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Sparky's blog: "MMA-Westsiders"

created on 05/01/2008  |  http://fubar.com/mma-westsiders/b212090
May 23-26, 2008 Once again, the MMA State Rally is upon us. It is being held in Overgaard, AZ over the Memorial Day Weekend. All are welcome to attend. Admission is $15.00 per person for the entire weekend, $5.00 per person per day, or $25.00 per couple W/ children. Children under 12 — FREE. Free dry camping in the mountains and ponderosa pines. No Open Fires! (Arrive Thursday to Set Up Camp) Brother Hood Of Blues Band Appears on Friday and Saturday Nights. Weekend Activities include: Bike Games / Bikeshow / Saturday Poker Run / Vendors / Food / Bar / Honor Guard / Bike Blessing / •All This and More at: The Cabin Bar & Grill - Hwy 260, West Of Hwy 277 ( Next To Pizza Time Pizza) in Overgaard, Az. BIKER/FAMILY FUN. NO GUNS - NO ATTITUDES - ALL ANIMALS LEASHED. For more Information call Cindi Gates 623-695-5659 or email her at cgates@carlsonwagonlit.com. If you have Business Sponsors for the MMA State Rally T-Shirts, then go to http://www.mma-westsiders.com/az/ to download a FORM and SIGN THEM UP. What they get is two lines of text that will be put on the shirt which will be the company name and their choice of address, phone number, or website. When you sign up a SPONSOR, it is your responsibility to get the information form and check to Cindy Gates, State Activities Director for MMA of AZ, immediately. (Her contact info is in the previous paragraph.) Mail form with check to: MMA AZ PMB 138 P.O. Box 30280 Phoenix, AZ 85046-30280
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