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I was out with a friend at the bar and some younger men were all at a table and this one kept following me around yelling i want to fuck u he was getting annoying but i kept it needless to say some other friends joined me and my friend and we proceeded to have quite a few was closing time and this man was still coming around saying i want to fuck u out loud no respect i just got up to leave and i went to the washroom came out my friends were waiting for me at the car we were going in and what the hell buddy has asked for a ride home from the driver and dam her she said yes so we pile in i get in the back and that guy gets in beside like just fkn we proceed to give others rides home and he still saying that shit to me finally i had it i said stop the car i told him you want to get fucked by me then huh he said yes i say ok lets go he gets out of the car thinking im going with him in a cab to a hotel he gets out i slam the door shut tell her to drive and i yelled out the window ur fucked now..yes this did happen and i was laughing so dam hard..this guy never bothered me again for a very long time after that ...lmao if u dont get the hint from women no means no ur going to be given the answer in other ways...xoxo smilezzzzzzz
i somehow didnt save the shoutout but omg lol my dam typing gets me in trouble so much lately a person named bob says hi to me omgggggg guess what i said hugssss bobo omg omg im laffin sorry about that bob it really was a typo xoxo
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