that she had hidden behind the hose days before the hit was to take place. Quickly assembling the rifle, she then loaded two bullets into the chamber, which was all she needed. One bullet for each target. Going out onto the rooftop, she took up her position on the ledge of the rooftop. It seems that the security guards were so busy on the streets below helping the police trying to contain the crowds of protestors that they completely forgot about securing the rooftop of the hotel itself. At least it made her job easier. Roxy knelt down while she waited for the president and vice-president of Thomasson-Vidal Laboratories to make their appearance in front of the Savoy. And then it would be judgement day for the murderers of her kind. ~****~ Vance Thomasson and Jorge Vidal were feeling a bit on edge as their limo turned on the street that would take them to the Savoy for their annual shareholders' meeting. Both men had been on edge ever since it had come to light that their labs used animals in the of their products as well as new medical treatments for illnesses. The planned press conference had to be cancelled because of the death threats, which really had them feeling uneasy about the day's meeting. "Perhaps we should reschedule," said Vidal to his partner. "The shareholders will understand." "Nonsense," said Thomasson. "We managed to get here without incident and I'll be damned if I'll let some fucked up animal rights terrorist group throw a wrench in our plans." "I'm still a bit nervous about this, Vance, you know that. I have a wife and three children to worry about." "And you think that I don't, Jorge?" The men rode in silence as the Savoy came into view. This was their big moment. The press was there, as well as their supporters and opponents. It was Judgement Day. ~****~ As the limo and its entourage came into view, Roxy stood up and cocked her rifle. Raising her weapon and peering into the scope, she smiled when she caught sight of Vance Thomasson and Jorge Vidal, the President and Vice President of Thomasson-Vidal Laboratories. "Time to die," she whispered as curved her finger around the trigger then pulled twice. ~****~ The limo came to a sudden halt as two bullets pierced the windshield. The driver turned and looked into the back. "Mr Thomasson, Mr Vidal are you two alright? Sirs, are you alright?" he asked as the security team swarmed the vehicle. The doors opened as he was pulled out, unharmed but the same could not be said of his two passengers. Both Vance Thomasson and Jorge Vidal were dead from gunshot wounds to the head. A bullet had passed through Thomasson's right eye, killing him instantly and Vidal had been struck between the eyes. The head of security made the sign of the cross and the cursed under his breath when he saw his dead bosses. "Secure the perimeter," he said into his walkie talkie. "Don't let anyone in or out. And let Scotland Yard know what has happened." Whoever had killed the president and vice-president of Thomasson-Vidal Laboratories was a professional. But where did the shots come from? So many questions and too few answers. ~****~ Running down the side of the building, Roxy broke apart the rifle and tossed the pieces into the street gutter below. The rifle was untraceable and her fingerprints were nonexistent should the police try to dust for prints. Once she landed on the ground, she hid behind a garbage dumpster then reached underneath it to pull out a trash bag that she had hidden underneath it with an extra outfit. She pulled out a long light brown trench and a pair of black Jackie O style sunglasses and quickly put them on before tying her long hair up into a messy french twist before stepping back out onto the street. Withdrawing her Razr phone from the pocket of her trench, she pressed the pre-programmed number for her employer. The phone picked up at the other end after one ring. "It's done," she said. "I'm on my way to the drop." "Very good," answered a deep, French accented voice. "Well done, chere." Ending the call, the pantheress headed for the subway station to board the train heading for East London. One last stop and she was home free.
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