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Take my hand and lead the way;
tell me all you want to say.
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear.
Kiss my lips and touch my skin;
bring out passions deep within.
Pull me close and hold me near;
take away my pain and fear.
In the darkness of the night,
be my beacon, shine your light.
In the brightness of the sun,
show me that you are the one.
Give me wings so I can fly;
for I can soar when you're nearby.
Enter my heart, break down the wall,
it's time for me to watch it fall.
I've been a prisoner, can't you see?
Break my chains and set me free.
Strip me of my armor tight;
you'll find I won't put up a fight.
Release my soul held deep within . . .
I'm ready now, let love begin.

Yea, we all know when we are talking to someone that we like our voices change. The longer the conversation continues the more relaxed we get. The sexier and deeper our voices get. Sending stimulating tones over the phone. That slight sigh or grunt that mimics sex began to take place. The listener can't help but to think that they relate those sounds to sex. Hoping the speaker would either stop or continue on to that inner freak in them that leads to phone sex. Lyrical masturbation, the harmonizing sounds that each breathe gives; each pitch heightens the rise and swell of your sexual organ. As the conversation continues one party begins to ask questions of a sexual nature. Your minds are stimulated with thoughts of what each others response is and before you know it one of you make the bold move to give in to the mood.

Caller One: So you like when someone plays with your nipples? Slowly placing my mouth over one stroking it with my tongue, causing it to harden, I’d suck on it till you arch your back.

Caller Two: Is that so (playfully laughing and moaning, wondering what it would be like).

Caller One: (seductively answering) yes, I’d kiss every inch of your body, I’d run my tongue over your spine. (Creeping to that forbidden place)I’d even lick your anus if u let me.

Caller Two: Stop, Ummmmmm that would feel good.

Caller One: I want to see you on your knees that I can slap your ass while I slide in and out you.

Caller Two: That’s my favorite position. Your getting me wet, dripping wet.

Caller One: Are you touching yourself?

Caller Two: Yes

Caller one continues to stimulate the conversation with more sexual gestures and caller two receives them with moans of gratitude. Caller two tells caller one what they would like as well. Both are fondling their selves now lyrically masturbating to each other’s thoughts and creatively imagining that they are really touching one another. Ummmmmm, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, yes, more please, calling out each other’s names, uh, uh, omg, yes, yes , right there, grrrrrrrr, umm, um, ahhhhhhh, deep breathe , I’m, I’m, I’m coming, ummmmm, oooooooooooo yes baby, ummmmmm that felt so good

Its been a long day I need to sit at my desk and just close my eyes for a few. Drifting away it my mind im thinking it would be nice to go for a ride in the mountains.

We are riding together to the mountains in my Escalade. The fall foliage is so pretty this time of year. We have some soft jazz playing on Sirus. I crack the windows to let in a soft breeze , the air smelling so crisp. Your wearing a nice flowing skirt with sexiest riding boots that creeping up ya calves. I cant help but want to slide my hand up your skirt to admire your smooth trembling thighs. I use my hand to warm your thighs. Sliding further up I notice you have on no panties. Your slit is dripping wet. You unbutton your blouse to expose your heaving breast. I take your left nipple into my mouth. Your aroma is filling my nose your wearing "Very Sexy" damn it smells so good on you. The moisture from down below is so slippery, im getting wet from playing in your wetness.


I spread your lips to expose your clit its hard and pulsating your quivering with excitement.


Up and down your breast go with each moan


What is that distracting ring damn i remember im at work must snap out of this day dream.

The first time I saw her it was the first day of summer. I was sitting in my living room and she was getting out of her car. She was moving into the house next door. I watched her and her friends as they unloaded all of her stuff from the truck. I thought to myself what a lovely way to spend the summer looking at my sexy new neighbor.

  She looked absolutely adorable in her jean shorts and t-shirt.   Her caramel skin looked delicious in the warm sunshine. Her brown shoulder length hair flowed around her. Before long she had it up in a ponytail as it kept getting in her way as she carried box after box into her new home. She wore glasses too, which to me gave her a sexy sophisticated look. She looked to be in her early 20’s if that and even though I am in my late 30’s I couldn’t help but think she looked good enough to eat. As I watched her move in I wondered if she was alone or if she was with one of the people that was helping her move in. By afternoon it looked like everything was unloaded and I saw that everyone had left, it was just her there. Being the good neighbor that I was a thought I would bring her over a bite to eat and introduce myself to her. I walked over to her house and knocked on the door. When the door opened I introduced myself, “Hi I’m Ann, your next door neighbor. I saw you moving in today and thought I would come by and introduce myself and bring you over something to eat.” “Hi Ann, my name is Brittany. Thank you so much for doing that I am starving I hadn’t stopped since I got here this morning. Please come in and sit with me for a minute.” I discovered she was even lovelier up close.


She had small perky breasts and her brown hair was lustrous. It took everything I had not to run my fingers through her hair. She had beautiful brown eyes, the kind of eyes you could get lost in. I went inside and before long we were chatting like old friends. I discovered that this use to be her parent’s home but was now hers. She had just finished college and moved down her to start her new job. As I walk back home I can’t help but think she seemed to be flirting with me a little as well. She kept touching my leg when she laughed and constantly played with her hair.   Oh it must be my imagination, just wishful thinking on my part I think to myself as I head back home. The next morning I get up and look out the window and there she is the lovely Brittany her bedroom curtains wide open I can see her walking around her room naked. It is a sight to take my breath away let me tell you. I know I should look away but I can’t seem to stop staring. She looks delicious I think as I see her head into her bathroom.   When she comes out she looks over my way and I duck away from the window. Oh shit, I hope she didn’t see me looking at her. I go about my morning and before long I hear splashing. She must be in her pool. I can’t help but look out my window again and sure enough that is where she is doing laps. I watch her for a few minutes just swimming back and forth in her pool.   When she gets out I see she is naked the water dripping off her beautiful young body. I stare as she dries off and when she looks up she sees me staring. Fuck, fuck, and fuck I think as I turn away from the window. I know without a doubt she saw me watching her that time. I spent the rest of the day staying away from my windows; I didn’t want her to catch me looking again even though I really wanted to catch another glimpse of her body. Later that evening as I am trying to watch TV, but can’t focus on it because I can’t stop thinking about Brittany, I hear a knock on my door. I look up and it is her. I walk up to the door unsure what to say, “Hey Brittany how are you doing?” I ask her. “I have this bottle of wine and I was wondering if you would like to share it with me?” “Sure come on in.” I tell her beginning to think maybe she didn’t see me staring at her earlier today. Or maybe if she did she liked it.

