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mdog lettie's blog: "my bands"

created on 02/20/2012  |  http://fubar.com/my-bands/b346620

andria t & crystal m, ally j

and my ex girls sunny kiss & alyssa l & mereidth c                           everyone else pretands to care about me 

& ex bf daniel armstrong &ex bf thomas roberts                               when they don't really give a damn about me

they all suck ass                                                                          i learned that from sk klik 

i can't  trust any of them anymore                                                  deathmetal music is only way i can go

only current boyfriends that this bisexual girl can trust is                    its only thing that can save me & satan &biddusim

cotey dewing & johnny eagle & donnie d & brian roberts&mikeg            its a bigger darker side to me then you even know

those are only guys that can treat bisexual hottie right                        this is my deadly abnormal double life

wich is all she has now you know                                                       to drown everything out:x

besides all my icp family & real friends that i have 

i hate to say this but it sucks so damn back

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