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You get just one life One single solitary chance You endure pain and strife You cry, laugh, scream, dance You endure hatred, you feel the warmth of love You fear the man below, you adore the man above You ignore your heart, you go with your gut You bite your tongue, you have plenty to re-butt You act so humble, you can be so snide You are so selfless, you have too much pride You put faith in people, you can't trust a soul You let life take it's course, you let life take it's toll destroy... You are in every man, woman, girl, boy You have one create or destroy YOU...
His eyes met the eyes of this thick lil mama, a fine ass lady She bounced those hips, licked those lips, and soon was driving him crazy All the while her eyes were fixed on this tall drink of water, a fine ass man Dressed to kill, moves were ill, he was putting in to affect his master plan All that stood in the way of a grind to gyrate to maybe a date was the dance floor The tall drink of water and the thick lil mama began to study more and more She began to sway those round hips seductively He starred thinking “damn that’s lovely” His body continued to jam to the beat and he began to feel the groove She looked him over from head to toe and she liked the way he moved He eased his way closer and she slid back The dj gave a shot out and put on the next track Now his 6 pack was against her back and his pelvis to her booty
She said the grass was greener on the other side He said the sun would shine with mighty yellow pride But I have the blues He said she wore red rose-colored glasses She said time fades to black as it passes But I have the blues He said he stood in the purple rain She said she saw red and went insane But I have the blues He promised to keep my skies from turning gray She claimed she could spin gold from hay But I have the blues She said envy would make me see green He said her brown eyes made him fiend She said she was true blue He said he was true blue, too He said...She said.....and I have the blues
Don't mistake my works for love poems or words of sorrow Make no assumptions that I am making promises of tomorrow Never listen to the line of grapes rumoring that what I wrote was drama Stay in anticipation of the message because it aint about mama Assume not that you must read between the lines You may turn the opposite direction if you read the wrong signs I find it unnecessary to paint with words of heartache I wont jot down the names of whos made my heart break Never am I inclined to share stories of feeling suicidal And you wont hear of my fallen heroes or current idol I wont share my horrors or nightmares or dreams Because even in the real world nothing is what it seems I wont speak of my heritage or the land I call home Or my candy apple Cadi pimped out with chrome This artist doesnt speak on political views or oppression Nor does this creator compose lines of angst or aggression There will be no production of meadows, butterflies or scenic views You wont catch me confessing my love to my muse But expect this When I write I promise to fuse Whatever the terminology I use To express what in my mind stews My intent is not to enlighten or confuse Nor is it to discourage or enthuse
I built a wall from scraps of heart ache Lots of loneliness.....a stupid mistake Some vicious lies...a bit of cruel intent Broken promises..and a few rules bent Sturdy it stood....doing what I intended Protecting my needing mended The scraps and the left over pieces I used Stood strong while being weathered and abused But as time went on my wall began to crack I was frantic to patch it for fear of attack But then...from over my sturdy wall I heard a voice and I began to stall I heard the offer of a helping hand A suggestion of maybe using a new brand "Build your wall from joy...a few smiles..and warm eyes" "Build with kind words...compassion...and strong ties" I listened intently to the words as they were spoken And was reminded of how my heart was initially broken Before building this wall, my heart stood as an open door To which I had keys but had never locked before Until some one walked in whom I wanted to stay I put a do not disturb sign on my heart that day He made himself at home...unpacked his interest and desire He fixed a cup of laughs and with his mind lit a fire I was comfortable with him in my heart and mind Until he left one day.....robbing me blind He pawned my compassion and thru away my joy Tore up my kind words and treated my smile as a toy He undid the knots in all of my strong ties And he splattered red paint on my warm eyes So I built a wall from scraps of heart ache Lots of loneliness.....a stupid mistake Some vicious lies...a bit of cruel intent Broken promises..and a few rules bent
There is nothing worse than the first week of a break up First week of a break up is like the first time you have sex It's akward and borring and we both keep telling each other that we're doing good but it's a lie First week of a break up you're on my mind more than you ever were So I clean everything in my apartment Clean my way in to forgetting But then I find things that I couldn't when we were together Your shirt...your favorite cd...reasons that I liked you Until the room reeks of your influence See I keep wanting to invite you over but love can't live here anymore She might bring her two children jealousy and neglect Those two always run around breaking shit and I can't ever seem to clean up the mess They tend to ruin romantic moments with questions and lies And I can see they're children when I look in to their eyes It's you and I Not sure when we had them but now they live in the next room Always barging in saying they're having nightmares and can they sleep with us too Jealousy dreams about deceiving so that's what we do Live out each others nightmares until we're bed full of problems And solvings not an option Because solutions are few Neglect kicks me in bed saying I don't love him like new And jealousy I know must have told her that But both of them still look so much like you And I thought I'd be cool But I still see you on corners and in stores and windows I'm passing And conversations and phrases and menues and laughing And while sitting in traffic And song after song after song that they play back I get to where I can't take my day back But I need to A.S.A.P I can feel it creeping to the end of my apology But I can't hit that note and key This is not for me This is how it's got to be They say it takes twice as long to forget as it does to get to know So now I'm sitting in my room saying to myself 6 days down...6 more years to go This is for all of the men who think women don't burn That when it comes to heart break it is never our turn It doesn't matter who or what is to blame Because in the first week of a break up...alone always feels the same
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