I let her in and can’t help but stare at her fine ass as she walks by me. “Where’s the kitchen?” I point her in the right direction and follow her into the kitchen. She is looking stunning tonight in her jeans and tight low cut shirt. “Ah… I see you’re a fan of tequila.” Brittany says holding up one of my tequila bottles. “Ha… yes tequila is my drink of choice. Do you like it?” “Yes, I do it is my favorite as well. Screw the wine let’s do shots.” She tells me. We go into my living room and sitting on the couch proceed to do several shots while talking and watching TV.   I know Brittany and I are both getting a little drunk as the evening progresses. She looks over at me and says, “I saw you looking at me earlier today you know.” “You did? Uh … listen I am sorry about that but I couldn’t resist you are such a beautiful woman I just couldn’t help myself.”   I say trying to apologize. “No need to apologize Ann, I was doing it on purpose. I wanted you to look. From the moment I met you yesterday I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” She tells me her cheeks starting to turn red as she looks down. Taking her face in my hands I make her look up at me and say with a laugh, “Don’t go all shy on me now; you were the one walking around naked all day teasing me.” “I know… it’s just that I have never been with a woman before and well I really like you and would love for you to be my first, with a woman that is. I mean I’ve been with guys before just never a girl.” She told me. “I would love to Brittany, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you either. “ I scoot a little closer to her on the couch my hand resting on her leg. I see her smile at me and I lean into her kissing her softly on the lips. I start to pull back and feel her hand on the back of my neck pulling me closer to her. We kiss again harder this time my tongue sliding in and out of her mouth. As the kiss ends she bites me a little on the lip. I start kissing her nose then chin. I lick along her jaw line and down the side of her neck. My hands on her arms rubbing them as I start to suck and bite on her neck. I hear her moan a little as I bite her.   My hand runs up her shirt feeling her breast. I caress one and then the other. “Lift your arms up baby.” I ask her softly. She does and I quickly remove her shirt and then my own. I start kissing her chest as my hands undo her bra. Mmm perfection I think looking at her bare breasts. I start to lick her breast. My tongue going round and round getting closer to her nipple. I can see her nipple harden as I lick and suck my way closer. I hear her moan as I take her hard nipple in my mouth sucking softly. My hand on her other breast pulling and teasing her nipple as well. I feel her hands in my hair as I suck gently on her.

Her breathing is coming harder and faster. Making me want her more and more. I push her down on the couch and I start kissing her stomach. My hands rubbing up and down between her legs. I undo her pants and she lifts up helping me remove her shorts and panties. I can smell her arousal and it makes me want her very badly. I run my hands down her leg. Sitting back I start kissing and licking her calf. My hands caressing her legs as I slowly lick my way up her leg. I bite her inner thigh as my hand rubs against her. One hand resting low on her stomach as the other slowly rubs against her slit. My thumb going up and down. She is so wet for me right now, her hips arch up as my thumb continues to rub her outer lips. “Fuck me Ann….please fuck me.” I hear her moan. “Yes   baby.” I tell her with a sigh as I kiss the top of her mound. My tongue licks her pussy lips for the first time and she tastes so good. My tongue slides in deeper. I lick up my tongue lapping at her clit. She arches her hips up at me as she moans. My tongue lapping at her clit over and over again. I easily slide two fingers inside her. Moving slowly at first and then faster as her hips start to hump against me harder. “Oh yes…oh fuck.” I hear her moan as her body start to shake. I take her clit in my mouth sucking on it as my fingers slide in and out faster and harder. I feel her hands in my hair holding me in place as she starts panting and moaning, “Yes…Yes…Yes…Yess.” She starts bucking her hips up and down as my fingers fuck her hard and fast. My mouth sucking on her clit I hear her cry out, “YESSSSS….” As her orgasm flows through her hips snapping up and down I hold on for the ride not wanted to stop as I keep sucking and fucking her. I lay between her legs licking and sucking up all her lovely juices until she pulls me up to her and kisses me hard on the lips. “Oh my god that was amazing Ann.” Brittany tells me. I kiss her nose and smiling down at her say, “I aim to please baby.” We lay there together on the couch for a few minutes just enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Then she starts undoing my shorts and pulls mine off me. Her hands running up and down my thighs now, causing me to shiver with desire. “Ann I want to please you but…I have never done this before I am not sure how.” “It’s ok… would you like me to show you how again?” I ask smiling as I start to kiss my way down her body. “Oh… yess.” Is her only reply as I lick and kiss my way down her stomach thinking this is going to be a wonderful summer.

I can't explain the way I felt when my eyes first followed the curves of her body from the ground up. She was standing there completely unaware that I couldn't take my eyes off her. The way she smiled, laughed and took center stage in anything she was a part of. She had short spikey hair and gorgeous big blue eyes with a northern accent that left you hanging endlessly on her words. I remember going into the store in which she worked for an interview praying that I would get hired as I was running out of reasons to shop while she was working. After a short period of time I was hired and luckily for me she was one of my managers. It was no secret to those with whom I worked that her secret wasnt much of a secret at all, she dated women. I of course had friends who would get intoxicated at parties and make out with other girls and I never really thought much of it. But I found myself volunteering like crazy to go into work and I was checked the schedule to see when she was wor
king. She would enter the work place and my eyes would light up. She had to notice me, lost in space at my register staring aimlessly at her wondering what it would be like to be near her. One day I happened to walk up on a conversation she was having with another lesbian at work about going out dancing. She asked if I wanted to go, I felt my heart drop. Could I be dreaming? Without any thought I blurted out " with you, of course"! oh my god did I really just scream that? yes I did. She and her friend kinda laughed and told me she would meet me back at the store at 8 pm. The club was about an hour away and we all had to be careful of who knew that we were hanging out togther because of company rules. I spent the next few hours agonizing over what I should wear, and what she might be wearing and why did she ask me to go out with them. 8:00 rolls around and im waiting in the parking lot. Her and her group of friends arrive, she tells her friends that we should take two cars
just incase some people want to leave before others, I of course volunteered to go with her. As I get in her SUV there was a sudden rush of her cologne that sent a wet cold feeling in my panties. oh my god I just smelled her and im already going crazy inside. There had to be a reason for why she asked me to go, I mean did she like me as well?. After a few minutes of silence I slid my hand over onto her leg and asked her why she really invited me to go. She looked alittle stunned and replied with " I thought you would have a good time, you seemed like a fun girl". My heart kinda dropped I was confused, did she want me there as a friend? Did I just create this whole situation out of something that was meant to be nothing more than friendship? We walked around the club and checked it out. On the dance floor there were benches that were set up along the wall. It was a hot summer night and the place was packed. We all danced and seemed to be having a great time. I took a break
and sat on the bench by the dj booth and watched her for a few moments. She went to the bar and grabbed an ice water, as she stood in front of me asking me if I needed anything I took the glass from her hand. I took a drink and made sure to leave some ice in my mouth. She asked for her glass back and I motioned for her to come closer as if I was going to tell her something, once she got close enough I pressed my lips against her and slide the ice into her mouth with my tongue. I could feel the chill that went through her body at that moment. I didn't want to move, my pussy was throbing and I had her right there, right in the moment. She received the ice and pulled back alittle to tell me thank you, then she leaned in and pulled my head closer to her and traced my lips with her tongue. From there we had a good two hour hot make out session on the dance floor as the lights when crazy and the temps continued to rise. The night seemed to slip away and before we knew it, the bar
was closed and we were at breakfast. We made the hour drive home, but this time my hand was interlocked with her free hand while she was driving. We arrived at the parking lot where all that was left was my car as well as a few cars of late night shoppers. She opened my car door and walked me to my car. I give her a hug goodbye... she softly kisses my lips again. I lean back against the drivers side door of my car and she starts kissing my neck, softly at first and then alittle harder. I find myself softly moaning in excitement in her ear. Her hands caress my sides. I'm of course dripping wet and before I could get any words out of my mouth I feel her hand slip down through my tight little panties. Once she gets to my wet pussy, she lets out a moan at how wet I was. She slowly slide her fingers inside of me and started going back and fourth. It felt so good I could barely manage to hold myself up against the car. I wanted it so bad and it felt so good. She kept fucking me
up against the car, Somehow my pants ended up half way off and around one ankle as my legs were wrapped around her waist as she kept me pinned against the car fucking me. Finally I couldnt take anymore. She apologized for taking it that far and before she could finish I pressed my lips against hers and started passionately kissing her. We would continue to date and fuck for the next three months. I would fall madly in love with this woman.

