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Ok, this is still a work in progress. I haven't had much time to edit it, but it seems alright at the moment.


I see life passing me by
while I mostly sit around and cry
My dreams are breaking apart
while my fears are growing.
I look in the mirror,
but I don't recognize who I see.
The girl with the sad eyes is me.
Same hair, same face,
but none of the laughter is left.
What happened?
When did I change?
I remember being happy
though now it seems like a dream.
Where are the friends,
that said, "If you need me I'll be there"
they are never around.
It is as though they disappeared
like a memory you can just erase.
Reality suddenly dawns
and I realize I am all alone.

I realize I am not a very good poet, but I enjoy writing out my feelings. Hope you can enjoy some of my poems


I see you everyday
but I can't talk to you
what am I always so shy around you
I need you to notice me
but instead you walk on by
I am invisible, or was I ever real
I wish that someday
somebody could get me to come out of my shell
I feel so lonely
while you are always surrounded by friends
I guess I will never talk to you
but I will admire you
from my little corner of the world
and hope that you will someday
notice me and not walk on by
without saying a word
but smile and say "Hi"

Friends come and friends go and all thats left are them memories that you make the dreams you once had now lay broken on the floor your plans for the future are just memories of things that could have been With each passing day you grow farther apart You ignore it by day but cry about it at night When you look back and see how things were does it bother you that everythings changed the things that made you close continue to disappear everything changes, nothing stays the same
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