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My day didn't get bad until after work. I get to the subway station and the subway is crowded. Already, I'm thinking bad things. If it's that crowded at the first station, the train must have taken a long time to get there, or in this case, been there for a long time. No one knew for sure why. Anyways, just as I sit and get comfortable, everyone has to get off. Didn't say why (that annoys me right there). Anyway, we had to wait on one of two buses to get there and they were both crowded. Not to mention it took a while to get there. We get to a couple subway stations down the line (by now, it's after 6. I'm usually home by now.) I get to the subway station and it's just as crowded as the buses were and the subway was before that. (If you can't tell by now, it was basically the same crowd.) The train finally gets there after waiting a good twenty minutes or so, and it's just before 7:00 when I finally get home. I hurry up to finish my other school project and I dunno how I came across it, but I saw that the project was due two days ago. I literally almost had a heart attack or panic attack or something. I turned it in anyway, knowing full well my 0 is locked in. I was upset and sad and depressed, for only a few seconds. Even without the project, I still pass the class comfortably. That's my evening. So far. Oh, did I mention I got a refund for not the amount I expected? (By the way, it's already spent, thanks.)
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