A weekend away! Woo Hoo!
The idea of spending a whole weekend together excited me. So many sexy scenarios

flashed through my mind. The chance for us to spend time alone, just the two of us,

locked away from our normal everyday busy lives where there was always something to

be done, no privacy, no time to indulge ourselves.
So the thinking began… Erotic thoughts and desires, hot, sultry glances, sexy talk,

dressing up, touching, caressing, exploring our boundaries. This weekend was going to

be special.
The journey down was spent idly chatting about our morning, relaxed and without a

care in the world. Anticipation coursed through my veins as we neared our destination.
At last we arrived. The Hotel was smart, very modern and sophisticated. We checked in

and entered the lift up to the top floor where our sanctuary was waiting for us.
The lift was brightly lit and I glanced at you. Your big, sexy blue eyes shining at me as

we rise in the lift. We are alone. Your hand snakes around my back pulling me close to

you and I can feel your breath on my neck as you whisper you love me and can’t wait to

make love to me. My nipples stiffen and my breathing quickens as I feel your hardness

pressing against my thigh.
We reach our floor and the lift door opens. I blush as we step out to an anxious,

impatient queue of people all waiting for the lift.
Room185. We walk towards our room. I am thinking only of closing the door and

enjoying every moment of the next 48 hours, together – alone.
The corridor is long and narrow and your hand is caressing by bum as we walk, making

my pussy ache for your touch, your tongue and your big hard cock.
“Take off your thong” you whisper as we approach room 185.

“What? Here?” I ask, my voice trembling.

I can feel my heart pounding away in my chest.

“Yes, here” you reply, staring into my eyes.
Passion and fear rise within me and I can’t help but laugh nervously as I search your face

wondering if you are serious or not.

“I said take off your thong. I want you to turn around, bend forward very slowly and

provocatively and show me your gorgeous ass. Then I want you to slowly peel off your

thong. I want to see your hot wet pussy lips glistening when you are bent forward and I

want your thong soaking wet with your pussy juices when you hand it to me.”
My face was bright red as I took in your request. My clitoris twitched and pulsated as my

pussy became wetter, contracting at the thought of how hard your cock was. I looked

nervously down the corridor, there was nobody around. You kissed the back of my neck

sending waves of desire over my whole body. I reached my arms up above my head and

pushed my breasts hard against the door to our room. I jutted my arse out towards you,

your hand still caressing and stroking through the thin silky material of my short tight


“You want my thong?” I moaned, moving my arse in a slow sexy circular motion, forcing

myself as close to your body as I could.
You slapped my arse hard “Yes! Bend over and pull your dress up around your waist.”

you said huskily.
I let my hands slide down over my breasts, I feel my erect nipples jutting through the

material of my thin dress and I want so much for you to touch them. My hands slide

down over my hips and I tease my dress up just enough for you to see the black lacy

stocking tops against my white skin. My eyes are closed and I am completely lost in this

wanton display of lust. I feel your hand stroking the inside of my thigh above my

stocking top. Your fingers so near to my hot, wet pussy, I want you so much. I raise my

dress higher, knowing you can now see my ass. I feel your hand spank my skin, hard and

quick and then feel the stinging. I can picture my arse cheek reddening as my desire

heightens and my pussy aches for you.
I loop my thumbs around my thong and slowly bend forward to remove it. My arse stuck

high in the air, my anus there for you to see, perhaps later slide a finger into before

slipping your rock hard cock inside, pumping your love spunk deep inside me.

“God! I have to touch your pussy. I have to taste it.”
You say lustily as I feel your fingers between my legs. I gasp as I feel your finger gently

part my sticky wet lips and your thumb nudges against my clit. I can smell my pussy

juices as you bring your fingers up to my lips for me to taste. We kiss frantically, both

sharing my love juice as our tongues dart madly around each others mouths. I hand you

my thong and smile greedily taking in my scent as you hold it to your face. You breathe

in my pussy smell and then suck the juices that have soaked it wet through.
“Mmm, you taste so good.” You tell me leaning forward to kiss me once more.
You spin me round with animalistic urgency “I am going to bend you over and slide my

cock deep inside your pussy” you tell me, your breath coming quick. “I want to fuck you

I pull away.

“No! Not here!” I say, although I want you to.

“Someone might see us” I say, looking down the corridor, suddenly aware of my

I feel your hand gripping my hair, pulling my head back and I hear you say
“I don’t care, I want to fuck you now.”
My lust overwhelms me and I push my arse up in the air once again, my pussy lips

inviting your cock into their hot wet world where, once inside you will thrust deeper and

deeper until your cock feels like it will explode.
“Oh God! That feels soo fucking good.” I moan as I feel you enter me. Your cock feels

like a hot rod of iron, pushing into me, filling me and making me squirm against you as

I try to get you even deeper inside me.
You slap my arse again, harder this time, and again, my arse cheeks stinging, burning

hot and glowing bright crimson. It hurts me when you do it again, and again, the pain

mingling with a newfound pleasure that heightens my arousal.
“Spank me harder.” I gasp as you are pulling my head back by my hair and fucking me

quicker and deeper now.
We stop like frightened rabbits caught in headlights as we hear the door next to us close

loudly. Pulling away from me you zip yourself up and frantically try to insert the card

into the lock on our door to open it.
We both turn and look as we enter our room. A tall, curvy woman stands a few feet

away. She is smiling, slightly embarrassed by what she has interrupted, but also in no

hurry to walk away. Her long black hair falls over her green eyes, her lips, crimson with

lipstick are full and fall open as she speaks “Oh! Sorry! I, errm, I didn’t mean to

“It’s OK, you say as you push me gently into the room and close the door.
We fall laughing onto the bed, both of us reeling with embarrassment at having been

seen in our most intimate states. We are hot and sticky and still so turned on as we sit

and share a cigarette and sip a drink. “Tell me” you say,
“Would you have liked it if she had wanted to join us?” The thought was already in my

mind as I pictured her big heavy breasts falling free from the confines of her bra, her

nipples hard and stiff, her pussy, wet and sticky, hot and inviting, our tongues, fingers,

your cock and my toys deep inside.
We started kissing again, murmuring our fantasies as our kisses become more fervent,

biting and licking and the power of the fantasy of the tall curvy woman joining us is

driving us both crazy.
“Let’s go downstairs and have a drink.” You say with a cheeky glint in your eyes. “Mmm,

I wonder what you are up to!” I reply, a new anticipation building and more images

building our fantasy.
We head downstairs and order drinks. We are sat in a cosy fire lit corner on the most

comfortable sofa I have ever sat on. I cuddle into you and your arm falls around my

shoulder, your hand resting just above my breast. I will you to touch me, to feel my

hardened nipples with your fingers, stroke them through the soft material of my dress.
My dress has risen up around my thighs due to the depth of the sofa and I modestly

attempt to pull it down to my knees. It rides back up so I settle back and cuddle in once

It is busy in the bar, people having a quick drink after a busy day before heading home

for the night, residents having a drink whilst waiting for their meals, couples like us, just

sitting enjoying a drink. I could still feel the glow of our earlier encounter in the

corridor and looked around to see if I could see the tall, curvy woman.
“She’s not here.” You say, as if reading my mind. Then I see her, emerging from the bar

with a group of friends. They are laughing and chatting as they carry their drinks

through to where we are sitting.
“Oh my God!” I say sitting up quickly and once again pulling my dress down to my

knees. “She is coming over here!”

