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214014's blog: "Mental Meandering"

created on 10/10/2006  |  http://fubar.com/mental-meandering/b12408
Breaking the best of you. Too much waste allows us this. Too much of second blessings... Second guessings.... Second falling outs with far too much loss within for us to complain about. Withering from apathy is the second best demise I'd rather hate you quietly than have to meet your eyes. Is this too convenient? Well I apologize.
I decided to put some of my horrible poetry out there for people to read. Why? I acredit masochistic tendencies. Walking Contradiction Trying to find words. Simple sounds become absurd. Lingering responses not received. Mounting maladies of the heart. Strange attractions to harmful addictions. Beautiful misery when I’m without you. Cause even in your absence I know you are still there though perhaps not with me. Meandering musing on the matter. Pleading pointless patterns. But I miss you regardless. Nothing discernible in broken ideas. Haunted by a past best left discarded. Only in you salvation is found. Freed from the torment of mundane. Have I made sense? Or is this all just a confusing as me... and you...
Yeah... so where the hell did all these beautiful women come from? I don't get it! I mean, maybe this is just a case of the grass being greener on the other side, but all you women on here are gorgeous! What the hell?!!! So, now that my brain is entirely fried by this little fact, I suppose I should tell you I put up some new pics of me monkeying around at work. I don't really do anything, do I? -Dave-
So yeah... this is me just wondering what people come to this site for? I mean, I know we're all here for attention, but is there anything more? Are the friendships that are made here lasting? Do these people care anymore about us that your standard movie star cares about the general public? Do I care, really? I guess I am just a little off tonight. I spend far too much time on my comp while I am sitting here at work, & I begin to wander how important any of this is. I mean, hell... are any of you going to read this & think it to be more than me just bitching & whining? I don't know. I see all these people here, more like lost souls than lost cherries. We all just float around looking for some sort of purpose or meaning... Or maybe we're just looking for the next hot girl or guy. I certainly know that my friend list is full of beautiful women. I don't know... is anyone even listening? -Dave-
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