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Cat's blog: "mis"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/mis/b10706


why is it that people dont listen or comprehend anything that is said??????? You read a blog, leave a comment to where the person cant reply, and then still keep looking at their profile but dont say or do anything.............. What's the point??? I dont understand what thrill or high you can get off of looking at someone's profile and not doing anything? It's pointless, childish, and plain stupid. If your going to look at someone's profile constantly....at least do something.......... GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!
Why are truths hidden? Locked away like evil things no one remembers. Evil's no one wants to deal with. Afriad, if they look upon they will realize the unknown. The unknown they fear might change their precious, perfect so-called life. Why are little things so important in this so-called life that really doesn't mean anything? With so many bigger, more important things outside of us, that only half of the people dream about. We are programed like computers or robots to do certain things at certain times. No longer taught or showed how to have an imagination or to create. Always asleep to reality. Being fed off of for the supposed greater good. The greater good of what? To be programed more? To have our children become more of a robot? Yes, I may be rebellious of this. I will not follow someone's instructions to be a meal for metal. I prefer to dream, do what I want, live my own life, create my own ideas and have an opinion that is not someone else's life. IF I am wrong about this, then I am wrong. Why change my view point to satisfy someone else who doesn't want to be different?
Leave your name in my blog comments. Once you do that, this is what I'll do for you... 1. I'll respond with something random about you. 2. I'll tell you which song or movie you remind me of. 3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in. 4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. (if possible. if not, I'll say something that only makes sense to me.) 5. I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of. 7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you. 8. If you play, you MUST post this on yours. You MUST. **

The 69th Precinct is open for business and ready to protect !!! Are you tired of Downraters degrading you? Are you tired of the DRAMA that occurs? Sick and tired of perverts harassing you and pushing you around? Want something done about it? Now you can!! The 69th Pct. is open and ready to protect and serve! How do you get there? It's simple.....Click on the pic below!
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Come let us PROTECT you at 69th Precinct Where Bullsh*t is not tolerated and family is honored!!!

(repost of original by 'NAUGHTY LIL ELF aka Poeticheart*Co-owner of Magikal Seductions*FuWifey and R/L GF to WickedWitch~L.U' on '2007-12-05 06:14:21') CURRENT CLIENTS Club Wicked Paranoia Majikal Seductions Screams and Dreams Wild Roses Longhorn Heaven Bada Bing Sweet Temptations (repost of original by '‡JRŽ·TOÐЇ~CO- 69th Pct JRZ Todd POSSE for CWP and MS~ FU Hubby 2 Jewel' on '2007-12-05 07:52:25') (repost of original by 'Sweet Lil Hunnie ♥ 0wner 0f Sweet Temptati0ns ♥' on '2007-12-05 08:29:00') (repost of original by 'NAUGHTY LIL ELF aka Poeticheart*Co-owner of Magikal Seductions*FuWifey and R/L GF to WickedWitch~L.U' on '2007-12-05 09:10:08') (repost of original by 'Blazed Priest~Fubar Pastor~' on '2007-12-05 09:13:14') (repost of original by '‡JRŽ·TOÐЇ~CO- 69th Pct JRZ Todd POSSE for CWP and MS~ FU Hubby 2 Jewel' on '2007-12-05 10:37:01'
Yes, its been awhile since I have been on here and done anything...BUT there has been so much shit that I have had to do that I havent had time to get even near a computer!! I plan on being on more...but that remains to be seen! There are still somethings that are in the air and back and forth. Only, time will tell. take care all and will talk to you soon. Keep the comments and mess's coming.!!!
Sorry everyone for not being on very much recently! I have been sooo busy!! I moved, been helping my grandmother with her cancer, trying to get a job, working on getting a place, and everything inbetween!!!!!!!! Hope everyone had a happy new year!!!!!!!! Take care all and have fun!!!!!!!!
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