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Female · Joined on January 29, 2008
Female · Joined on January 29, 2008

About me Uuummmm..... I'm a very fun and down to earth type chick. I enjoy having fun, meeting friends and just networkin'. When I take the time out of my day or night to get on I try to stay DrAmA FrEe BUT plz don't for a minute confuse my character because... we can TaKe iT ThErE... BUT I'd rather not... I heard of lotz of thing to explore while on here so please be sure to rate me and If you'd like to MaKe a fRIeNd or A fAn be sure to hit me and I'll BE SURE TO dO tHa sAmE 4 U... HoPeFuLlY I'lL TaLk 2 U LaTeR :) :) :)

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