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a close friend of mine wrote this yesterday. she wanted to remain anonymous & i hope you guys will comment her so she realizes how amazing her writing really is!she has a book in the works & writes wonderful pieces constantly! let's see if we can get her to put her writings out here for all to enjoy!!! mmfwcl I am but a fantasized creature in the minds of those I speak to. Loved and cared for only as that false image of myself they adore. Bared, naked to them, I pose, allowing them to see the me that is not their fantasy. They stare, blessed by the image of me. Upon further look they realize I am but flawed, the false image now shattered to reveal the reality of my soul. And so, they flee, seeking to destroy reality and breathe life in to that which never was but in their minds. My heart breaks against the pavement and shattered in to a million pieces as if made of glass, and having been torn from my chest, thrown against the cold, unwelcoming stones that have no comfort nor cushion for my heart to fall upon. A river of tears and blood stains the already flawed white. Alone once more, I mend myself with sweet numbing, blocking out the sorrow as another sees their fantasy in me. Though still shattered, I bare myself once more, to prove, I am more than their fantasy.
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