“Shush!” you reply, “relax, she probably won’t even recognise us.”

You pull me back into you and this time your fingers dance over my nipple as your arms

rests over my shoulder.

“Stroke my cock through my trousers” you whisper into my ear.
“Feel how hard it is” I run my hand up the inside of your thigh. Heat radiates from your

bulge and I can feel your cock hard and straining against the tightness of your trousers.
I touch you gently, fingertips just dancing over the material, just enough for you to feel

my touch. I look up at you, your eyes stare straight back into mine, your dark hair falling

in soft curls frames your face and you whisper

“Harder, stroke me harder” I trace your cock with my fingertips and then spread my

palm over the length of your cock, rubbing and stroking, firmer and harder. “Do you

want to suck this big hard cock?” you ask me. “Oh God Yess!” I reply.
“And do you want me to fuck you with my big hard cock?” you ask, “Yes” I reply.
“I want to feel your cock deep inside me, fucking me hard, I want your cock to feel the

spasms of my orgasm.” I say, my breath coming in short gasps as I envisage the feeling

of you inside me.
My eyes open and I am looking around me, your hand is still stroking my nipple and

your other hand is slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh, my legs opening as you

snake your way up, then down, teasing, driving me crazy,
“I want you” I whisper. “I need you” I say looking up at you. Your eyes are fixed firmly

on the bar. I follow your glance and my eyes rest upon the tall, curvy woman. She is

alone now. Her friends have gone and she sits at the bar, confident, alluring, and she has

her eyes fixed on us.

“Go to the toilet” you say

“Why?” I ask. “I don’t need”

“Go!” you say with urgency, placing a small package into my hand. “And when you come

back I want to taste you.”

I walk towards the toilet, wiggling my ass sexily as I go. I know you are watching me. I

know what you want me to do. I wonder what is inside the package.

I close the door behind me and open the package. Inside is my pink Mia vibe. Mmm… I

think of earlier on, when we arrived here, your brazen request for me to take off my

thong and how aroused it made me feel.

My eyes close as I recall your finger parting my hot sticky pussy lips and your thumb

nudging against my clit.
My hand presses hard against my pussy as I remember how good it felt when your cock

entered me, my fingers pulling my thong to one side now as I stroke my pussy lips, my

fingers moving up and down, feeling the damp juices of my cunt escaping onto my

hand. I slip my fingers into my cunt, hot walls of pink flesh grip my fingers as I push

them in deeper, in and out, I withdraw them and smear my pussy juice over my hardened

clit, rubbing gently, circling it with the tips of my fingers.
Sliding my Mia vibe into my honey hole and feeling the slow buzz. My breathing comes

in short rasps as I circle faster. I pull my tits free from my bra and pinch my nipples

hard, then slip my Mia from my pussy and circle it over my stiff nipples, just allowing

the tip to touch. I turn it up, still playing with my clit and slowly guide it back down to

my pussy, gasping as it enters me. I imagine your mouth closing over my nipples, your

tongue, flicking and circling them, the warmth of your saliva as you suck and nibble

I moan as I feel my orgasm building, my inner muscles tightening and contracting on

the little pink vibrator which has my legs trembling. Eyes closed, I’m so close to coming.

I know I must not come. That’s the rule. I have to wait for you to allow me to come.
I pull my Mia from my pussy, it is soaking wet and I can smell my musky aroma as I lift it

to my mouth. I smear my juices from it all over my lips, then slide it into my mouth,

tasting the warmth of my cunt, sucking it as though it is your cock. I know you will want

to kiss me when I return. You will want to taste me, and you will want to know I didn’t

allow myself to come.
I compose myself and open the door. I check myself in the mirror. My eyes are glazed

over with passion and lust.

I turn to leave and she walks in.

The tall curvy woman with the long black hair and the painted red lips. Her black dress

clings to her curvy body, long legs climb up to her hourglass torso. Her huge breasts sit

high and the milky white skin of her cleavage contrasts with the darkness of her hair and

“You’re not going are you?” she says, walking towards me. I stand there, frozen to the

spot, I’m blushing furiously, “I … err… yes” I reply as I walk towards the door.

“Don’t!” she replies. Her eyes are locked on mine and I try to look away as I carry on


“I have permission from your husband to do something I have wanted to do since I

arrived here this afternoon.” She says, stretching her hand out to my shoulder to stop me

walking by.

“Oh?” I say, realisation dawning on me. I immediately feel my pussy twitch at the

thought of what you had “given her permission” to do to me.
You knew how much it would turn me on to feel a woman touch me, kiss me, taste me

and you knew how much I would please her in return.
“Who are you? Are you here alone?” Questions…
“Shush” she says, her finger over her big red lips. And she takes my hand and leads me

back into the cubicle where a few moments earlier I had been pleasuring myself to the

point of nearly coming.
“I can smell your cunt juices” she say’s as she lifts my fingers to her mouth.
“I want to taste your cunt juices” she continues, eyes fixed firmly on mine as she takes

my fingers one at a time and sucks them into her warm wet mouth.

She sucks, slurping and licking my fingers and it is turning me on just watching her

enjoy my taste from her fingers, feeling her tight mouth and her strong tongue all over

“Now, pull your dress up, I want to taste your cunt properly” she orders. I pull up my

dress aware that my pussy is soaking wet with the thought of what is about to happen.
She steps back, pulls my thong to one side and looks at my pussy, crouching down

before me she orders me to open my legs so she can see my cunt properly. One hand

sliding up the silkiness of my stockinged leg while her other hand is on my ass pulling

me towards her. My legs wide open, trembling and my hands running through her long

dark hair as I feel the hotness of her breath coming towards my swollen pussy.
Her tongue darts forwards just grazing my clit and I shudder, willing her to lick me. She

looks up at me, her eyes fixed firmly on mine again as she opens up my pussy lips with

her fingers and buries her tongue deep inside me. The sensation of her sucking, licking

and probing my entire pussy has me moaning “Yes! Oh God YES!” My hands gripping the

back of her head pulling her deeper into me. She moves up towards my clit and takes it

in her mouth sucking and swirling her tongue around and around. Her finger slips into

my pussy and she finger fucks me. I can feel the waves of pleasure about to start and I

know I must not come.
“Stop!” I say, my voice barely recognisable, thick with desire.
She removes her finger from my pussy, her hand is soaked in my juices as is her face. She

places my thong back, covering my pussy and slips her hand between my legs placing

her hand palm up and presses hard against my soaking wet pussy.
“It’s OK” she say’s. I know your “rule” and I know you can’t come yet.” Then she removes

my thong and unlocks the door and walks out of the toilets.
I am breathless and stunned by what has just happened. I want to taste her as she did me.

I want to touch her huge breasts, feel her nipples stiffen as I roll my tongue around

them. I reach down and touch my pussy and it is soaked in my juices and her saliva. I

taste my hot wetness once again before heading back to join you.
Our eyes meet as I walk towards you. I can’t wait to tell you what happened and go back

to our room. I want you soo much and I can’t wait any longer.
“Kiss me” you say as I settle back on the sofa beside you. We kiss and you sigh deeply as

you suck in my pussy juices.
We stand up and walk towards the lift.
We carry on kissing, hands exploring with urgency, each of us aware of the others

arousal and I haven’t told you what happened.
“Lay down” you tell me when we get into our room. I lay down.
“Pull your dress up” you tell me and I do so.
“Where is your thong?” you ask.
“She took it from me” I reply.
“Open your legs, I want to see how wet she made you” you say.
I open my legs, the contrast of my hot wet pussy feels cold exposed to the air.
“Pull your pussy lips open and show me deep inside your pussy” you say. I reach down,

my thighs are wet where my juices have run from my pussy. I touch my lips. They are

swollen and sensitive and I pull them open, exposing my pink fleshy deepest intimacy to

“Did she do that to you?” you ask.
“Yes” I murmur, recalling her mouth there just moments earlier and wishing so much

that I had allowed myself to come.
My clit throbbing and my pussy aching I need you to fuck me, to enter me so deeply and

thrust even deeper until we both explode, our wetness soiling the sheets and mingling

with our hard earned sweat.

