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We are holding a Memorial Day Raffle as a means to pay tribute and give back to our fellow fubarians. NO COMMENT BOMBING NO RATES NO RATE FAN AND ADDING JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS GREAT OFFER! Starting TODAY we will be selling raffle tickets at 500 FU bucks, yes ONLY 500 fu bucks a ticket. There is no limit on the amount of tickets you purchase. You will be given a number on each ticket (just as shown below) which will be uploaded and you are to rip so we can keep track of you. We will also be keeping track in a log that will be posted in a blog.
All FU bucks can be sent to the profile link below (Remember those who serve.) This profile is the raffle bank and will have all the information about the raffle plus the log and tickets. REMEMBER THOSE WHO SERVE

Now on to the good stuff..PRIZES 1st Place Prize $50.00 Visa Gift Card 2nd Place Prize $20.00 Gift Card to Applebee's 3rd Place Prize $12.00 Gift Card to Blockbuster If the winners wishes to swap out their gift cards for fubar merchandise they may; the conversion would be as follows... 1st Place Prize 30 day blast 2nd Place prize A 7 day blast OR a one month VIP OR A ticker pack 3rd Place prize 3 day blast OR bling pack The raffle will end on Memorial Day (May 26th) at 7:00 PM FUBAR time (Pacific). Each number will be placed in a bucket and drawn live at Chaotic Realms (click the link below to get there) If you have any questions please contact Warning or Memory at the follow links. Host/Sponsor Mémoireâ„¢♥Lovely WIfe OF Chaotic Realms♥ Owner of Chaotic& Masquerade Lounge♥

Host � WARNING � 1.4 Explosive

RULES: No drama or bad sportsmanship. If it's brought you will be disqualified from the raffle and your FU bucks will be returned! Enjoy, have fun and please take a moment to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty! (this bulletin will be posted in a blog on all accounts involved as a reference for you)
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