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Ever have a moment where it was BITTERSWEET? Well I have today and it sucks its more sadness than anything at this moment.. Pair of Jeans that are a size smaller.. i should be happy right.. ya i should but I am not.. i wont get into detail but there are some issues with my mid section.. thats all i will say.. its bittersweet.. i jus sat there and cried.. and i have been bumming since.. wish there was a easier way to end the bittersweet..

Just to let people know.. yes i am overweight.. i am doing my best to overcome what i have to in order to be happy.. i am shy because of this.. i hide in my pictures.. and i rarely go on my webcam.. all because of my weight.. its not the person its me and something i have to do.. i am not comfortable enough.. when the time comes ill do things differently.. please forgive me if i am too shy or too quite.. there are reasons for this.. jus give me time..
I dont know if people realize how good they have it till they actually understand what could happen to them.. This is kind of scary to me and I did not realize this that much... " "Apple" shape. People whose weight is concentrated around their stomachs may be at greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes or cancer than people of the same weight who are "pear-shaped" (they carry their weight in their hips and buttocks)." I know I have not been classified with any disease but I am at a higher risk for these things. It makes me open my eyes alot more Taking a much better action and sticking with it.
So I got permission from the hubby to do this.. he gets home 7am.. after he gets home i can go to the gym for 2 hours and he will stay up just so i can do this.. I told him that its bothering me that i cant go to the gym..I never thought id go through gym withdrawls.. lol.. I told you I not giving up this fight.. I WILL WIN.. Wish Me Luck
Life is filled with ups and downs.. Lately mine been down.. I not sure if its the Christmas season or what. My weight is effecting me alot lately. I had hopes to be down 50 pounds by now. But things happen and losing the weight did not happen. Gyms need to have a play room so I can bring my kids and still work out. Or Pol (hubbies work) needs to get off 12's.. I watch what I eat but i will sneak some sweets now and then. It is much harder for me to workout at home because there are too many distractions and my foot is acting up. Where is my luck lately. Things need to change and soon because I cant deal with the added weight. Its hard not to let it get to me but it does.
Watching my show i think way tooo much.. not being able to workout the nest i can is really upsetting me.. id rather work out at the gym less distractions.. will i ever get to what i want.. or maybe i see surgery in my future.. but i know it wont happen i am much stronger than that.. gym 3 times a week urgh. i hate it.. i want to go 5 times but i cant.. sometimes the af sucks and makes hubb working 12's.. but what can i do bout that nada.. smile and carry on.. i wont let this obesity.. (and yes i said it..) get me.. sorry if i repeat but i need to get it out
Well found out my hubby will be working 7pm to 7am shift till who knows when... It upsets me cus only time i get to go to the gym is fri sat and sunday because all my hubby will do during the day is sleep.. so my week is shot.. i cant afford a sitter jus to go to the gym.. so ya i am bummed i use to go to the gym during the week.. and go to a class at 6-7 on thurs.. grr.. hope this dont compromise my losing i am pretty much hubby less till he gets off 12's.. jus when i start to lose weight i get hit with something.. grrr
So after a 2 week break from the gym.. i been sick and havent been able to go as i normally.. my eating has change and i hate to see what i gained back.. i am really scared to look at the numbers.. i know numbers not that big of a deal its how i look.. most of you think i look fine but i am hurting on the inside.. i not happy with it at all.. i am a strong person and i can not let this battle take over my life.. its time to get back to my state of mind.. i am just nervous what is ahead once again.. i need any love and support.. because i am doing this the hard way.. no surgery's of any kind.. i can do this.. i jus need your help..
So i got my first mini goal.. yay..!!! i was so excited but now i need a new one.. any idea's.. my last goal was to move the big bar down on the scale... which that was 20 pounds to do.. whats ur thoughts of a new mini goal
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