“Did you come?”


“You want to though, so much.”

“I do, I want you Paul, I want you to slide your cock into me and..”
“Shush” And you walk towards me. Your fingers brush against my cheeks as you gently

tuck my hair back from my face. You lean forward and kiss me so gently I can hardly feel

your lips on mine.
“I am going to blindfold you now” you whisper in my ear.
I am in darkness.

You take my hands and tie them, one at a time, binding me to the bed. Then I feel you

lifting my breasts from my bra, leaving them exposed to the cold air and sat resting on

my bra cup, jutting up towards you.
I hear you moving around the room. Drawers opening and closing. I hear the click of a

ring pull as you open a can of beer. You hold it to my lips and ask me if I want some. I

drink the cold liquid and it replaces the taste of my pussy leaving my mouth cold after

the warmth that had built up.
My senses are on fire without the aid of my sight. I imagine you there, just inches from

me, reaching out to touch me. I wriggle forward, my legs open and revealing everything,

reaching my exposure and vulnerability out to you. I want you to do to me whatever you

I am lost in my desire, your cock is there, just in front of me and I can smell you, I open

my mouth and part my lips ready to take your hot hard cock into my mouth. God I want

it so much. I am so lost in my dark world I don’t hear the knock on the door, or the door

closing. My tongue roams over my lips, slowly, side to side, I want your cock inside me,

my mouth, my pussy, my ass, so much I am just waiting for you now Master.
“You look so sexy” you tell me, and I am back, the images gone from my mind, my

senses fully alert, waiting, panting now, anticipation building, pussy pulsing, I am

writhing on the bed, my hands tied and my legs open.
I feel the bed shift and know you are coming to me. I feel hot breath so close, closer. I

wait to feel your mouth, your tongue dip into my pussy and tease me into oblivion.
I feel you, your fingers stroking my legs, your lips gently kissing and licking from my

feet to my thighs. It tickles, it makes me my heart pound in my chest, I know my nipples

are standing up just waiting for your touch. I am aware of only one sound in the room,

my moaning. I want you and I am telling you.
“Oh God Please! Lick me, taste me, I want you to fuck me, make love to me, take my

mind and body.”
“You want it so much don’t you?” you say.
I sense you are smiling.
I know you are and I wonder why I hear you so far away. Your fingers are now so close to

my pussy but your voice is not. A finger slides in and I gasp, I know straight away it is

not you. I remember her touch, the way she finger fucked me earlier and I know it is her

– the tall curvy woman.
I am blindfolded – darkness encompasses me and I have my eyes closed. I am silently

thanking you for this gift.
“Oh! That feels so fucking good” I moan as the finger delves deeper, pushing up and

stroking my g-spot.
You like that?” you ask.

“Fuck yes!”

“Oh lets go 69” I say, my heart pounding, I want to finally taste her.
“Hmmm, not yet” you reply. I want to watch her lick your pussy, taste you and feel your

inner walls contract to the point of no return. I want you to come for her Natasha. I want

to see your gushing love juice all over her face.
“Take off my blindfold. I want to see her”
You come towards me and I can smell you. You lean forward to remove the blindfold

and I seize your cock into my mouth. Sucking it into my tight wet mouth I wish so much I

could squeeze your balls but my hands are still tied.
You take off the blindfold and I have your cock in my mouth, my tongue darting up and

down your shaft with every downward motion, sucking tightly and filling my throat with

you, tasting you, My eyes take a second or two to adjust to the light before I can see

I see both of you.. She is laying between my legs, her hair pulled to one side and her face

so close to my pussy. Her fingers still playing inside my pussy, slowly, teasing and her

lips are painted bright red, parted and her tongue is dancing on her full lips, ready to

plunge into the musky wetness of my pussy. I turn my head and look up. Your balls are

full, straining and a deep red colour. Your cock is in my mouth.

“Fuck my mouth”

“Let her make you come”

“I will, I want you to come in my mouth when I come”

“Fuck Yes. I will shoot my spunk into your mouth, down your throat, just let go”

She pushes her tongue deep inside me, I want to do that to her. I want to taste her.
She reaches out with her hands and plays with my breasts, massaging them, circular

motions, her tongue mimicking her hands as she moves on to my clitoris. Her fingers

tweak my nipples and her mouth sucks my clit. She moves faster – and so do I. It’s almost

as if we are in tune with each other. She is driving me crazy and I am driving you crazy,

intense, erotic, wanton and on the edge of orgasm we both cry out how good it feels.
I feel the powerful waves rushing towards me, my inner walls clenching and

unclenching, faster, my heart beats faster, my breath comes in short sharp gasps, my face

contorted by the pleasure I am feeling, my pussy is wet, pulsating, gripping her finger. I

suck harder, faster, my tongue flitting crazily, up and down your shaft, but I have no

control – you are fucking my mouth now.
You know I am close to cumming and you are thrusting your cock deep into my mouth.

My orgasm shoots through me like an electrical charge, my body bucking, shaking and

then slowing down to a quiver as I cry onto your cock, breathing short hard gasps, still

sucking. I feel your cock at the back of my throat and can almost swallow you. My arms

ache from being tied and I arch myself up towards you, wanting your hot spunk

She is still there between my legs, greedily licking up every drop of my ejaculation. Her

eyes look up at us, capturing the scene and waiting for your imminent spasms.
“Lick his balls” I tell her. She moves up the bed, her body on top of mine, her tits against

mine, sending a jolt through me as her nipples brush against mine. Her nose and chin

are dripping wet and shiny from her greedy guzzling between my legs.
Her lipstick no longer visible, all washed away with my cum and her saliva. She reaches

forward and cups your balls. I can feel her hands resting on my chin as she starts to

squeeze them. You cock pumping faster now. You are fucking my mouth like never

before. Still grasping your balls tightly in her cupped hand she reaches her wet face

forward and flashes her tongue out, just enough to graze your balls.
You gasp, stiffening as though in pain. Again, her tongue darting randomly over your

balls, just inside the crease of your leg, back to your balls, squeezing with her hand. Her

nipples still touching mine, rubbing as she leans forward and back again with her

tongue dancing all over your balls.

She reaches her other hand round to your ass and pulls you deeper into my mouth. Her

fingers play with the skin between your ass and balls and I feel your body stiffen with

the onslaught of your orgasm. Jets of thick hot sticky spunk shoot in spasms from your

cock straight down my throat. I swallow greedily, gulping and moaning onto your

pulsing cock as I suck and slurp your cum. I am drinking you into me as your body slows

and I keep the last shot of your hot creamy spunk in my mouth, Tasting your sex, rolling

my tongue around the thick stringy liquid.
She slides up to kiss me, her tongue forcing my lips open and then drinking your hot

cum from my mouth. Your seed runs down our chins, dripping onto our tits.
You untie me and our hands are rubbing it into each others skin where sensitive stiff

nipples are jutting out painfully hard.
You collapse onto the bed spent. Your breathing returning to normal and you light a

cigarette. Smoke rushes forward as you exhale heavily.

