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My purpose is to nurture and to give. My future depends soley on my ability to take the positive and the negative from my past and create a blend of unity, desire, and focus. And as a result of those goals I strive to live my life to the fullest of it's boundaries and capacities. I was blessed with the gift of empathy and do not take for granted the gifts that I am exposed to. Not many are happy in their souls, but when you find the answer to your equation you will be free from all that prohibits your growth, and in the end you will reveal your true quest for happiness.... I am easily recognized by my radiant smile, but remembered for my seductive and mysterious eyes. Not many have forgotten the alluring sparkle that erupts from the center of my stare. But very few have been given the opportunity to explore the excitement that is hidden in my glance. I seek to find the ultimate connection...where words and actions are worthless... and all that truly matters is the smile that our hearts feel when we stare into one anothers eyes.
subject: SUCKULANT SUNSHINE DRINK SPECIAL post date: 2008-02-27 07:59:57 views: 22 comments: 2 ratings: 0 Suckulant Sunshine - a splash of watermelon juice, rose tequilla and the glass rim dipped in sugar! THIS SPECIAL SUNSHINE PRINCESS DRINK WILL TINGLE YOUR TONGUE AND LIPS WITH NOTHIN BUT SWEETNESS!
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