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You think you know by now <a href="http://www.monclersalestore.com">Moncler Sale</a>what you'll get in a movie. Someone will be gothically whacked. A person's tenuous grip on reality might slip away, possibly in a mental institution. Vengeance will be doled out — with guns, knives, fists or anything else that causes great bodily injury.

And a sweet orphan will search for a new family.

What looks at initial inspection like Hollywood's version of a shotgun marriage — the man behind "Cape Fear" and "Gangs of New York" directs the 3-D family film — <a href="http://www.monclersalestore.com/9-moncler-mens-hoody">Moncler Mens Hoody</a>makes sense if you look closer. In some ways, Scorsese's personal life and professional interests have guided him toward a gentle movie like this, even while audiences were cowering from his prior mayhem.

"It's just natural this time," says the director, who turned 69 on Thursday and is the parent, with book editor Helen Morris, of a 12-year-old daughter, Francesca, "in particular experiencing living life with not only parenting but a child being a partner with you and with your wife.

"There have been great films made about children, and some great films made from the point of view of children. But what does a child really understand or perceive?" Scorsese says, explaining what captivated him about the project.

Adapted by screenwriter John Logan (Scorsese's "The Aviator") from Brian Selznick's popular, richly illustrated children's book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret<a href="http://www.monclersalestore.com/7-moncler-vest-men">Moncler Vest Men</a>," Scorsese's new movie is a Dickensian about a lonely boy's quest for happiness. The film also brings to life some of -winning director's longtime obsessions: the history of cinema and film preservation. "Hugo" simultaneously stands on its own as a drama while also being a love letter to the creation of the medium.

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