"Jesus! That was the best blow job I have ever had girls” you say, a satisfied look on your


“Glad you enjoyed it” we both said in unison, having pulled away from each other.
I offer her a cigarette and she lays back on the bed smoking. Her long dark hair falling

forward almost hiding her green eyes. She looks so erotic laying there, her black dress

clinging to her womanly figure. Her breasts exposed and shiny with your cock juice.

Nipples stiff and pointing invitingly towards me.
I join you both on the bed and lay between you. My hands stroking her thighs, light

butterly fingers fluttering over her soft white skin. I slide my hand up, continuing with

the fluttery fingers. I can think only of touching her pussy.
You offer her the ashtray and she sits up and puts her cigarette out. You walk over to the

chair facing the bed and sit down. Your cock limp and spent nestles in your black curly

hair as you sit there watching us.
I turn towards her as she settles back against the pillows on the bed. I see a flash of her

pink tongue as her lips fall open and our mouths come together once again. We share

your taste, tongues darting, teeth nibbling lips, hands roaming. Our nipples rubbing

together, your cum still sticky all over them. I touch her nipples, gently pinching them

between my thumbs and fingers. I cup her tits with my hands. They are huge and spill

out of my hands. I knead them as I lower my head to enclose them into my warm wet

mouth. They are bullet like in their hardness and as I suck them into my mouth they

grow even more.
She grasps my hair and pulls my head down. My hands pull at her dress. Pulling it off

and flinging it aside I lick the smooth skin on her belly. My tongue pushing into her

belly button, hands still on her tits, kneading, pinching, squeezing.
I can feel the heat eminating from her pussy as I inch further down her body. I can smell

her sex. I loop my thumbs around her thong and as I slide it down over her hips she

arches her back and lifts her legs. It is my thong.
I hold it and inhale the musky scent of my earlier encounter, mixed now with her own

scent. I lick the thong and taste our juices. Then I press it to her mouth and she sucks the

thong, eyes closed and breathing heavily she is writhing on the bed.
“I couldn’t help it” she moans.

“I was so horny I had to wear it. I wanted to have our wetness mingle while I played

earlier in my room”

“Did you come?” you ask standing up and walking towards us. Your cock is once again

stiff. Standing up against your belly it sways as you walk.

“No” she replied. “I play by the rules”
“Good” we both say.

You return to the chair opposite us and start to stroke your cock slowly. The veins a

purpley blue contrast to the pink red of your straining manhood.

I slip down the bed and tease her legs open with my hot breath and wet tongue snaking

up towards her shaven pussy. She opens her legs wider as I reach her pussy.
Breathing hot breath against the pink fleshy lips of her cunt she forces herself closer to

my mouth. I see the bulge of her clit protruding from her swollen lips and I flick my

tongue out quickly, just enough for her to feel it. She bucks her hips up at my mouth and

moans, her head twisting from side to side. I trace her crack with my tongue, easing her

cunt lips open. Up and down her crack until her pussy is open and I can see her hole,

deep inside her sex tunnel.
I savour her taste, sweet and sticky, like honey. I lap it up and force my face against her

pussy, my tongue deeper into her hole, juices flowing over my nose lips and chin. Her

clit swells against my nose and I move my head up and down like I am nodding, side to

side and round and round, my tongue mimicking what my head is doing. Her hands are

clasping my head pulling me deeper into her. She is moaning and writhing and crying

out. Her hips are gyrating and moving up and down on the bed. My hands reach round

and cup her ass, pulling her closer. I can hardly breathe I am so buried in her pussy.

“Oh FuckYes” you say, your voice hoarse.
“Keep licking her baby”

“Taste her juices as they rush into your mouth”

I feel her ankles gripping the sides of my head and her thighs gripping my shoulders as

she pushes herself into me, sweet syrupy juices blend with my saliva, sucking, licking

smelling, tasting, savouring every drop of her wetness.
I feel your hands on my ass and I know your cock is hovering near my fleshy, pink holes.

I do not know which one you will choose to fuck me in I but I push my ass up towards

you, my clit on fire with all the sensations. My pussy aches for fulfilment, as does my

ass. My face buried in her soaking wet pussy I NEED you inside me now.
I reach behind and spread my pussy lips wide open, her cunt moving rhythmically now,

up and down towards my mouth. Her clit feels huge, I roll my tongue around and

around, my chin heavy against her labia, circling and drawing her dampness into a slow

steady flow of her cunt juices into my mouth.

“Oh Fuck, Yess”
Your cock rams into me from behind, filling my pussy and you are forcing me forward,

even deeper into her hot swollen pussy. You slap my ass and tell me what a “dirty

fucking slut” I am. My head buried between the legs of the tall, curvy woman.
My pussy erupts at the feel of your cock inside me, thrusting, reaching so deep inside me

and all the time I have her pussy clamped to my mouth, your cock fucking me furiously,

her cunt leaking hot wet juices, quivering, fucking, slamming, ass cheeks burning, eyes

closed – open, pussy gripping cock, cum gushing, hips bucking, pussy filled, moaning,

loud and then cool shudders, red flesh and liquid everywhere.
My mouth filled with her ejaculation, my pussy filled with yours. My tongue lapping up

every drop and your cock shrinking inside me as you relax, arms encircling me from

I lay there, between her legs and lick and sip so gently at her cunt. It is so wet. My ass

quivers as I lick her clean. You pull out of my pussy, your cock soaked with my cum and

you tell us what a good time you have had.
“I am here for the weekend” she says.
We look at each other and smile….


tis one i wrote for someone and he knows who he is! :)

I'm standing alone, naked in a darkened room. The scent of exotic flowers fills my head and envelopes my body like a soft caress.
The soft glow of light from two candles draws me further into the room. I stand before an enormous bed with a black wrought iron headboard. Ivory satin sashes are tied to each corner of the wrought iron frame. Two small matching tables on either side hold an ivory pillar candle. The black comforter is turned down revealing rose-colored satin sheets beneath. Burgundy colored rose petals have been scattered across the sheets and around the floor. I stand at the side of the bed.
Beyond the soft candle light the room is pitch black and the silence is almost deafening.
A sexy feminine voice reaches out to me from out of the darkness "Don't move, stay right where you are . . . close your eyes." The slightly deep raspy timber of her voice sends a shiver down my spine. The sound of it makes me suddenly very aware of my naked body. I can feel her eyes explore every inch of my body like invisible hands from out of the darkness. My nipples grow tight and taunt in response.
I close my eyes slowly and wait. The seconds feel like an eternity. The only sound is my heart beat pounding. I can feel her behind me now; her body's heat a hairs breath away. She slips a satin blindfold over my eyes and ties it to my head. I am in complete darkness now. She reaches up and runs her fingertips down the left side of my neck. I immediately lean my head to the right as my sharp in-take of air pierces the silence.
"I will have you." She whispers, so close I can feel her lips brush my ear. My body feels like it is on alert. My head falls back on a moan when I feel her take my nipple into her mouth. Nothing else touches my body, just the warm sensation of her tongue encircling my nipple. She sucks on it slightly. Sending shock waves through my body, ending with a deep ache between my thighs. "Keep your hands at your sides." Her words wash over me "My desire is to know your body inside and out."
Hands now explore every inch of my body. Starting at my cheeks the run down either side of my face and neck. Palm down on my chest and pause only a few moments to fondle my breasts. Giving a slight pinch to each nipple. Also lifting each breast as though feeling their weight. Teeth nip at each nipple sending a surprise shock through each, only to then be sooth with a sensual kiss.
The hands continue on and reach back to grab my ass. Rubbing and kneading, pinching and pulling, fingers slide in-between and travel down to spread my cheeks and finger the outer edge of my asshole. Now I feel my juices really start to gather between my legs. I whimper ever so slightly, my body is on fire.
One hand comes forward and cups my neatly trimmed mound. "Wet already my pet?" She purrs. As she starts to kiss my neck two of her fingers slip between the wet folds of my pussy. I gasp aloud and start to reach for her.
"NO!" She growls and steps completely away from me. My body feels suddenly cold and abandoned behind the darkness of my blindfold. A small cry emerges from my throat.
"Lie on your back in the center of the bed." She abruptly commands. I feel for the bed in front of me. I climb on top and does as she says. "Now the games begin." Again she purrs.
She first ties my right wrist with the satin sash. I wait eagerly as she steps around the bed to then tie my left. I tug my arms, both are tight and secure. "Lift your ass." As I do so she slips a pillow beneath me.
As she pulls my legs open, I feel my juices begin to drip from my cunt. My body is so alive and feels as though electricity is flowing through every nerve. As she ties each ankle I am more and more helpless. It's pitch black I cannot see even an ounce of light. I try to move but I am locked down spread eagle. I feel vulnerable and exposed.
With my legs tied down, and my pussy is wet and wide open. I feel a sudden chill of fear, and upon seeing it she laughs. "Yes, my pet. It's all right to feel fear. You are right where I want you, you will lay there and take what I give." She is climbing on top of me, I feel what must be lace on my stomach "You won't have a choice, and you won't tell me NO."
I feel her bare breasts rub against mine as she leans forward over me, her tongue laps at my ear as she whispers "Scream all you want, there is no one around to hear you. When I am done with you, you will be begging me to continue, never to stop and you will always, always. . . . want more . . ."
I hear a deep guttural moan come from my own throat. And my body is agonizing, if I don't cum soon I feel as though I will implode. "Please Mistress" I beg "I am aching with need, please make me cum. Please . .. ."
"SHUT UP!" She roars! "I did not tell you to speak!" as she slaps my face. I lay there at first stunned, my left cheek stinging.
"You only speak when commanded." She informs me. I tug at my bindings, I struggle, and I pull to no avail. "Ha, ha," she laughs, "Yes, keep going I like when you fight it."
For spite I lay completely still. She climbs off of me and kneels next to me on the bed. She grabs at my breast, hard and rough, pinching the nipples tight. I can't stop myself; I moan aloud, it feels so good. And in the next second she has thrust two fingers deep into my wet pussy. Upon which I hear myself scream out in sheer pleasure.
Her breasts brush my stomach as she leans forward and takes my other nipple into her mouth. Breaking the silence you hear the stroking of her fingers inside my now sloppy wet cunt. I cry out on my first orgasm which rolls through my body like a wave in the ocean, strong and fluid.
"Hmmm, see it's not so bad to be at the mercy of another is it?" She laughs. My body quivers now, awaiting her next onslaught. She climbs up to stand over me on the bed and I lay there amazed at how being so helpless is making me feel. I am so aroused I think I will go mad. I feel the throbbing of my swollen clit, pussy proped open and dripping.
She turns around on the bed and kneels over me. I can smell her sweet cunt just inches above my face and my mouth begins to water. I am mortified to feel this way, I am angry that she has taken all my control. Yet I can't help but want more. I hear myself whimpering, in a quiet way begging her to continue. Then I hear it before I feel it.
A slight buzzing noise, I take a deep breath and let it out slowly as I try to be patient. At first she puts just the head in. I hear my voice screaming out in my mind, but my mouth is silent! I want her to slam it hard, fast and deep, but my new mistress she is not accommodating.
In and out a little farther in each time, this dildo feels huge. I feel the walls of my cunt stretching give it access. As her pace picks up I begin to groan, faster and faster until she is pounding this huge cock into me!
Just as I begin to scream out in orgasm she shoves her pussy down onto my face. I open my mouth to begin the feast immediately, but I feel lace panties blocking me. I grunt out in irritation as I try to use my teeth to tear at them.
And still she pounds the vibrating dick in and out - in and out. I feel like the bed is spiraling in circles. That or the room is spinning I can't tell. I just know I must have her pussy NOW!
When I get a good grip of the panties in my theeth I jerk my head and hear the lace tear. She cries out in surprise. That is all I need as invitation to open my mouth wide and dive into her juices. She tastes so sweet I can't get enough. I suck her clit into my mouth as another orgasm rocks the both of us. She shoves the dildo deep into my pussy and leaves it there on vibrate.
She sits up and back as I drive my tongue deep into her core. She begins to gyrate her hips forward and back after her next orgasm I lap up her sweet cum juice.
I feel her lean over for something next to the bed as I continue the onslaught of her luscious pussy. "You like it hot baby?" She asks. I just grunt as I open my mouth wider to take her all in. I feel her getting tighter I know it is coming. I suck her clit in with one hard pull and am rewarded with her cry of pleasure.
After she cums her juices flow freely and are now dripping off the sides of my face and chin.
She sits up and I tug at my arm restraints I want more of her sweet, sweet cunt. "In good time my pet." She tells me. I lie back as she climbs between my legs. She pulls the fake cock out and I am sent into orbit as she uses her mouth to begin her own exploration of my pussy.
Her tongue runs up and down my clit, I am so HOT my body is shaking uncontrollably. She takes my clit into her mouth and begins to suck on it. I am crying out now. I whine and whimper as I struggle to pump my hips. The pillow placed under my ass has lifted me up and open to her for easy access.
And right as I begin to feel my orgasm take hold, something very hot almost searing hits my clit. I scream both in pain and in pleasure. My mistress has poured hot candle wax onto my pussy right as I reached climax.
I continue to orgasm with my screams as she pours it onto my nipples and breasts. I pull hard at my restraints but there is nowhere to go. The orgasm continues wave after ever lasting wave. My head thrashes back and forth as I hear her laughing, laughing.
I am breathing hard and sweat cools my body as she climbs down. My blindfold is still secure; I am living all of this through darkness and extra sensitive awareness. I am liquid; I lay like a dead weight. My limbs so heavy they are being held up by the restraints. "Hmmmm," she hums "I think you are starting to see the possibilities, and I am seeing great potential in you Pet."
I don't even have the energy to get angry at her degradation of me. I feel her reach for my left wrist I think maybe this is the end, but all she does is tug on the sash checking it for strength. Finding it still holding she climbs back up between my legs. "Now it's time to be fucked!" I feel her lay between my legs and it is then I realize she is wearing a strap on.
She checks my pussy with her fingers "Good and wet, perfect. Are you ready?" She asks and within a heartbeat she has plunged the vibrating cock deep into my wet cunt. Her mouth takes one of my breasts in, as she slams into me with hard force.
I feel my juice surge as she is fucking me. Hear the wet slapping as I cry out.
Over me she yells "Come on, SCREAM!" Pumping so hard it is cruel and rough. Her hands are all over me, scratching and pulling. Pinching and groping, the orgasm rumbles from deep, deep within my core. I am screaming louder and louder, with each octave she pumps with more brutality.
She thrusts as hard as she can one last time and my orgasm finally explodes. I hear a blood-curdling scream emerge from my chest.
My body slumps to the bed in sheer exhaustion. "Very good." She purrs. With one last lick of my clit she climbs down. I hear her blow out one of the candles. I feel her untie my legs one at a time. Next my arms are freed.
"Get up onto your knees, and sit back," she orders. I do so, with surprise that I even have any power left within me. I feel her behind me once again. Breasts pressed to my back. "Next time," she whispers in my ear "don't hold back!"
As she pulls away she releases my blindfold. I open my eyes to find only the candle in front of me still lit and that my mistress has stolen away in the pitch black darkness behind me. I sigh as I lay back down, my last conscious though before falling to sleep . . . was to wish she returned soon . . . I wanted more . . .

Me and Sara have been bestfriends since 6th grade, one friday night in the summer of sophmore year we had a sleepover. We both had boyfriends and both thought we were straight.

She came over my house and we layed on my bed talking about, friends, school, boys. She asked me then, "Hey, Jenna how far have you gone?". I said "well i mean ive given my boyfriend a blow job what about you?" "Me and Jake had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago and he broke up with me a week later and i dont know why he did it, im crushed".

I said "well your gorgeous! you have big boobs! and your so nice he has no reason to break up with you!". she said "thanks so much jenna but i think its my boobs i dont know do they look funny?".

Just like that she popped out her right boob, it was gorgeous, perfect little pink nipples that were begging to be sucked on! Her boobs were huge! im guessing around 42 DD. "Sara your boobs look good i dont know why that would be the problem?". she started blushing and said "its not how they look its how they taste....Can you suck on them, only for a second! i jsut wanna know".

I was in shock my gorgeous bestfriend just asked me to suck on her nipples. "sure but im only doing it to tell you". "oh of course i know that". I sucked on them for a good 30 seconds licking around the nipples back and fourth and they tasted like heaven, just them my vagina started getting really really wet and excited. Was i lesbian?!?!?! the next thing she did totally shocked me, she stood up and said "you liked sucking on my boobs. you dirt fu.cking c.unt you liked it! you wanna lick my tight little dont you!!?!?!?!!?!?" "Oh my god Sara i thought you never would asked!!!!".

I immediately started kissing and sucking her stomach & all over the place. then her cu.nt. i took a huge sniff in IT SMELLED LIKE HEAVEN. i licked that pussy like it was the last ice cream cone left in the world. as i was sucking and slurping her tight little she was talking dirty to me saying "your my new little pussy bitch forever." I could have never thought my bestfriend Sara would ever be like this but i loved it.

After about five minutes of pulling on her hard nipples and eating her out the damn best i could do, she started to scream "FUCK JENNA FUCCCCCCCCCCCK harder!!! harder!! lick me you slut!! oh this feels so good! oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!!!!! IM CUMMINGGG!!!". and just then my mouth was FLOODED with her sweet nectar and i drank it all and licked the corners of my mouth and she pulled me up to her and we kissed passionatly.

the rest of the night we both layed naked pulling each others nipples and occasionaly fingerings each other untill we both passed out. Now me and sara fuck every sleepover we have and the sex just gets better and better. I love my bestfriend.

When we’re young ... the fairytales begin.
Snow white is breaking and entering.
To clean up the mess of seven tiny men with clearly identified personality flaws.
She collapses from taking just one more bite,
right to her hips, one more health nut ... done.
Could there be anything more wrong?
Seven freaky little men watching on ...
as prince charming strode up and kissed her?
Did anyone bother to consult her living will ... before allowing the prince to slip her his ...
magic pill?!
Sleeping beauty suffered the same fate ...
fast asleep until prince charming (cuz he gets around and she can’t save herself)
fought the vicious beast to win the chance
to kiss the fair sleeping maiden, with ...
What? No consent?!
Welcome to marriage girls.
Welcome to what it’s like, wedded bliss ...
when the mirrors don’t approve ...
you are, at best, a witch.
The beast gets to enjoy the pretty girl,
throughout the entire 2-hour scene.
But she?
Is forced to fall in love with the uncivilized, rage-prone ...
See ladies? They get handsomer ...
Yea right.
A little advice:
Smash the mirror,
stroll past the unkempt,
rodent-infested hut.
Let your step-sisters attend the ball.
Glass slippers will kill your posture
and happily ever after will probably include mucking out a stall.
There’s no harm in these childhood tales,
they are a piece of our history,
classic stories that ought to be retold ...
With all the disclaimers and the clear cut presence of mind
to be sure that your daughter knows full well,
from the time that she is two-feet high,
no life that was ever worth living began with the words,
“once upon a time”

So here we find Clara and Bethany together again with nothing to do but a T.V., a few snacks, and only a few layers of pajama separating them from the others beautiful clitorous. Slowly the horny Beth slides here hand to Clara’s thigh. She slowly begins to caress her. Paying detailed attention to the ever so sensual curves of her body.

Clara is beginning to feel the moisture in her snatch building and she knows that she is not far from a beautiful thing. Bethany is beginning to feel the same way so she moves close and repositions her hand on Clara’s breast, using her middle fingertip to rub Clara’s nipple until they started to get hard and now she knew that Clara’s body was ready.

She carefully removed the straps on Clara’s tank-top and pulled it over her head . Now it was but a hard nipple covered by a bra which would not last long. She stopped and put her hand back on Clara’s thigh; she didn’t want to rush it. She slowly begins to stroke her inner thigh. Triggering Clara’s horimones to rage. She began to feel the rush, running through her body. She couldn’t help but to let her arms and legs tighten, then they loosened but her beautiful toes remained crinkled.

She wanted this to feel the best that it could. This meant allowing her body to begin producing grand orgasmic convulsions. Just the thought of the feelings to come started her. Bethany had waited long enough. She moved herself on top of Clara and untied Clara’s and her own bra. Tasting the sweet nipples, she tongued each and every inch of Clara’s exposed upper body. Then without even unbuttoning Clara’s short cloth shorts, barely covering her warm lovely snatch, Beth moved her wet tongue down below her panties and began to flicker it. She was located at Clara’s soft, cliterous. Beth loved this taste and even as Clara’s convulsions strengthened, she continued. Now however, she used one hand to come up into the leg of Clara’s shorts and began to rub her anas.

As it began to accept her presence, Clara’s sphincter opened and her finger slipped inside. This made Clara feel an incredible serge of orgasm. But she had not yet came. With the other hand, Beth played with the lower area of her pussy and Clara screamed! The orgasm was so intense that she grabbed Beth’s head and threw herself into it with her tongue leading the way. She allowed it to slide all over Beth’s face and slip into all of the cavities protruding her face. She came. But this did not stop Beth. Beth was still enjoying this. The wet fluids flowed into her mouth and her chin. Without a pause, she inserted her finger farther into the anus of Clara. Quickly, Clara’s body began to start again. This time the convulsions came quick and hard. Bethany’s tongue and fingers were working magic on her body. Her orgasm reached the climax and Beth ripped Clara’s shorts away and removed her finger from the anus and sucked it clean in a fraction of a second. She quickly put it in her pulsating vagina and began tonguing her anal hole.

Beth’s panties had a large wet spot where the wonderful seepage of her twat. Once again, Clara came and Beth cupped her hand, swallowing the cum by the mouthful. Beth wouldn’t let this be the end so she used her index and middle finger to scrape as deep as possible into Clara’s wide open asshole. Now she walked over to the bathroom and inserted her own fingers into her asshole and finished herself off by using her other hand to rub her clitorous until her own orgasm became final.

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